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We had some lovely carrot cake, moist and spicy, at Borde Hill yesterday.

Great Dixter was wonderful, loads of colour and lots of poppies. Sunken garden full of those ladybird poppies with black spots on them. There were so many plants for sle and so many I hadn't heard of that I got totally confused and didn't buy any of them! Oh was shocked! They even had 2 of the clematis I wanted but they were so big I don't know how we'd have put the cover over the boot to hide them from customs.

Took lots of photos, including lupins for Matty!


Couldn't Spam reported.tried to shove it down below other stuff



Trouble is theyre spamming faster than I can report them


Morning fidgetbones, well done, I just ignore it but it is annoying, isn't it.   Grey here again but no rain, guess what, I have work   Couldn't post last night because had to water all the containers and the hanging baskets on top of all the other things I had to do, so bedtime came around quickly.  Hope you all have a good day, Bev hope your meeting went ok.


Morning all fidgetbones it's a pain in the backside like daisy i just ignore it there a waste of space. Weather a bit cooler this morning and to break at the end of the week  got my mother in laws baskets up last night going back up at the weekend to built a bird station for her so she can sit and watch them the one she has is by it's best now off to work have a good day all.


Lousy nights sleep. Now I.'ve got to go to work. OH expected back from Belfast 3am Thursday morn so I should be cream crackeredfor the end of the week


Well done FB and the other Spam Monitors   

I would ignore it - I'm past getting annoyed with it, but I think it's such a shame when stuff like that pushes new posters' threads down so that there's a possibility they won't be noticed 


Well done Bluejan - more spam reported.  I've done some bumping up of threads that I thought still had some life in them 


Morning all. Quite pleasant here and to stay dry.Well done monitors esp fidget. Hope you can get a nap sometime today work maybe  

I suppose if we don't keep reporting it they'll just keep doing it and nothing will get done about it. You're right Dove , new people's queries -and there's lots of them - will not get noticed which is very unfair since that's what the forum's about.

I'll be looking at your link Dove - I'm curious now - having a guess at the starlings??


Looked now and completely wrong but congrats Dove - that will be a fantastic event!


Good morning everyone,

Beautiful sunny morning,forecast fantastic,if only for one day 

Bev what a lovely day for your meeting with BL ,have a wonderful time.

Dove..enjoy the event at Aldeborough,looked at link,lucky you,

Agree with you and Fairygirl about the spammers and new queries getting pushed down the list,would like to tell them where to stick their kitchens etc

Going to cut the grass and generally have a bit of a garden tidy up today,as it does,nt look like there will be much chance of getting outside in the next few days.

Have a good day everyone.enjoy the sunshine.


As if gardeners have got the time or money for kitchens - especially at this time of year!!!

I am so excited about tonight - I've been looking forward to it for months! 


Dove - I'm lucky enough to have seen Aida at the Arena di Verona and it was one of the most spectacular events I've ever seen. Will be keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you that the weather stays good! 

Bumped a few threads up too but it's very wearing when you want to look at the posts from people who genuinely need some help or the the threads you're personally interested in.



Just a quick Good Morning.  Got to do boring stuff today, we need to eat!  So shops and some HW long overdue  think we might get visitors tomorrow so house needs attention, it appears to slipped my mind the last few days

Have a good day all.


Dove I reported that one at exactly the same time as you! Yours has gone through anyway 

Morning FORKERS.

Its very warm and humid.  Sun trying to burn off cloud and it's supposed to be hot today.

Will cut lawns later but it's quiet in garden at moment.....still have loads of cannas, dahlias, salvias and grasses in large,pots.  They will have homes at some stage.

Slugs targeting my salvias and dahlias at moment but Im aware of that and pop,out to,inspect these plants when dark.  Just odd one or two but they all count.  I do find the torch hunting dramatically reduces the slug n snail problem without the need for pellets 

Having nice lunch later......might try and squeeze in another 18 doughnuts before that though

Morning All,

Nice again here, didnt manage to get to the weeding yesterday (yes i do keep making excuses) will try to do it today.  Probably find something else to do though.

Have a nice day everyone.


Morning all. How lovely, Dove. Hope the weather keeps fine and you have a lovely time.

We are having a once in a lifetime type treat today. OH is taking me to Glyndebourne to see the marriage of Figaro this evening. Forecast was good for today, but it looks a bit damp and grey at the moment.