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Lovely garden WW - and everything looking in such good condition 

It's quite overcast here now, but still a lovely day for lazing around for a while before I head south


Couldn't sleep last night so I looked at the forum. All there was was a page of kitchen ads. I reported them all and then bumped up other things after. Otherwise someone new would have thought they were in a kitchen forum. I thought I'd got them all at 4.30 but then they started again.apart from the odd rude comment, I just put spam reported, and then reported each one. Because there was nothing else on the forum that was not bumping them up.

Hope theres nothing too challenging tonight, because after an hours drive home I'm going to bed, (after watering, closing green house etc)


Sterling work FB - as you say, if you do it when others aren't posting it's not bumping them up.  

Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight - you've earned it!


Oh such a lot going on while I've been slaving away at work....

Woody - you're having such a lovely day. Are England doing anything worthwhile? Reminds me of my Dad. He liked watching the TV coverage but the radio commentary. My sis and me used to love it too! Do you play or just spectate at the village matches?Have to take you to task on the broad bean versus cake debate though....think you might get out voted  on that one- especially by Verd - you know what he's like with cake.

Do you think he's had his 18 doughnuts?

Will take a look at your pix when I get peace. 

Dove and BL both getting opera today...very jealous too  

Hope everyone is having a nice stress free day -Bev's will certainly be better!



Right - heading south now - I may be away for a couple of days - enjoy your gardens 


Enjoy and have a great time Dove will hear about it when you come back.

Important statement

Declined 18 doughnuts today.........tempted but it's too hot for them

Its an absolute scorcher here now.

Woody....forgot the cricket.  Hope we are winning.  Will check it out


Woody, impressive space you have going there with magnificent veg plots


Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

OH is taking me to Glyndebourne to see the marriage of Figaro this evening. Forecast was good for today, but it looks a bit damp and grey at the moment.

This...this...THIS is one of my favourite plays (before it became an opera) I re-read it all the time. How wonderful. Enjoy!


Back from Worcester where we were supposed to get son measured for a tophat and tails. Checked on internet, found address - no longer there. We now have to go to Cheletenham tomorrow morning -grrrrrrrr

Bought some icing, cake boards etc cost £50 - unbelievable

Wore a dress (very unusual) am now waiting for sun to cool off before I venture outside.

Forgot to say - will check out your photos later WW when I have time to relax

Woodgreen wonderboy

V. South Africa were on the rocks when I posted but didn't dare say so. You will understand.


WW, are you aristocracy? Your'e garden's huge and beautifully kept, as are all the other 'estates'.  Developers' dream. 

Matty, I think everyone's jumped on the bandwagon, especially where anything to do with weddings is concerned.  Doubles in price.




What a lovely place you have WW. Thank you for all the photos.

Had a great day today, should be posting this on evening thread, but it sort of follows on here. Met Bev this morning, had coffee with her at her local GC. Lovely to meet her, had a good chat. Bought 7 perennials and 4 clematis.

Glyndebourne was wonderful, lovely garden with everyone wearing their party frocks and bow ties, but they couldn't match the poppies! Mariage of Figaro was like a comic pantomime with wonderful music, bit weird! I've only seen operas with tragic endings and this one had a happy ending. We had a lovely meal in one of their restaurants in the interval.

Hever Castle tomorrow. Goodnight all.


Miss you Dove  - not sure what to do with all this kitchen stuff! Thought a post on here might help make it disappear.

Lizzie - sounds like you are having a ball!  Hever in June will be very rosy.  If you get chance to go in the house that is v interesting too - I've always had a bit of a fascination for the Henry ViII saga.

Promised rain not arrived yet - which is a shame in one way as I should have watered some stuff last night and left it.  Too late now - work calls.

Have good days all.

Morning all bit dull here just now but forecast good now off to work have a good day all Dove hope you enjoyed the show and your hangover is not to bad .



Morning Andy and all.  Well it's rained already here, going to try to do something else today otherwise I'll be moping around the house feeling sorry for myself.  I'm a bit like Monty, gardening keeps the blues away, I hate winter because there's so little gardening and I get so frustrated in the summer if it rains.  There's still so much to do in the garden and the year is rushing by.........


Have just sent an e-mail to GW web adminstrators to do something about this kitchen spam, e.g. put a spam filter in. Whether it will do any good is in the stars, here's hoping!


Morning all. Well done Sue. Was wondering myself whether to do something similar when I saw that one just now.    As Dove said yesterday it takes time and attention away from serious posters- many who are new- who should be getting  answers to their queries.

Well done Charlie N. 

Know what you mean Daisy. Cloudy here but dry. Hoping it stays that way. Annoying when you're not at work and you want to be outside and the rain prevents it. 

Does it mean you're doing ...HW? 


Morning all. 17C here but drizzling.

Will do something in garden today even if I get wet, need to be outside.

Condolences Verdun.

I think we should try and ignore kitchen things until moderator does something. I know it messes posts up for newbies, but I can just picture someone sitting there posting them and then laughing at how it winds us up.


Morning all,

Has been raining hard,but has just stopped although very overcast and stormy looking.does,t look like I will be able to do much outside today.

Sorry to have to do this ,but I might have to do HW

Well done Sue,hope the administation team will be able to help with the spammers,such a waste of everyones time,and spoiling our forum