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The potty gardener

Morning all. Last night as I watered it seemed as if it would rain in the night. I am pleased I did as it hasn't rained. Overcast today. I intend to catch up watching tv and do a little pottering in the garden today.


Was worried I might annoy you Sue. Just sent him a pm.  He is extremely helpful at trying to sort problems out.  He must groan when he sees my name!

Just cut my grass in my nightclothes.  Neighbours are used to it.  Glad I did go and get on with it as just as I was finishing, the rain started.  Carried on tidying up so now have a very wet back!!  Tis warm though so don't think I'll be suffering with hypothermia.

Afternoon Bev. 

Best go and shower

Standards Tina.  Rules state clearly all gardening work to be undertaken in the proper attire.  Lol.  Satisfying though, isn't it, when you beat the rain like that?  Job done.  And, well done for sorting out the spam situation.(can't help thinking everytime spam is mentioned of the Monty python sketch all those years,funny)

Been dry, warm and humid here..  Think any rain has by-passed me, just as I ordered.

Going to check if anyone has answered,my query on Gaillardias

nutcutlet wrote (see)

How about emailing the spammers and telling the to f... off

nut - that's what I was thinking but I'm a my name suggests...

Verd- was singing the MP song earlier! It's a pain in the ****  though when you open the forum page up and there's hardly a garden related thread on it.  New people might go elsewhere for help and that's the sad thing about it.

Tina-  did you go for a 'onesie' for doing the grass???

And my last comment on spam - surely anything containing the word 'kitchen' can be blocked? After all - none of us mention kitchens unless we're making cake!!!!


Hi folks  I'm back for a bit but will be gone again tomorrow morning   Opera was fantastic but definitely not as glam as Glyndebourne - sitting on a rug on the shingle for 3 hours!!! When the woman in front of me got up at the end for the standing ovation she fell flat on her face as her leg had gone dead!!! 

As for the spammers, they don't do it for fun or to wind us up - they do it for money - they get paid to do it so that people click on the links - that gives the websites more 'hits' and that moves them up the Google pages so that if anyone Googles something along the lines of 'fitted kitchen suppliers' their company shows on one of the first pages rather than further down the line.

The 'views' aren't necessarily people, especially not people on GW - they are 'Bots' which are automatic software which search the internet as part of various search engines.




Hi Dove - so glad you enjoyed your outing! Maybe the lady had just had too much vino 


Nope, she just wasn't as young as she used to be - same as a large proportion of the audience!  Sitting on the shingle for 3 hours and then getting up isn't as easy as it used to be for some reason 


No idea what you mean Dove. I'm only 27 

Fairygirl wrote (see)

No idea what you mean Dove. I'm only 27 

So were most of the audience 



I can't even walk in shingle these days.  My poor old legs just give up the ghost. At least you enjoyed yourself Dove. 

No 'onesie' FG. I'd really look stupid in one of them. Just the usual kaftan so I suppose it doesn't look quite so bad as a dressing gown. 

Best not to get too het up about the spammers.  It was so quickly and well dealt with the other morning, I only knew about it when Lazy Gardener made their input.  It only affects those who get up at the crack of dawn, so Bev and I are OK.

Gardening Grandma

A quiick good afternoon from me while I have internet access on my 'holiday' helping look after the grandkids. Have a good weekend everyone. Hope it does not rain too luch.


Hi GG, are you worn out yet 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Back from the "Big Smoke" after lunch with old workmates. Carried brolly all day ...not a drop.

The potty gardener

Nice to Enjoy the rest of your time away, cakes when eaten away from home don't count

Morning all GG glad you are enjoying your holiday and keep up the cake eating with the grandkids remember it was them that took you to the cake shop . I've a busy day today taken the boys to there last football competition today then into Glasgow tonight with the staff to Shanhai shuffle for meal and karaoke heard it's a great night out looking forward to it i don't drink so will be the only sober singer in the place maybe right now off to work now have a good day all.



Morning Andy- enjoy your night out. Don't know where you get the energy!

little-ann has been on spam monitoring duty- well done! 

Duller here and rain to come in tonight which we need but I've a lot to do outside. The wet ground makes it easier to dig the holes though. Every cloud- literally- etc!

Hope evryone has a good day whatever they're doing. 

GG will need another holiday when she gets back 


Morning all,

Andy.......And todays only Friday

Fairygirl...........good news that the rain makes your fence project a bit easier,I should imagfine you will be so glad when it is finished,I award you a "Gold Medal" for  perseverence in the face of adversity. (don,t tell Verd he wanted one for being the first to post on "Evening Forkers") 

It has been raining heavily here all night,it has stopped within the last half hour and we now have sunshine,not sure for how long though.


Dove's on the case again with the s*** monitoring. I'm hoping if I whisper it might go away.  Enjoy your break Dove...if only from that!

Gilly - I will award myself cake, cake.....and yet more cake 

and a cup of tea....

Whatever Andy's on - I want some...


There seems more than ever of that stuff we are not mentioning today.

Cake always a good idea whatever the circumstances Fairygirl,I meant one of those big chocolate gold wrapped medals though.

GillyL wrote (see)

Cake always a good idea whatever the circumstances Fairygirl,I meant one of those big chocolate gold wrapped medals though.