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Noooooo chicky.....not HW..

I did some the other day so feel quite virtuous. 

Put an umbrella over the hammock and just lie outside and admire the views even if it rains 

Thank you KEF.


Morning all. I rather like lysimachia punctata (yellow) as it reminds me of my childhood. Also the deer don't eat it. I love rosebay willowherb, but not in the garden. A few years ago we went up a mountain in the alps on a little train and the countryside was pink with it. It looked so pretty.


I've been sent indoors to sit down while OH sweeps and washes down the terrace.  I'm still feeling slightly fragile after friend's Send Off on Friday night - obviously not able to take it like I used to - very confusing as I'm only 27 too!



BL- Icould only like it if it was on a mountain and several miles from the garden too!

What a lovely holiday you've had- did you get lots of plants? The opera sounded wonderful.


Lizzie - I will add lysi-wotsit to my list.

Verdun - keep meaning to respond to a question you asked earlier in the week. I grow gallardias - bought a few from GC last year as their flowers caught my eye. They have come through the winter fine and are about to flower now.

however, there was a post on here a couple of months ago from someone who was having trouble with them, and echinaceas and rudbeckias, and questioning whether prairie plants really work in our climate.

so my verdict is good, but others disagree 





Just had a walk (blown) around the garden. One of the blueberry pots blown over ans a clematis ina pot and same with honeysuckle. A pot full of begonias went yesterday but seems firm in new position today. Very cold wind - brrrrr. I am now hoping my potato plants in bags will hold up.Last year the wind whipped trough and broke all the foliage. So far battered but in  tact

I want to sort so much out bfore I go away, plans for tiday will not be done. Perhaps if wind dies down a little later I will move pots so they will be easier for carers to water.

may pot on some cuttings, but they are happy where they are and I have to question whether they will be watered enough - Hav to think about that

Back later


Matty - I know what you mean - you do things differently when you know it is someone else going to have to look after them.  Our neighbours are brilliant, but there is a limit to the list of instructions you can give them without sounding a teeny bit obsessed.


Morning. I'm the back end of the horse. Not that I'm saying any of you are like horses.

All this talk about brooms has completely lost me.  Thought they were what you swept with.

FG, did see the posts last night and you should be really proud of yourself.  Just goes to show that men really have only one use.

Not good at all here. Blowing a gale, looking like rain and chilly.  Don't think I'll get any of my wall done today which is a shame as I was lying in bed thinking on what bit I should do next.  May not have enough paint so don't want two toned walls.  Sometimes shades do differ don't they.  Hope that makes sense.



Tina believe it or not broom -the plant- was used for sweeping brushes in ye olden days - hence the nickname.

And re your comment about men- not even much good for that.....

Let's wait for all the comments now from male posters!!

We're just kidding...honest....

Know what you mean about the paint. They always give you the amount of sq m coverage on the tins but I'm never sure how accurate it  really is because of lumps and bumps. Err on the side of caution- they might take it back if you buy too much as long as you've not had it for a year!



It's a day for brooms!  OH is out there washing and sweeping the terrace (moving all the pots carefully, and doing behind the waterbutts) but the head of the broom sort of disintegrated!  I've just been to GC and bought him another ...................and some more Swiss Chard seeds and a collection of mixed sempervivums and a nice earthernware pot to put them in   He likes sempervivums so they're his reward for doing the terrace so brilliantly 


Well, there you go FG. I never knew that.  Have led a very sheltered life. You learn something every day. Another notch on my brain.

Well, I wasn't going to add that 'men' bit, but as you've said it...........

I've been using the half tin that was left from last time. Have thought of watering it down just a little as one wall looks good and doesn't really need doing, but having already done a wall, you can see that the original colour has faded.  So what started as a small job, has turned into a much bigger one.  If I can get away with just what I have, that would be a result, cos nothing's cheap these days is it.  Paid nearly £10 for some oak stain for my little trolley and barely touched it.  It will now sit in the cupboard and no doubt be thrown out when I pop my clogs.

Still 'orrible here. Heating's on.


A little reward goes a long way Dove 

Like sempervivums too - I split some earlier this year  (Rubrum) and they're growing away like mad. Was just taking a look at them yesterday. 

I really should go out and start cutting these posts down and digging the new holes but my body's protesting a bit 

The one I did yesterday isn't going anywhere! Nice and solid 

Just like my bingo wings...


Morning again. Raining here so just having a glance on the forum.

Tina, did you know that cowboys used to repair their leather saddles with Agave plants? Pull the nasty thorn and it comes away with like a thread on it, use it to sew with. Thought I'd mention in case you got a horse..we'll you'll already have the broom for stable cleaning.

No not been on the pop folks, just fed up.


p.s. I did not mean Tina was a witch...just referring to info' about brooms earlier...I do wish the forum had a 5mins delay after you press takes my brain that long to register what I've put.



Found a rose lying on the ground - anew one and it is the first flower. I think I will have to support it as the flower head is very large. David Austin 'Summer Song' - definately worth it though, deep orangey red and as ever a delicious perfume. I think it is one of the peone style flowers.

Just potted up cuttings, and will have to hope for the best - I needed something to do - to windy to venture into garden


But Kef, if the forum had that facility, there would be no spontinaity and I wouldn't be sitting here chuckling away at your posts.  Good job I'm thick skinned.

Mmm.  Wonder what Kef is going to make of that. 


Hurrumph!  I've been rained off - just as I was really getting into my stride - sorted out the raised bed after the winter lettuces, now there's courgettes in there.  Need to plant up a tub for the front porch and then there's those hostas I bought, with their nice new pots ready waiting for them.  And some little alpines to go in a low terracotta pan so they can sit up on the wall where I can see them easily.  

And I've got some Anna Russian tomatoes that apparently sprawl rather like a trailing marrow - they need to go out into the veg patch - lots to do, so little time, and then it rains!!!



Like Dove I did get outside, togged up like winter and now also rained off again. Wind has picked up so Sweet peas were getting battered and sprouting broc needed heeling back in. Have picked some mini cumbers and salad stuff. In charge of garden next door for a week, at least no watering needed today.

 Even resorted to putting some washing in and doing HW, on the day of rest   ( gardening not a job )

Think I'll stay off here until later or I'll be banned for hogging it. Plus I don't know any answers to recent questions. But do sooo want a blue Himalayan poppy, if you've not seen the Meconopsis thread do have a look.

Dry, warm now.  Noticed the Heleniums I planted earlier this year are about to flower.  Not grown them before so it's with great anticipation that I wait.  

Thinking about KEF's idea about the 5 minute delay.  Spontaneity is good though isnt it?  We can apologise if it comes out wrong later.  Actually I'm always putting my it so a 5 minute delay in real life would be good for me!

Staked aconitums.....they are reasonably self-supporting but a discreet cane and string system put in now keeps them looking good till summers' end

Still have a veronicastrum in a pot to plant out.  Driving me mad where exactly to put it.......hey, Tina, don't you dare!