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Verdun wrote (see)

Morning FORKERS.

Its very warm and humid.  Sun trying to burn off cloud and it's supposed to be hot today.

Will cut lawns later ....

Wow, thanks Verdun - mower's in the garage 


morning all just discovered a nice app for android phones and tablets called  paper artist and it's really quite good. Especially if you have idea's to design your garden. Here is an example

 As you can see it is quite cute in what it does this is from a photo I took a few months ago before putting much in there just a small bed in the corner, it works well with people too giving a kind of comic book effect to images. very simple to use you just select a photo and the effect, around 8 in all and its free too.
 I put it on a tablet but even on a phone with a tiny screen it would work there isn't anything to fiddle with. while it isn't a design tool as such potentially you could create brushes with things like fountains and shrubs by taking photo's reducing them to a sketch like this and positioning them on your garden photo or just print the picture and draw on it. Anyway thought you might like this

Woodgreen wonderboy

BizLiz...Dixter yesterday, Glyndebourne today... you are a girl after my own heart.. I am dying of envy. Love it, hope Husband has organised some nice food for the interval?


Is everyone happy that when someone reports Spam they put one post on to show it's been reported so that everyone else doesn't have to report it too?  We have discussed this haven't we?

Lazy Gardener seems to be a bit agitated about it 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Is everyone happy that when someone reports Spam they put one post on to show it's been reported so that everyone else doesn't have to report it too?  We have discussed this haven't we?

Lazy Gardener seems to be a bit agitated about it 

Sorry-but this is out of order-please don't talk about me as if I cannot read

"We" do not run this forum-the are too many assumptions about authority being made on here-it is not a social club run by a commitee who can make decisions

My point is just by saying it is reported it is moving up the page-just report it.



Peace love and understanding to all fellow forkers, the angry trousers are in the closet. What time is it acceptable to have a cold one?


I suspect, and have suspected for some time, that we have one of the former trouble stirrers around.

I suggest letting it all go by 



 I apologise if I've upset anyone - only trying to be helpful - let's move on.

Fair enough-I take the point life it is too short-it is just when you come on here at a certain time -all you see is threads saying spam reported-lets leave it at that

Off to work


Phew, thank goodness that's sorted.  Thought we had gone back in time. Stopped me posting.

Goodmorning anyone left.  Exceptionally late today. Was very late to bed last night, courtesy of son and awake at 4 to make sure he got up to get to airport.  When am I going to stop being Mother Hen?

Not even got Bev for backup today as she's off to meet up with BL.  Have a good day both of you.

You too Dove. That sounds a good evening.

Have a good day everyone and, Verdun, 'a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips'

For what it's worth, I thought the understanding was that first one to spot spam reported it and the post could then disappear into infinity and beyond.  There's certainly no 'committee' just a bunch of likeminded folk who, IMO, get on very well and make all newcomers very welcome. Being as Dove was the early bird she did what was necessary.  That's all. 


Fidgetbones was up first and did the first tranche, then Bluejan did some, then me - they were out in force this morning   

It's pretty obvious which ones are spam, so if I see that someone else has posted on there I don't bother to open it  

I had planned to do a bit of shopping before leaving to go down to Suffolk, but what with phone calls and window cleaners I'll just spend the rest of the morning being lazy - I'm going to be up late tonight.


The spam reporting was very efficient today. We've got it sorted. 

I'm going to look at someone else's garden soon so that's an excuse not to get working. I expect there'll be a second coffee break as well. I'm on my first now, recovering from the effort of taking photos and hanging the washing out.


Dove, as long as they are reported, that's all that matters. I'm never up early enough to do it! Since it was 'agreed' that one person reports the spam it's way down the list when I arrive on the scene. It has worked well.

I'm still in my dressing gown! Not going to do anything today except change my bed covers. I'm being good to myself.

Have a lovely evening. 

Hi Nut. Must be something in the air today.


Just typed  a really long post and it disappeared.

I started by saying if squabbling starts again I'm off.

Was really upset last time and it took a while to come back, then only tentatively at first

Have spent morning feeding containers veg and strawberries. Will do GH tonight. Theory being that if I feed today and next wednesday things should be OK while away

Very envious of Aldeburgh and Glyndebourne, I really hope weather stays for you. Will sit in front of boring TV thinking about you.(sigh smiley)

Finally my eremurus is growing fast. As I can't remember what colour I chose I can be sure it will flower when I am away


No squabbling here Matty  

Occasional misunderstandings are bound to happen, but an apology and a friendly explanation usually makes sure we all rub along in a friendly fashion.



Woodgreen wonderboy

Making absolutely no reference to "that" subject I am sitting in my garden posting this, listening to England v. SA on the tranny. Gentle wanders around estate from time to time, a deadhead here and a deadhead there, then back to seat for a rest. Perhaps a bit of Ascot this afternoon, and local village cricket this evening. What have I done to deserve this? Have just eaten some raw broadbeans straight from the plant. Beats cake hands down.


Sounds idylic WW.  It's extremely humid here so I am sitting in a cool place. Sounds awful doesn't in vew if the weather we have had but I find, in my old age, I can't take the heat.  I will not be complaining though. Have done a bit of deadheading myself and will probably go out again later.

Peace reigns.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Always sit in the shade when it is this hot and sunny, is always good advice... just 20 mins for my vitaminD... especially for the ladies and there bones


Got that right WW. Will give it a couple of hours before I venture out.