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Have reported kitchen spams, told them there are 15 altogether!


Good morning Sue, thanks!  

Bit of a pain aren't they?  

Morning all glad to see the weather has improved this morning wind is now away thank goodness for that. Well no family war here i got beat at the bowls and son won his game good news only got Weds to work then on holiday schools finish then well off to work now have a good day all.

Good morning everybody

Busy L you can use jeyes to sterilise greenhouse soil, freshen drains, and clean greenhouse GLASS.

Its a beautiful started with a huge bright moon earlier.

I think we are in for a good week.   Forget any spam.....just scroll by



Good morning Verdun  sadly it was too overcast here to see the moon - more to the point, will we see any sunshine here today?

Right, must get ready for work - have a good day everyone - see you later 


Blue skies and sun .... and I'm off to work.  Here's hoping for some nice weather next weekend.

Having strawberries (my own) with my weetabix.

Andy- your school finishes early for summer holidays - when do you have to go back?


Verdun - just the right sort of weather for taking pictures of a garden


Morning all. Cracking looking day to come. 

Well done Sue...

Our schools go back around third week in August chicky. That's when we get the summer here  They stop end of June for 7 weeks. My daughter's last day on Wed too - morning only. Do your strawbs taste specially good since you grew them?

Yes Verd - get clicking!....


Morning everyone,

Verdun............enjoyed seeing that big bright moon as well,not visable like that until Aug 2014 now.

Blue skies and puffy white/grey clouds and windy yesterday,odd tree branches down everywhere,flowers a bit bruised but survived,fence panels down in sveral places,lucikly none of ours.

Chicky.....strawberries and Weetabix,must be Wimbledon.

Schools here break up end of second week in July.

Have a good day all.


I missed that moon - slept too soundly - eventually.

Have a good day at work Dove - not too many to go now 

Don't think strawbs and weetabix will catch on at SW19 Gilly 

Glad we missed the wild winds yesterday some of you had- nothing that strong here although it was unpleasantly cold and wet. I'mhoping to get on outside later though my undergardener is going out for lunch with a friend. She never asked for time off..



Morning all, notice the lack of Good? Dull and still cool breeze here. Hoping it stays dry grass needs cutting.



Well morning all, bit late for me but off to work soon so been sorting a few things out.  Seems like you were all busy over the weekend, well done.  The weather was a little unhelpful here in Worcesteshire, but managed to get in the garden yesterday and attack a very overgrown border, made some progress:


 As you can see my lawn is now covered in the fruits of my labours.  And there's more to go.  Sadly I had to cut the escallonia down as it was too leggy and woody, I'm hoping it will grow back.  I'm wondering now how on earth I will get rid of this lot, if I try to burn it the neighbours will not be happy, but bagging it all up and taking it to the waste recycling centre will take a lot of that is nasty pyracantha with thorns you could use for a poison blowpipe!  Oh well, at least I rediscovered the gooseberry bush, which despite being a little straggly from trying to reach the light is still bearing a few fruits. 

Out the front things are a little more pleasing:

 At last the peonies are open!  Anyway got to go, have a good day all, take care.



Morning.  I saw the moon last night.  So bright you couldn't miss it.  Didn't realise until I put radio on that it was something special.  Not a particularly pleasant day and debating whether to treat grass or paint or do nothing.  Latter may win. 

Daisy, burn it.  Neighbours will just have to grin and bear it.  It annoys me when people moan about bonfires and make you feel like a criminal. As long as you pick a suitable time, they're over and done with in a fairly short time.  I have to put up with BBQ's!

The potty gardener

Morning all. You beat me Tina.

Made the most of not having to get up this morning. It is cloudy here, hope the sun comes out later.

I agree with Tina Daisy. I would have a bonfire. You were certainly busy.              

Dove- did I read somewhere that you were retiring?


I'll be Billy no Mates after tomorrow Bev.


Thanks, Verdun and Matty, for the Jeyes fluid answers. Sterilising the soil in the GH would be good as I plant the tomatoes in it every year. I do change some of it and add compost and manure though. I'm a bit lazy about washing flowerpots and I use hundreds for the baby annuals. I could also clean the horse trailer.


B-Lizzie  I worked with horses for 20 years and we always used Jeyes for washing down stables and drains etc. Brilliant stuff for disinfecting anything animal related!

Probably horrendously carcinogenic though