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Good morning Bev - I've been having a bit of a giggle too   What are we like?

Have a good day - it's nearly the weekend! 


Morning all, just  a few minutes now and I shall be go home and sleep all day ready for tonight   Never mind, it's raining in Birmingham and probably back home as well, so I might as  well sleep.   I can look out for those completely white foxgloves I saw on the way last night and fell in love with.  Have a good day all.


Hi, a quick good morning all and just need to say 'TGI nearly the weekend'. Off to work, enjoy your day. Wish I could sleep too DaisyHC, I'm with you  on the white beauties, my favourite too since last night.


Good morning all. Dull and damp weather.

Last night's posts were funny. 2 for 3  

Have a good day all.


Morning all. I'm off to read last night's posts- I've missed out! 

Wet here but to dry up later. White foxgloves are what I fancy for front border too.

Dove- Andy's got a match at SW19 today remember- he'll be getting the garden done frist before he goes off down there.. .

Working today but don't mind since it's wet anyway.

Enjoy your sleep Daisy 



Morning all,

Grey and overcast at the momrnt,but forecast to improve later.

Off to do supermarket run,and then lunch at GC followed by a bit of a browse.

Have a good day all.

It is a strange morning, where are the posts containing all things armoires de cuisine? It is like that Scottish play, I dare not write the words and I have my fingers crossed. 

Happy garden Friday, it is raining but very green.

Morning folks.

Feel guilty in saying its dry, warm, and increasingly sunny here.  Very humid though last night. Forecast says 22 today.

Heleniums,,salvias and agastaches all opening or about to open.....exciting time of the year for summer perennials


Now raining quite heavily here, so no excuse to not do inside jobs


Goodmorning, you 'orrible lot.

Well done Verdun for spotting the deliberate mistake. My fingers got into a bit of a tizz. It's OK, I can take the mirth. Broad shoulders and all that.

No Verdun, they are all sitting on the patio. Can't do more than buy them in one day. Anyway, not planting them yet as I need to 'place' them first.  Have got fed up with continually moving plants about.

Wet, chilly and dull today.



Morning Tina, what you doing up and typing at this time?


Hi Kef.  Went to bed really early yesterday and had a good night's sleep.  Woke up feeling so much better so, even though weather is poor, decided not to lay in bed. Don't think much gardening will get done today.

What are you up to? Are you sure you need to be a domestic goddess.

Morning all well this is late for me had to take daughter into Glasgow for work as going out after her work tonight then came back and dropped off wife's car at the garage to get a service while shes away today. Now a cuppa tea then got a match at SW19 shortly as FG says lol never played tennis always football. Going to get some wood for making a large bed for plant's at the back garden that's my task for the weekend tomorrow morning to drop son and 3 team mates off at Irvine in Ayrshire to play bowls so maybe pop in to the GC i visited with the club 3 weeks ago which is only 15 min from where dropping son off if weather 's good have a nice day all.


Hi Andy, if you've a spare 10 mins I want a cold frame making

Tina, I really should do jobs, you just never know if someone might call in & can't always keep them on the patio, well not in the rain..cunning plan, shed is now very tidy, that was yesterday's job when it drizzled.

Fed up as it's also chilly, so back in jeans, legs cold in my shorts. In fact my feet feel cold, but not putting socks on


Can't believe I've beat Andy today, even though he's been cabbying.

Kef, people come to see you, not your house.  I remember years back other friends commenting on my best friend's immaculate house.  I truly never noticed.  Should have done as most times, mine was a tip. It used to be a case of, 'where's the black bags cos I'm going to blitz the place'.  Did have 3 kids at the time. These days, it's always OK.

Just reminded me that my shed is a mess.  Was trying to find the sandpaper block couple of days back and it ended up that everything was chucked on the floor.  I'd only put it in there the day before!! Best go and put everything back. 


Hi All,

Don't know if any of you could help but do you have any insect repellant advice other than sprays.  Seem to get a bite every time I go out in the garden.  I'm already dressing for winter so not to show to much skin.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question.

KEF here's one i made in March out of secondhand wood bubble wrap inside and clear heavy plastic outside sliding door is shower glass for top of a bath done a lot of seeds in it this year works well.



Cold and wet in sheffield today. Will probably pot on some seedlings later but, first the OH says Ive beengood [ seems unlikely ] so we are going to GC and she will buy me a present.

Really looking forward to a busy weekend watching the Lions play and some late nights watching Glastonbury.

have a great day everyone.


Mmm that sounds a bit suspicious PD.  Whose plastic will it go on?

Daisy, sorry, can't help. Some people seem to attract these little critters, like my daughter. Not sure what she uses though.


Andy that is some cold frame. Is it secured down well?  Just thinking I might be passing one day

Don't get giddy punkdoc..I knew a girl whose husband said he'd buy her something to go out in that night if she went shopping with him. True to his word, it was nail varnish.

Daisy soz no help, I get bitten abroad but ok here. I think somewhere on forum I have read about something from Avon, some dry oil I think. Others will hopefully know.

Tina good luck in the shed, when you've done our garage needs attention.

Break time over, back to thrilling jobs....