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FG, wish you'd stop using big words. Does it work on humans, do you know?

Made a decision not to go outside today as, supposedly, it's gong to be warmer and better tomorrow.  So have been a Stepford Wife. That will do for the next month or so, bathroom and kitchen excepted.

Wish I knew who invented housework.



Tina- it was a man.

I could try Jeyes on my fence!

If it keeps cats out....


FG, the little cherubs wouldn't like the smell and I don't suppose the mothers would know what it was. Give it try.

Was going to ask why God, or whatever, didn't just make Eve, but I think I may know the answer.


You'll probably have the same sort of gobby mothers having a go at you as I had when we painted the drainpipes at work with anti vandal paint (Above 8ft).  This is black sticky stuff like treacle.. It doesn't set but forms a skin with dust on it.

We did this because kids had been climbing on the flat roof and trying to break in via the skylight.

It didn't stop them, but I had one of the little darlings mother in complaining that she couldn't get the stuff out of little johnny new jeans.

We resorted to Razor wire in the end.


Fidget- I despair. It's a waste of breath trying to get through to these people isn't it? And isn't razor wire sooooo attractive compared to paint 

As KEF said a while ago - you can't educate pork. How true.



Morning all! I believe I'm first today!! Thanks for the advice Tina and FG, I will burn it, I'll just have to be a bit careful.  Feeling a bit less guilty now   Well work this morning, and it's a lovely morning, but don't feel so bad because I've got tomorrow off and that's going to be nice too, apparently.  Hope you all have a good day.

Morning all picked my first strawberries last night and they tasted lovely and sweet family happy potatoes started flowering so will be not to far away from being ready. Morning Daisy what i say is it's my garden i will do what i like i bought it i pay tax on it why can't i do what i like within reason of the neighbour's. Chicky our school kids return on the 14th Aug which gives the me time to chill out and do repairs and it's lovely and quiet without the teacher's lol am off to work now have a good day all. 


Good morning all   Snap Andy, I picked our first strawberries yesterday and had them for breakfast, and there's some more nearly ready 

It's a glorious morning - we had lots of rain overnight which was badly needed, and now the sun is shining and the garden is sparkling 

Oh, by the way, I've reported the Spam 


Morning all. 

Andy - I had never realised Scottish school holidays were different to ours - we finish towards end of July and then go back in September - which is why I was confused when you talked about end of term yesterday.

Strawberries coming quick and fast here too.  Really good crop this year.  Some of my plants are now three years old, so I need to pot up some replacement runners this year - do I just pin them into pots of compost, does anyone know?  Maybe I should start a thread...

All looking lovely and flowery out there now - my first Zephrine Drouine (?spelling) rose is out this morning - smells just as lovely as I remember


I've just been watching our bluetits busy in the garden, flying in and out of the nest box with beaks full of goodies - no wonder we don't have any trouble with insect pests 

I've spent so long watching them I'm late leaving for work - see you later folks, enjoy the day 


Morning all,

Blue skies,sunshine and Wimbledon,shhhhhhh must be summer

Sadly strawberries not ready yet,so had to buy some yesterday,but they were giving away free cream,so that made me feel better

Not sure what I will do outside today,may cut grass whilst I think about it.Plenty of weeding,and need to stake other row of beans.

Have a good day everyone.


Morning all- wouldn't it be nice just to be a bluetit....your only worry for the day is finding insects 

Hi Dove -Bye Dove  That b****y spam....

I'm going out earlier today too- daughter has her school outing that they have at end of year so she has to be in by 8.15. Doesn't get back till near midnight -  how on earth will I stay awake to collect her???

chick I don't know why the hols are different - always been the way. Private schools here are slightly different - a little later.

Daisy - glad you're getting good weather when you're off- it's really annoying when your stuck at work and the sun's out. 

Enjoy your strawbs everyone!


Finally it looks like we may get some sunshine in yorkshire today. Thankfully the wind has dropped as well. But alas no gardening today (honest), busy watching sports day at school and other bits n pieces to get on with. Definately not spending any more money at the garden centre (honest again) must must resist! 

Morning everyone.  Just like you Mrs Garden, I won't be spending any more money on plants......honestly n truly.

Warm but cloudy so far


Morning all, slept in and could not believe the time.

Looking lovely out, sun shining and breeze dropped. Must get on as next door's GH needs opening and I can't really go around there in my dressing gown.

No strawberries ready yet.


The potty gardener

Morning all.

I was awake at 5am but was determined not to get up.So enjoyed my last lay in.I'll be doing plenty of pottering today.It's a lovely sunny day so need to make the most of it.

Have a good day all

Woodgreen wonderboy

Not a strawb. expert chickey but believe you can pin, as you say. Get some nice big paper clips from work? Working from home is always best.


And following up at the rear............

Morning everyone. I was going to get early today, well for me.  Awake at 8 and the next thing it was 10!! Will miss you Bev as you make me less guilty about getting up late.  Just in case we are passing ships today, I wish you all the best for tomorrow and hope all goes well.  It's good that you feel well enough to return. 

Lovely morning so quick coffee, breakfast and - where's my paint.

Woodie, going to call you that, unless you object, no work at all is even better, but I have to agree working from home is good.  Did it for many years some while back. As long as the work got done, you could do it when it suited. 

Best get going.


Well, now I've watered I'd better start on the dahlia cuttings!.

When I woke it was really sunny, so i jumped out of bed to get to it, but now its cloudy and there is a cool wind. I'm more inclined to sit here drinking coffee.

If its any consolation folks not much sun here right now.  Warm though

No gardening's my foodbank volunteering day.  David cameron is trying to claim he helped set up the foodbanks......he CAUSED the need for them.  Politicians!