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Don't eat too many donuts when you are there.

I have only been receiving a few noifications, checked my spam folder and it is full of them, yet some are coming to the proper folder 


I know there have been  afew posts on this thread about volunteering. I had to retire from doctoring due to ill health a year ago.

Although I have really enjoyed the time off I have started to find that not seeing people all day is a bit lonely so. today i went down to see Healthwatch an organisation that helps people having problems accessing services and oversees the quality of services.

They have decided to take me on as a volunteer 2 days a week. I got quite a buzz from talking to them and hope I may enjoy the work.

I think volunteering may be a great way to meet people and to do something of value for people that need help.


Good for you Puncdoc.  Hope it turns out OK. 

Matty, I do hope the doc is sympathetic to your pain.  Some try to poohoo pain and tell you you just have to put up with it 'at your age'.  Hope I haven't put my foot in it!!  I have a fabulous doc who never messes about with try this and try that but immediately sets the wheels in motion to find out what's causing a problem.  Ni idea what I will do if she decides to move on. Mind you, don't have to see her that often.  Once so far this year!

I have had a disaster yesterday.  Son asked if I could wash a particular pair of jeans as he's going away tomorrow.  I know, he should do these things himself. Anyway, was dozing away and suddenly thought had I changed dial from doing hot wash.  Nooooooooo!!!!!  Well he tried them on this morning and said they felt a bit tighter.  Don't know how he can say that as they look like they're painted on his legs anyway.  He then proceeded to tell me they cost £190!! Looked at the label, made in Taiwan. So he's paid £180 for a designer label cos we all know they are dirt cheap to be made.  Blooming ridiculous. 

Painted 1and a half walls and had enough.  Do the rest another day.  Now have 'Pulsating' nails with creamy masonary paint all over them. 


TT I go to a pain clinic, it's not a mess around thing and the last time I went they approved an extra, though smaller dose if I needed it so I'm hoping that's what he'll do, just refer to the notes


I've heard of them Matty and was, at one time, going to be referred, but the pain turned out to be something more serious. Do hope that you get what you need.  Constant pain is really wearing isn't it.

Verdun, I hope when you are at the food bank you will think if those 18 donoughts you ate yesterday. Shame on you.  

I wish we had some more 'smilies'. 



Back. Doc has given me the extra prescription but only to stay on until everything settles down, which suits me 

He laughed when I said that WW expected me to lose another stone - not necessary - so he will sign a letter to that effect for me. He's one of the good guys I think, It was him that referred me to WW


Good to hear that you got things sorted Matty. At SW, you set your own realistic target. I got to a certain weight, stayed at it for 6 weeks, decided I was happy so, job done. Do WW not do that Matty?  I would never have go to the weight specified by those who do all the charts, etc.


WW use BMI but it takes no account of your age (27) and if I reached BMI I would not look right. I know I probably have about 7-10 pounds to go but that extra loss is just too much. I will see how i feel at 1/2 stone extra.

I said 'look at me, do I really need to lose another stone? Gave the GP a laugh anyway

I'm a size 14 maybe a bit less, say size 13 


Well, I don't know your height, but that sounds good to me.  I've never been less than 16 but am quite happy with that. I weight myself on my Wii now and according to that I'm obese and goodness knows what my BMI is.  I don't consider myself obese, just pleasantly plump.   I think you have to stick at what you are comfortable with.


Just what I think 

Same here WW pass the cake .



Have some cake

Thanks Matty get a bit later just had my dinner now off up to mother in laws to put up the 2 hanging baskets i made for her plus brackets to put up first so am off cheers.


I don't usually eat cake but I would make an exception for a slice of that Matty.


Someone mention cake?

Punkdoc that sounds excellent to me.....with your skills it would be a shame not,to,use them as a volunteer. 

Its difficult to self analyse why we volunteer.....I like to think its because we care for people and not because it makes us feel good.  If it does both though that's great I think.  Mind you some people seem to lack any empathy and I wonder why they volunteer!

Tina is volunteering next week too....?  (no, do,it only when and if you want to Tina)

Good news then Matty




Matty!!!!!! How much BMI in that. Oh, silly me - none, because it has cherries on top. That cancels out everything else. 


I know that this is the wrong time for posting here,but could not resist that cake Matty,looks healthy though as it has cherries on,one of my five a day


That's what I thought - fruit - and a banana in the mix - has to be good (for you)


If you ate the whole cake, that would be your 5 a day.