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Verdun, glad you like the colour I chose - you can choose next time 

Parents are 89 and 93, both in a lovely care home together, neither can walk, Pa has health needs too and is very frail and tired but has most of his marbles; Ma has times when confusion rules - however the care staff are wonderful and do more than I ever could.  


Morning all

Not too late this morning as, when I looked out my bedroom window, saw that pond had lost water overnight. Checked and where heavy handed eldest son had tipped the black box, he's cracked one of the pipes. Another job for today and guess who will have to sort it out. Both sons working 12 hour shifts.  

Nice to hear you youngsters being so caring towards the elderly.  Just remember that Verdun when you 'talk' to me. Seriously, it is good to hear people with parents being so thoughtful. Not everyone is. I've always said you have enough regrets when they've gone without having to regretting things you didn't do whilst they were here.

Hope you get some bargains today Verd, like my 2 for 3. Hope it warms up a bit by 12 otherwise I'm going to be cold standing on the sideline.  Seemed a good idea yesterday.

Dove, my nails are 'Pulsating'.  Who makes these names up?

Usual brekkie FG. Creature of habit.

Have a good day all.


Morning all

not quite the hammock day I had been hoping for, but at least dry.

Popped into GC yesterday for a christening gift - came out with 3 verbascum and a couple of dahlias.  Need to get them in the ground today.

Off to have my toenails painted too - will be going for magenta - the colour of the moment


Perhaps one day all Morning Forkers will be identifiable by their magenta toenails? 

Right - I'm off to see the Aged Ps, see you all later ............................... 


Tina you'll need more than weetabix to withstand the sidelines. If I had a hat - I'd take it off to you- glad I've got girls and never had to do the football mum thing. Their Dad would have done it anyway I suppose. If either of them have 'boy' children I'll be giving that a miss!

Pulsating nails- can't you get ointment for that?

Chicky- do you think the baby will like the plants?.... 



Morning all. I'm back from garden visiting, family seeing in England. Paris was a nightmare yesterday, French hols starting. Stuck in a traffic jam needing a wee, not fun!

Garden here is like a jungle. OH was shocked at the lawns, out mowing last night. How do weeds grow so big in 2 weeks? Delphiniums and tomatoes needed tying up, did it before I went but the delphs has grown about 2 more feet. Broad beans getting too big already, loads of mangetout peas, I'll have to throw some away, too big.


Welcome home BusyL. Hope you got purchases home okay.

Just tied toms up, again..all in garden suddenly taken off, must be the rain.

Thinking up a cunning plan to get my friend to nearby GC after lunch, she's not a gardener but does like cake & they sell it.

Hope all have a good day, good luck pipe repairer

Gardening Grandma

Morning all - nearly afternoon now. Have been half-heartedly putting things away and doing washing this morning and trying to avoid thinking about taking the dogs for a walk. Garden is crying out for attention, too, BL. How do plants get so enormous in two weeks? Loads big enough to plant now, triffid rose taking over, paeony has flowered and is more-or-less over!! Should be unloading caravan but I'm getting out there to enjoy myself pruning and planting instead. OH can do the donkey work when he gets up (he worked last night after driving all day, but I'm merciless).  There's an incredible amount of deadheading to do, too.  I want to photograph them too - I'm obsessed with it. They are so fleeting, I want to hold on to them.

Fat Club next Tues - if I don't eat until then, maybe I'll have paid for all the cakes I ate while away! 


Hi all, sat waiting while son has drama lesson then taking my mum to local school fayre - good excuse to entertain son n mum while I make bee line to plant stall...

Chicky - verbascum - really want one but put off by article on gw saying they don't come back after flowering, not sure what that means - surely they aren't annuals, confused.


Got lethargy this morning, hoping for improvement later. 


Nut, I'm sure you'll come alive later, I'm pottering on here keeping clean, as out to lunch in a few mins.  

Gardening Grandma

Mrs G, verbascums are either biennial or perennial. Biennial ones don't come back after flowering, obviously, just make sure you get a perennial. More modern cultivars are longer lived, I'm told. I've grown perennial ones this year from seed but maybe they'll be the short-lived kind - I'll have to wait and see.


I'm back. Fortunately, was very warm and match only 20 mins each way.  They're only 8 year olds. Nearly had to tell other side's trainer to shut up.  Boy, did he like the sound of his own voice. FG, I only went because it was warm and didn't start until 12. That's it.  No idea what the rules are, what's good or bad.   have to say that the parents were very well behaved.  No fistycuffs. Did, however, overhear one granddad, obviously old school, commenting on one Dad having a go at the ref! 

Nut, know what you mean.  I have felt like that several days this week.  Just didn't seem to have much energy and needed to go to bed early. Not me at all.

Too hot to go in garden for a while. Been up since 8.45 so might have a nap.



Good morning all   It was quiet on here yesterday - everyone watching the tennis were they?  Or were you all out in the garden?

Gorgeous day here today - bright blue skies and golden sunshine - wall to wall gardening planned for today, then pork chops and braised fennel with parmesan, a la Simon Hopkinson 

Gardening Grandma

Morning, all. Over an hour after Dove, I'm second on the thread this morning! Only the A-Z of Gardening this morning - GW not scheduled AGAIN! 

We're supposed to be having a 'poverty week' this week to regain control of the finances after 2 weeks away with family (expensive!) So why have I just bought 2 books on Amazon and 2, er, items of underwear on ebay?

Wet here today! I'm shattered from yesterday's efforts, so I don't mind only looking at the garden today.

Have a good day, everyone!




Morning all,

Lovely here yesterday,out in the garden most of day,so did not see any tennis.

Planted new clematis ,tidied up herb wheelbarrow and cut the grass .Still looking after next doors garden as well as our own for another week.

Grey and overcast to Mum,s for lunch,so no cooking  for me.She usually makes cake and gives us some to take home.

Just going to read the papers and listen to the Archers this morning.

Have a good day all.


Morning folks.

Warm, humid but cloudy again.  

Sitting here eating brekkie and can see back garden dominated by my stipa gigantea....lovely view. Lupins in background, regale lilies in foreground and my underpants hanging on the clothes line in the distance.  You can't beat a bit of garden decoration!!!!!

Realised a geum sent to me as Totally Tangerine is in fact Borissi.  The former is 3 or 4' tall whereas the latter is half that at most.  The supplier is sending correct plant this week.

Have good day everyone


Hmmm, think I'll stick with garden gnomes thanks verdun.

Morning all. Watching son at swim lesson just now then he's out for  the day with grandparents. OH working, just me n the garden then.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I always water my pots on Sundays, never anything particularly energetic on principle. Not exactly my day of rest, but a day of not doing very much.

Off to see yellow book garden later, in the heart of the New Forest.  The forest has notoriously poor soils, hard pans and lots of grazing animals to eat your favourite plants when you turn your back for a moment, so it will be fascinating to see how  a lovely garden can get going and thrive.Report later 


Yellow book? Sorry if im a bit dim but can you explain please?