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Daisy , there are two things. The stuff from Avon is skin-so -soft oil. I believe its for the bath, but some people find if you rub it on your skin the bugs don't like it. And it has the added benefit of making your skin so soft

The other thing is to increase your vitamin b levels.

Marmite, vegemite,  Vit B compound tablets, lots of green leafy veg.  Vit B is water soluble so you need a regular supply as you pee  any excess out of the body.


I won't be taking them then FB. Visit enough times as it is.

Son is laying turf in the pouring rain.  He's happy, I'm happy and the garden will be happy.  He did buy enough to returf half the garden though. Only really wanted 3 turfs and he bought 6.  It's only money - my money.

Shed tidied Kef. Can you pick me up so I can do your garage? 

Thanks FB and TT.  The Avon thing was mentioned by KEF also.  Will looking into purchasing some and increasing my Vit B intake.

Thank you all for your advice.  I do not post much but always read the posts on this forum


This is a subject often discussed here.  I rarely get bitten.  Others often do.  When I ask of they take sugar....tea, or have sweet tooth..they invariably say yes.  I think this is a factor.  Do you daiaymay take sugar?

I also think Vit B does play a levels are high.  My natural diet is high in Vit b....wholemeal bread, nuts, etc    Caution:  avoid brewers yeast.  Good supplies of Vit b but .......what can I say? ......will produce "wind"

Punkdoc, enjoy your hectic  Hope we beat  the Aussies again (have a feeling we won't though).  Couple of friends and nephew are at Glastonbury, though my nephew wangled paramedic duties there too.

Tina, relax. ,you always seem so busy.  Got to chauffeur someone now.  Enjoy your day people


Verdun, you are joking aren't you.  I'm the laziest person on this forum. I don't get bitten as I think I must be a bitter old bird. 

Just having lunch. See what I mean.



Ok I'm the exception then Verd- got a sweet tooth but don't get bitten- even by our ravenous Scottish midges!

Which brings me to Daisy's query. Avon skin so soft is well known as an insect repellent and is widely used by hillwalkers up here- mainly because of the midges! Apparently they're now looking at developing it into an insect repellent because it works so well. You can actually buy it in locations where walkers stop - ie hotels, b&bs etc. Don't know if you can get it on their website but worth trying.

Never noticed your 2 for 3 offer Tina- but in my defence  I didn't register that part of your post as I was only interested in what plants you'd bought.

Well - that's my story and I'm sticking to it....


Back now,  jobs done inside.

Tina I'm on my way.

Gentlemen cover your ears..I used to get chomped badly but after I passed my sell by date I don't seem to get many at all when on hols. Never been bothered in UK.

Verdun I'm not a bun face, but I'd have thought sugar in alcohol coming out of pores on holiday would attract them.

Hope we get visitors in next few days or I might have to clean again next week

Wot can I say?....just a simple Cornishman.  Wot do I know?


You certainly know how to create a great garden


Daisymay3: have you considered 'essential oils?

My wife was a professional aromatherapist. Her skin was very fair and fine textured and therefore vulnerable to insects so she used to make up her own insect repellant using essential oils. I have just found the following in one of her old books Practical Aromatherapy by Shirley Price:

Insect Repellant Massage Oil: Eucalyptus: Peppermint: Cedarwood in the proportions of 12, 6, 6 drops respectively mixed in a suitable medium (carrier oil) before massaging the body. Shirley Price recommends grape seed oil as a carrier - it is clear, fine, odourless and inexpensive. 

As many of the essential oils are quite potent you should get professional advice from a qualified aromatherapist if you decide to go down this route, however.


Good morning all dry and bright here just now but not to warm just at tea & toast before taken son and friends to Ayrshire to play bowls then am back and into the garden. Going to change a chipped plant area into a fully soiled planting area got wood to raise the height to put more soil on it so hope it stays dry have a good day all.


Morning Andy. Weather hete ditto. In fact ditto for breakfast.

Lunching with a friend, and then hopefully gardening. I've an area that needs digging and composting and then I might put my 'gifted" dahlias in it, or might leave them in pots out of slugs way, and put something else in.  Decisions..too early to decide, better do the job first. Have also a couple of perennial poppies to put in, dunno what colours they are so it will be pot luck what they look like when they flower.

Have a good day all.

The potty gardener

Morning Andy and KEF. Looks nice out. I'll have a snooze then out to potter.

Everyone enjoy your day


Morning Andy and KEF- are all these lazybones still in their beds....

Would be ditto for me re breakfast but just had a pain au chocolat- well it's the weekend and I have to spend a couple of hours with my sister so I need something to keep me going! 

It's to rain later Andy so hope you get your project well under way before that- bowls in the rain'll hit Ayrshire before us...

Enjoy lunch KEF- it's ok, the gardening works it off so get stuck in!


Morning all,

Croissants today as it is the start of The Tour De France.Enjoy watching it each day,but not tempted to dig out old bicycles

Bought new clematis "Pilau" yesterday,have large pot ready by corner of trellis to for it to go into.Only cost £2,in reduced area again!,just needed a good drink,plenty of healthy shoots.

Weather looks ok at the moment,sunny ,grey/white puffy clouds,but it is still quite windy.

Just hweard on news that temps arwe  54 in USA,no way could I stick that.


Morning everybody.  Hope you are all well

Looking cloudy here but very warm

Ive lost my appetite lately ....eating my brekkie and reading the posts.  Had porridge with blueberries, toast n marmalade and couple boiled eggs almost cooked.  Like I said my appetite is poor at mo.....bit concerned about that!  But, lunch soon so I guess I'll be ok.

Overnight more plants have opened their flowers and suddenly deschampsia grasses are flowering.  (in damp soil or good soil deschampsia is hard to beat for flower power and subtlety) 

Got my time booked today but will be going to nursery to collect echinaceas and, no doubt, something else that appeals

Enjoy the weekend all....hope those holidaying down here get nice weather


And there's always elevenses to get through too Verdi 

Is that doughnut time??

Do you grow the blueberries Verd?


Good morning folks   a bit dank here at the moment, but better is promised - I won't get out into the garden until well into this afternoon as I'm visiting elderly parents this morning, then will do a food shop and a bit of housew*rk!   I've given myself a bright magenta manicure this morning - that'll shock Ma - she needn't worry, it won't last long when I get out into the garden!

Looks like the weather might be going to improve over the next week or so - whisper it quietly, but summer might be coming 

Fairygirl.....but of course.  My very own blueberries.  


No, I is a lying naughty man.  Bought them but mIne are nearly ready.

Dove, great minds think alike.  I'm having a bright magenta manicure too!  

Nice you look in your elderly parents......took my own mum to docs yesterday.  She's 91 but much of her concerns are things she gets panicky about.  Her doc is very good and took time to talk to her.....better than any medication.  Re parents.....when they're gone, they're gone so need to value and care for them whilst we can



Verd- well it is Saturday after all- and magenta is your colour I reckon.

You're right- older people often just want a friendly face and a bit of reassurance.

Dove- you can always give your Mum some shades...