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Maybe it's all the talk of cake that makes  the idiots think we need kitchens.


Dove is fed up reporting it. I've just followed Tina's lead of yesterday and PMd Daniel asking if there's some way they can filter out any thread with the word 'kitchen' in it. Hopefully something will happen as it's very wearing.

fidget- I don't think they're even that smart! 


Morning from a wet, soil soddened Yorkshire. Well I did say we needed rain, but didn't want 14hrs worth.

Dunno about needing kitchens Fidgetbones, I'm surprised that Weight Watchers haven't been spamming us. Or is cake a secret word for something else??

Very unlikely that any gardening will get done today, so it means I'll have to do grotty stuff. As it's the longest day today I should really swap my winter clothes over for my summer ones. Me thinks too many clothes..I've tried to take some "decent" stuff to garden in, but end up in the same old stuff. Mental note, maybe I should go out more.Hope everyone has a good day & evening especially if you're off out. 


Morning folks!  think I need a sit down and a mug of strong black coffee - that must've been fifteen or sixteen of the b*****s   - screening out kitchen would mean screening out 'kitchen garden' - does anyone call them that any more?  

We've got drizzly rain here - it's a shame as its our dear friend's memorial bash this evening and his ashes will be fired into the sky in a rocket firework to be scattered over the village and people he loved.  Hope the forecast is correct and that the weather clears up in the evening and he gets a fine night for it.  

We're going with my son, daughter and their spouses (lovely old-fashioned word) and will stay the night at son's - he will drive so that I can get drunk and sing sad songs  so I won't be back here until tomorrow mid morning -ish.  Any spam can be dipped in batter, fried and served with chips and Tommy K. 



BusyLiz, if you're going to Wisley today you'll be able to see the Sheep stabbing plant that's been on the news. Not joking, didn't catch botanical name, but it's flowering / spiking for the first time. It impales sheep etc. and they die and rot & feed the plant.

p.s. hope people aren't eating their brekkie


Morning everyone

Wet overnight but drying up already.  Is it just me, but plants have grown hugely over past few days and everything seeBud to be in bud or flower

Faorygirl hope you manage to get your fence done today.  Eating my own carrots now......I eat loads of 'em.  My niece calls me "orange face"....could be the carrots!

So tempted nursery I visited yet but Why?  I have so many unplanted things already. Is this a disorder of gardeners?

No real gardening today...grass may be cut.  A few weeds may be 

Verdun wrote (see)

...... No real gardening today...grass may be cut.  .... 

Thanks Verdun - knew you'd get a round tuit - mower's in the garage - edger too 


KEF that sounds awful, think I'll avoid it!

Morning everybody

Wet overnight but already looking good.

No gardening today..may cut grass and pull some weeds but mostly everything is in place.  So tempted to call again at the nursery I visited yesterday but, really, I don't need's that gardeners' disorder I guess??

Efolks the day folks


Verdun - been talking to yourself again? 


Would the sheep stabbing plant work on burglars?


Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

KEF that sounds awful, think I'll avoid it!

Oh don't, do go and see it, not the spines at the bottom that sheep get impaled on, but the 10ft flower stalk it's thrown up, first time in 15yrs. If you do any chance of a pic ?

Dove hope tonight stays dry and friend has a good "goodbye", don't get too drunk.



I won't - really don't like that 'out of control' feeling - besides, the ex & wife will be there - I shall remain dignified 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Bizliz... don't forget the Alpine House, stacked with little treasures

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Dove hope the weather is kind to you this evening.

Andy could you send me some of your energy in time for wed please.

Too many other people to mention individually so

Hope everyone manages to get done what they want to today



Morning all. I said Morning Verdun.

Was early to bed last night and had a really good night. Still a bit of pain, but at least I know it's nothing serious.

You really are a bunch of jokers, said in the nicest possible way, as Kenny E would say.  You make me laugh.

Spouse is like 'courting'.  In my day, people would be courting and in my Mum's day, walking out. 

Going to try and get my plants in but think the ground is rock hard as no rain here,  Some are for my wall pots, so that will be OK. Going to try and do a bit more wall painting.  Have try and roller now.  Thanks for the tip FG.

Have a good day everyone.  Glad you're all here.


Verd- admit it- it's not carrots- you've just been heavy handed with the spray tan...

KEF can I get a load of those 'stabby' plants for my boundary?

Tina- think you need quite a fluffy (if that's the right word) roller if it's for masonry so that it gets into all the nooks and crannies.


Just checked FG and I have a fluffy one. Thanks. I'm so excited.

How about some neat stinging nettles.  That will keep the little darlings off your garden.


Rude of me, sorry. Morning to the afters shift

I so must get off here and attend to jobs...Boring


Tina it's sad when we're getting excited about some painting isn't it? I was admiring the fence yesterday after daughter and her friend did some planks on Tuesday and I'd done some of the posts and caps so it was all neat. 

Nettles- good idea - and I'd have the excuse that it's for encouraging the butterflies and insect life! Could put them on the outside of the fence next to the pavement 

Dove I know what you mean about it stopping posts about kitchen gardens etc but perhaps with time enough people would realise the issue and word their thread title differently. We can only hope! I don't think I've seen any genuine threads with kitchen in the title but I may be totally wrong. They really have to try something to stop it or you'll be needing a salaried position.

Just when you thought you could retire!