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No doughnuts today verdun !!!!


Morning - just 

Have been trying to upload a photo onanother thread and it won't let me!!

Had to buy a new camera so it is one if the first photos taken with it. 

Did I log in yesterday - can't remember

Tricky day yesterday- OH wise

Today I have to bath dog - smelly dog in small caravan is not recommended eeew

I also have to move containers so son and NDN don't have a lot of bother watering when we are away.

Off to try and upload a pic - back later


Good luck tomorrow Bev- I'm sure you'll be welcomed by all your friends even if the old crone has a 'right face on her' 

No gardening this afternoon for me either Verd -  Black Dragon opening up .....

Off out to a friend so catch up later.

Hope she has cake....

Lovely sunny day here in the south so thought i would wash all the sofa cushion covers,wish i hadnt started.As a treat i am now going out to plant my new plants, one is a pink campanula called pink octopus has a very strange smell bur amongst the other plants im sure i wont smell it. It makes a change to have the back door open.



Maud, why do we set ourselves stupid tasks to do when the sun shines.  Well, some of us do.

Have decided to leave one wall as it is puurfeck and far enough away from first wall so you don't notice the slight difference in colour.  Who looks at walls anyway. Got done what I wanted and, at the risk of sounding as if I'm complaining, was so hot.  Have tidied the pond lilly without taking a dip, tidied the shed and sorted my gardening box out. Now know what I've got. Actually didn't have 2 of anything, which makes a change.

Lunch in the garden and a boost of vitamen D. 




Maud, I just bought campanula Pink Octopus today, never heard of it before. It's still in bud so I haven't smelt it yet. Label said it's a flower arranger's delight but if it smells funny I wonder.

Went to Pashley Manor today, lovely garden very English. Will put photos on gardens we have visited thread.


I could have done with hanging the dog on the line. Bathed him, let him out, promptly rolled on grass, at least it's not covered in 'mess'. He has now spent ages washing his feet.

Turned on water tap this afternoon to find drinking water was brown, contacted water people and they said run it for 20mins. What about my water bill I cried (water meter) and he said I would be compensated so, fair enough, spent the time filling and re-filling watering cans and containers and some veg are now watered


Oh Bev I really do hope it all goes OK tomorrow. Will be thinking about you 

The potty gardener

Thank you Tina, Fairy and Matty.I will keep you posted. Tomorrow and Thursday are outings/ special activity days. Then we have an inset day on Friday. That is so next years timetable starts on Monday.

Luckily I'm not on a water meter yet- soon everyone will be- to save water they say


north manchester . bright  cloudy . no kitchens for sale here


Spams reported!

Morning archiepem, mixed here, clouds and a bit of blue.

The potty gardener

Morning alIt will be very quick as Im at school- noone else around to see what I'm doing. Managed to get here just a couple of minutes passed six.

Have a fab day every one

Morning all lovely morning here and it's the last day at work till 11th July so it will be gardening gardening all the time for me plenty to do and change. Primary 7 kids all cry when they leave today and so do some of the staff must admit i have a lump in my throat for them as been around most of their life so far well it's hankies out and off to work have a good day all.


Have a good day Andy - and enjoy the break 


Bev enjoy your day good luck just go with the flow and relax don't worry that's how i work in the school don't put any pressure on myself don't get enough money for taken pressure 


Good luck Bev - will seem strange at first, but soon it will be like you've never been away.

Andy - hankies are good - shows how much they have enjoyed their time there ( even though none would ever admit to enjoying school).  We have Kleenex at the ready here for next Friday

Baby woodpecker(red on top of head) just appeared on our bird feeder for the first time this year.  Mum watching from close by


Probably a bit late but GOOD LUCK BEV don't let anyone get to you



Oh for Pete's sake, there's more Spam just now!  And they can't even spell Canterbury so it won't do the job they're getting paid to do   It's ok Dove, breathe deeply, think of the morning sunrise 

Talking to myself now 

Have a good day everyone 


Morning all.  Lovely day here - pity I have to work.

We're all behind you Bev- first day will go like a flash and you'll be away! 

My first tomato starting to go red so looking forward to that.

Have a good day everyone