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Goodmorning all you early birds.

I have deliberately stayed up until after 12 so I can be the first today.

Well, my ballgown has turned to rags, there are mice nipping at my feet and a huge pumpkin in the middle of the patio.

Some day my prince will come, or the men in the white coats.

Have a good day.


The potty gardener

Morning- a lovely day.

I usually drive to school through town and then home along by the beach. This morning decided it would be nice to drive along by the beach- what a wonderful start to the day. We have International day today, don't know what I'll be doing yet.

Have a great day all

Morning all dull here and a little windy forecast rain got dentist at 9.15 then drop my wife & mother in law at Queen St train station in Glasgow going up to see her sister in Inverness for an over night. So after doing that am going to a small local sawmill to price some treated wood to raise a bit of my back garden to plant flower's in plus into homebase as have a voucher to use there. After all that it will be gardening the rest of the week if weather allows if not i will be in the greenhouses doing seeding and re potting well have a good day all oh Bev glad your first day went well am sure you will enjoy the kids make the job great.


Good Morning early birds & Cinderella.

Weather looking good. Supermarket run  and then a scout around the 2nd hand market, planters etc.

Enjoy your day. 



Got fed up of "bumpimg" need more tea.


Good morning all - I had a lie in   Glad to see you're all up and about - well done Sue   total PITAs aren't they?  

KEF, mine's black coffee, no sug if you're making it 

Morning all

It's looking like a hot day

Cutting back hedge soon whilst it's still cool then it's other less interesting stuff

Enjoy your day everyone



Morning all. My post just disappeared as I was about to send there 

Damp here and more to come- badly needing it. Ground was still solid even after Saturday's heavy rain.

Well done Sue and KEF. More than tea needed I think. Morning Dove- nice to have a day in your garden! Your lie-ins sound like mine- can't really do them 

Andy - you'll get peace to do whatever you want whenever you want!

Isn't it 2.30 you go to the dentist? Tooth hurty.....sorry 

Cinderella...she'll like that KEF! Better get your coat...mine's already on after that terrible joke.


FG just had a look at your photo's of your fence on another thread there great well done next time am putting up a fence will give you a call always cake in this house for tea lol.


I'll keep you to that Andy. Milk no sugar- nice and strong! 

Don't make it any time soon though- I'm Kerry Packered 

Off to work now- catch up later 


Morning all,

Sunny but windy again here,rain forecast mid morning

KEF........not too many planters otherwise you will need more plants and compost



Keeping an eye on next doors garden whilst they are away,went round to water last night forthe first time and found greenhouse tomatoes not staked and flopping down,so had to find supports and tie them all up,similar story with beans. 

May go to GC later, just to look  you know

Have a good day everyone.



Gilly - they knew who to ask didn't they? 


Morning all! Guess who overslept, woke up at 8am and had to drive son to school? Having a relaxing cuppa now before I hit the garden.

Matty, enjoy your holiday!

Gilly - just have a look, there's no harm in that

Bev - enjoy your day, the beach drive to work sounds divine.

I'm on 2 nights now so I will be sleeping this afternoon and working all night.  Won't be back in the land of the living until Saturday lunchtime. Take care!



Just been reading GW July mag. Verdon do you have insider info ? Monty, yes I say again Monty..talking about how we got into gardening. Is the next issue about pets in gardens? do tell ???

Cinders, has the laptop broken?  


No Kef. I'm here. Very sleepy and am typing with my eyes closed as they don't want to open. Will be back after a little doze.


Maybe Montys getting ideas off Verdon


Good morning all  

No Spam this morning - will have to make do with black coffee and toast! Hurrah for the Tech Team ((hugs)) unless that is it's just because I'm up earlier than the spammers 

Anyone else about?  I expect Andy's having a lie-in 

Another perfect morning for gardening - shame I've got to go to work 

The potty gardener

Morning Dove. I have been laughing at the evening thread from last night .

Inset day today- We start the 2013/2014 timetable on Monday.

Have a great day all