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Mr MacGregor found that lettuce made them sleepy - then he could catch them and put them in a pie 


Oh, and thanks!  76 working days and counting ................. 


Well done monitor Dove - they don't give up easily do they 

Hope you get a better day today

Good luck chicky- they'll eat everything given half the chance 

The only things they didn't eat at my last house was juniper, berberis,crocosmia, alchemilla, daffodils and snowdrops. It seemed to be worse in spring when the babies arrived and had a go at everything so anything popping it's head up got rumped right away. So called rabbit proof plants like pieris and bergenia got demolished. 

And if you think you've only got one chick- remember- they rabbits


Morning all.

Hello to new posters &  to spammers, good job done Dove.

Hope all sickies feel better today, and those at work have a decent day, also thinking about Bev. More lovely pics appearing on posts, so enjoy seeing real gardens.

BusyL only the one? well you do have to look after them until the end of the hols. I think we should have a sweepstake as to how many you take home.

Today a bit dull and only 12C but supposed to improve. Today it's off to Mum's garden, lopping & chopping on the cards and no doubt the odd buttercup.  Better have an extra doughnut, oops meant piece of toast, I was thinking of Verdun.


KEF- when you report spam tell us on here- otherwise you bump their ad back up! D'oh!

They really are a pain



That last spammer was sneaky - waiting until I was in the shower 


OOps sorry

Morning All,

Bright blue sky here in lancs today, might even manage to do some weeds unless i can find an excuse.

First job to get out of bed though.




We've all done it don't worry! 

Dove- it's ok - KEF and I stepped in as the reserve army!

Off to work now 

Morning all

Re the spammers....don't really bother me now.  Just skip past them.  Agree it's best not to,post on those threads at all but just to mention it on others .

Very warm, humid, misty.....sun is forecast 

Again not a gardening day but everything is in place and growing fast.

Have great day everyone


Morning everyone,

Well done the army against spammers

BL sounds as if you are having a wondwerful time,have never been to Grest Dixter,but it is on my list of places I want to visit.

Good luck getting rid of the rabbit/s Chicky,can,t suggest anyting to help you.

Suprised to see you about Verd  after your doughnut binge yesterday,thought you might feel a tad delicate

Dull but dry at the moment,have a good day all.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Great Dixter is my all time favourite, but off to Polesdon Lacey with Hortisoc instead.. perhaps I can hijack the coach and join you there... take me to Cuba!!


I usually just mention on th spam thread that I've reported it, 'cos otherwise if people don't read this thread first, (and possibly not everybody does) then they know it's been done - then I try to bump everything else up 

Love to see great dixter.  Would have enjoyed meeting with Christopher Lloyd too but I would have so much to say to him.  Unique character wasn't he?

I really don't,think the spams spoil the forum very much.  I,think we have all gotten used to them


Morning all.  Looking at the time of the last post, I would think everyone is either at work, play or busy doing something.

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes re yesterday.  Did say so yesterday, but a couple have mentioned it this morning.  Forgot to add that consultant has discharged me and I don't have to go any more.  That's after 9 years.  Was one of those things that wasn't nasty, but could be. So, unpleasant as it may have been, I was grateful for the followups I received.  The back by 10 wasn't home by the way, but into recovery room for my much appreciated coffee. 

Hope Matty and Dove are feeling a bit better today and good luck to Bev.

Verdun!!!!!! How could you?  Even I couldn't manage 18 donoughts, even if they were mini ones.  6 huge shortbread biscuits, yes. 

Got another wall to paint today.





Good morning Tina, I'm still lurking just waiting for washer to finish and then off out. Good news, discharged.

Have fun painting

The potty gardener

Morning all- but like you said Tina probably no one still about. Meeting at 2pm so taking it easy 'till then. It is a grey day but the sun may come out later.

Liz have a lovely day, hope the weather is kind to you


Just you and me Bev!  Won't even be able to rely on beating you either if your meeting goes OK, which I hope it does. Good luck.


Hiya All

Late as WW morning and time for a chat

I am off to docs today - I can't remember the last time I went but the painkillers I take seem not to be working any more, which brings me down and miserable and aggravates other stuff. Haven't been like this for a couple of years so a check seems to be in order.

Really hope it goes well for you today Bev. Remember to negotiate ot just accept what is thrown at you and keep 'cool'

Discharge from a consultant Tina great

This is beginning to be a health thread, 

Back later

Well, good health and luck to you all. Good news Tina.  Matty I hope doc sorts out your situation

Got to go to foodbank now....sounds like I don't want to go doesn't it?......but I guess I'd rather be in the garden right now.  Still good cause