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My son went to Finland at Christmas Fairygirl and did he have a shock!  I think the coldness frightened him.  He's a wimp too. Have a picture of him, hood up, but with the fur, front of his hair and eyebrows frozen. 

Is your avatar a picture of a water feature in your garden?  I really like it.

 Good morning everyone....

Tackling domestic chores before this weeks round of annual appointments..yes a matter how I plan it the system thwarts me...not a rant  - an observation...


Good morning all   Sharp frost out there but most of the snow's gone in these parts.  

Snotty nose and tender throat so obviously going to get something for Easter Hol - I had Norovirus for Christmas so the pattern fits 

Work today so the garden will have to manage without me.  

Take care out there everyone 


Good morning everyone. Just woke up to a white world, thought we might escape getting another load, but it wasn't to be Think I'll go back into hibernation!


Good morning Sue - hibernation sounds good - last night I was dreaming about being a hedgehog 



I've just looked at the pictures of the snow in GB, it's horrendous, I've never seen such huge snow drifts here and we have snow every year! I feel so sorry for the people caught in it. I don't think even snow tyres would be of use in those conditions.


I've just sent OH out to feed the birds, huge grumble, grumble, he said "I don't send the cats out in this"! Isn't that what OH's are for?

SwissSue wrote (see)

  Isn't that what OH's are for?

Morning from frost free Clogherhead , Old Irish saying ,There's no point in having

a dog and barking yourself



SwissSue wrote (see)

I've just sent OH out to feed the birds, huge grumble, grumble, he said "I don't send the cats out in this"! Isn't that what OH's are for?

Hee hee Swiss Sue Tina sorry to disappoint you but I just found that pic on the computer! My new garden doesn't have much in it I'm afraid and as I have to build an extension it'll have to wait a while. Had lovely ponds in my last house so I'll try and find a pic to put in the gallery. I had a novel way of getting rid of blanket weed in it - sent the younger daughter in with a bucket and her bikini! I do miss all that but it came at too high a price and I'm not talking finance but health. We can't always get what we want but I'mk very lucky with what I have and count my blessings every day  Keep warm everyone


Morning all, another gray day and a frost narrowly avoided was just half a degree above zero last night.

The east wind has dropped but it looks like another chilly day

Top of the morning folks.
Thoughts are with all of you enduring this cold weather.
But....It's just a blip.
Good weather is just around the corner

Light Snow forecast for tonight and highs of 5 C over the next 10 days Fed up.


Morning all. Well it's cold but we have glorious sunshine here at the moment. Lets hope it says around long enough to melt some of this darn snow!

I've applied to do some voluntary work and I'm having my "interview" in about half an hour and oh my have I got the jitters. Can't believe how it's affecting me. Wish me luck 


Back from visiting my daughter & 3 small grandsons near Poitiers. Thurs, Fri and Sat lovely, mild and springlike. Today grey, misty and a lot cooler. Still haven't finished clearing up beds after winter, want to make a new one with all I bought in Spring plant sales when I had a flash of March hare madness! Need somewhere to put them.



Morning All

Today I am going to plant a mix of spring (ha ha) seeds in a pot to transplant when germinated. It is an experiment as last year nonecame through.

May transplant some seedleings but am rapidly running out of space as cold GH is not seful with this cold. Still loads of snow around.

Son had no electricity from ( saturday night to 8 last night (Leeds area)


Goodmorning all

Weather not as bad as yesterday, but still cold.  Most depressing.

Fairygirl, shame the avatar is not a photo of your garden.  I would love something like that but my pond isn't in the right place to get a waterfall at the back or side of, if you understand! Will not be moving pond! Seem to manage to control the blanket weed and, of course, at the moment, the water is crystal clear.  It's the only time you can see the koi properly.

Well, this won't get anything done.

Gardening Grandma

Good morning everyone. It is now 2.20 but I have disciplined myself not to log on first thing in the morning and then keep checking all day. It is replacing my social life!!!

Going out now to ge the compost and finally plant those seeds!


Now 'fess up GG -you've really been sitting about all morning drinking tea and watching Jeremy Kyle haven't you?? Hope you're still snow free. I'm waiting for postman to deliver something but I don't think it's happening and I need a walk. I need to do more seeds too if I can find the trays in the shed!


Well, GG, if your social life is anything like mine, you aren't replacing much.  Not that I wish it to be any different.  I've just stopped for an accounts break.

I think I should go to MOB for a rant about mobile phones.  Shouldn't have mentioned it Brumbell!