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Morning all. Nice day here and hoping to get more of this fence done later- the spirit's willing but the body.....

A little bit goes a long way!

Glad you had a nice night Andy 

Dove- I'm sure you won't have any problem finding a kindred 'cake' spirit when you retire 


Morning all. Turned overcast here, but mild.

Need to weed in veg bed and plant my Dahlias, still not done them. Found small tomato has set on outdoor plant, so happy. Yukka has three spikes emerging so that will look lovely. 

I promised a friend I'd shorten a maxi dress for her, so I think I'd better get that done, it's not long before her hols. Don't fancy the job as it's shiny, slippy material and a sod to feed through the machine. Don't suppose looking at it will get it done.

Have a good day all.


Know what you mean re the sewing KEF. It's not any easier on the industrial machines we use at work either.My friend at work gets asked all the time to do that sort of thing but it's often easier to hand sew. I wish you luck with it!

I'm amazed you get flowers on your yukka-  do you find it reasonably hardy too KEF?


Morning all,

WW..glad your day was a sucess and you met Chicky!

Bev.hope you are feeling better today

Miserable morning here,heavy rain,much the same as yesterday.Could,nt get outside at all ,which is always depressing.Hope it may improve later,although forecast does not look good,

OH has just told me that the paper has a headline,"Tropical Heatwave to hit Britain"  90 degrees plus(have to be honest ,could,nt stick that hot for too long),never satisfied.

Fairygirl.have recorded Beechgrove,so will look at the slug thing later.

Have a good day all.

Morning everyone.  Late today.

Wishing all good day today.....cloudy, dampman's no sunshine to send anyone



Morning all!  Worked yesterday and went out Saturday not been on here.  Just spent half an hour catching up on what you've all been up to, so......

Good luck with your procedure Tina, hope all goes well and you're not last on the list.

Well done WW and Chicky, meeting up can go well, you just have to be sensible.  And your garden sounds divine.

Andy, glad you felt better over weekend.

Blackest, what georgeous pictures.  The roses are sumptuous, I almost wanted to eat them.

And so much food for thought...coping with loss is never easy and we all have our different ways, like others I don't visit cemetaries but I think of them most days.

Weight loss...I'm doing SW, I struggle with my chocolate addiction and I've got several stone to go, weighing in tonight, wish me luck....

Sewing.....wish I could do it, my gran was a whizz with the sewing machine, and I wish I had asked her to teach me when I was young, it's too late now....

And so, onto the day.  Met Office says the wettest days this week are today and Thursday, of course they are my days off, typical.  But at last, hallelujah, my peonies are starting to flower.  Off to get dressed and take some pictures.  I'll post them on the garden gallery thread.

Motto: You only have one life.


Fairy it's a Yucca gloriosa it was here when we moved in. Over the years it's produced loads of "babies" and got that big we couldn't get down the path without being spiked. We used to cut the tips off to avoid being maimed. I think it was Happy Marion who had them all down her path. It wasn't that nice to look at, battered leaves and a few dead ones.

A few weeks back hubby cleared all the smaller ( or rather less big) ones out and exposed the main trunk, it now looks very different. I knew they did develop a main trunk but I'd never seen one. It is now a Y shape having two smaller trunks from the main one. It has thrown spikes up for the last few years, fantastic looking things, but usually only one or two. I thought they only did this if we'd had a hot summer the previous year, obviously not.

I've found it as tough as old boots, we've never protected it, or cared for it, other than  a sprinkle of Growmore in the Spring. The soil it's in is pretty free draining and not particularly fertile. Just watch it die now I've said that.  When it produces flowers on the spikes I'll post a pic' of it.

Sewing, thanks for the Good Luck, I don't really like sewing, got the machine with the intention of curtain making etc. during retirement. Can't see that happening, I have to get the instructions out to thread it, that's how often it's been used. The dress needs 5 inches off, friend is small, she did say she'd tried it on with heels and would like to wear it with flatter sandals!  Must have been on stilts.

Well sitting here won't get it done. Gilly might be right about the heatwave so off I go.

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Tina be thinking of you and hoping all goes well today.

Dull day here- lets hope for some sun later. have a good day all



Grey and damp here though not that cold

This morning taking dog to vets for his annual check-up and vaccination - oh joy, his character changes competely from a docile old thing to a twisting turning manic animal. Still has to be done (He's 13 now) so also needs heart check etc.

Hoping to get into GH this afternoon to pot on some perennial seedlings that are ready for larger pots, will plant them out in the autumn

Back later


Afternoon all. Thanks for thinking of me.  Twas like a conveyor belt this morning.  Arrived at 8.45 waited 5 mins to see Staff Nurse, details take, into hospital attire, round to have bloodpressure done and cannula fitted, first time, even though I had a crocked vein then off for the procedure.  Back by 10. Am very tired as I had very little sleep last night and now have a thumping headache.  So, rest is order of the day.

Well done WW.  It sounds as if those that went from here had a great time.  So pleased the weather held for you.  Not seen the pics yet.

Right, something to eat, then head down. 


Pleased you survived TT. Hope results are OK. Sleep well

Dog healthy. Has lost a Kilo in weight ans needs to lose another, Injections done, etc. Next is a bath, probably the next time we have good weather - a lot of coat and dog to dry inside

GH this afternoon and some Internet wedding cake shopping

TT bet your glad that's past hope results go well for you.

Matty good news dog healthy a little less weight at that age is better for them.

Here's a photo of the flower planter i built but since got extra tomato plant's made it into a mini greenhouse till the tomatoe's are finished.




Andy - can you come and help me finish my fence? Would like it done before I'm of pensionable age 

Had to phone the b's merchant as the wood I had delivered is the wrong size - too short. D'oh! Hope they can get it to me soon as I've dug most of the holes 

You'll get a grand lot of toms in there! Mrs Andy's going to be busy making bruschetta and chutney  How do you fasten the front when you open it -do you just fold it back over the top? I'd thought of doing something similar but I've got too many other things to build and Asda had the little growhouses for a tenner so they'll do me for now.

Glad all went well Tina. Don't feel guilty about doing nothing for the rest of the day.

Hope you're feeling better today Bev 

KEF I had a yukka outside in a previous garden - wet did for it I think even though it was in quite a good spot with decent drainage. We tend to get wet, cold,  long drawn out winters here so maybe not worth it unless I could give it a little sheltered corner.


Have come in, in need of rest, feel a bit off. Probably nothing but a summer cold

Have potted on some perennials from one of those offers. Don't know why I bought them, as only want a few.

Will learn one day. I suppose that's what is called marketing!

Have planted up 3 sedum that came today. I must say that Unwins do not have a wide selection but the plants I have had off them have been excellent quality. They only dispatch when the plants are healthy and of good size.

This is the last of the order from March, Plants have come as and when, always tell you what is happening to order as well


Hello all. It's a bit late, but it will soon be morning!

KEF said  "Do we all think that BusyLizzie will have filled her car with plants already ? She must have been here a couple of hours"  - so far I have bought one plant, geranium psilostemon, and we have been to Borde Hill gardens near Haywards Heath. Great Dixter tomorrow.

Glad WWs open day went well.

Tired, going to bed, goodnight all.



Morning all! Glad all went well Tina. Sounds like you all had a good day, enjoy Great Dixter, B-L.

I have decided there is no justice.  Yesterday was my day off = RAIN.  Today I work and it's cloudy but with blue skies and sun.  Boo.

Take care all, have a good one.


Good morning all 

Tina - glad yesterday was ok.  Hope all is well. 

BL,  give our love to Gt Dixter - it's the place that made OH realise that living with a gardening nut had it's good points   You can give his love to the the Gunnera - he'd never seen one before I took him there and although he's seen many since that one has stuck in his mind 

Potential heatwave today (although apparently we're still going to have a cooling Northerly wind coming in off the North Sea) - must water my pots before I go to work this morning!

Morning all very dull here but they say it's to reach 20 later here's hoping all watered ready for whatever we get up to mother in laws tonight to put up the 2 hanging baskets i made for her need to fix brackets on to wall first now off to work have a good day all.


Have a good day Andy 

I've been putting some pretty inconsequential posts on some threads to try to bump them up above the spam, so if you wonder why I'm posting on absolutely everything, that'll be the reason - flippin spammers 


You're doing a grand job Dove !   Hope your day at work is better than the last few ...

Glad you are enjoying yourself Lizzie - LOVE Gt Dixter - very envious.

Not sure about heatwave here Daisy - but no rain.

Anyone ever managed to get rid of rabbits?  Have one (hopefully singular) causing havoc - never had any before.  Have a humane trap, that he is ignoring - any ideas what they like eating best (apart from my phlox)?