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Enjoy woody.  Be interesting to read your report.  

You could compile a book on gardens you have visited....?  Not reference books as such but more impressions and opinions as a keen garden visitor.  


Mrs Garden,

Yellow book,National Garden Scheme open gardens.

The potty gardener

Morning all. Another fab day- bright sunshine with not a cloud in sight. Trouble is my face resembles a tomato after relaxing in the sun yesterday.

I shall have a lazy day doing very little

MrsGarden the yellow book is produced listing all the open gardens with dates..

Have a good day everyone


I'm going to see some Yellow Book gardens today. At Elm, near Wisbech

There's a website as well Mrs Garden you can search for gardens in your area.


Morning all. Off to Mum's grass cutting and no doubt weeding. Having pork kebabs with oregano and lemon, my version of Souvlaki with salad later, when bacon butty been worked off. Then 2 days without meat, oily fish day, and a veggie day. Well you've got to try haven't you? 

Bit hazy at minute but sun due to come out, so slip, slap, slop.

Have a good day all.



Morning all. Going to the village fete. It starts with Mass in the village church then there is what the French call a "cocktail", little nibbly things with drinks. Used to be by the river, with fireworks in the evening but someone fell off a tree into the river and was quite badly hurt so now it's in the field next to the Mairie and the fireworks were last night. We missed them as we went to the concert in friend's garden.


Morning all. Very late for me. Fell asleep on couch last night till 3am then went to bed and eventually woke up at half 8...unheard of!

Sunny just now but we're to get rain soon. Hopefully they'll be wrong like yesterday and I'll get something done outside. 

Is it just me or is there a slight 'underwear undercurrent' here this morning???

GG the rain gives you an excuse to have a rest today!

Woody that'll be very helpful for anyone who has deer problems. Having wildlife on your doorstep-literally- is great but it makes gardening tough!

Verd- you could always cut all your other planting down to match the new geum....


Thanks, gillyL, bev and nut. I've found it and getting excited ... Best to check the bank first I think...

took mum and son to local fayres yesterday, most disappointed - not a plant stall in sight. So I took mum home and dug up one of hers! A large choisya to replace the small one I bought last week, instant gardening on the cheap.



gardening visiting isn't expensive MrsGarden, unless you find one with lots of plants for sale. (and cake)


That's kinda what I mean Nut. Need a bigger car as well, had to stop hsways any home to rearrange accidental I could see.


And you may pass a nursery, or one of those plant stalls outside a house


Glorious morning here.  A couple of chores to do, and then the hammock calls!

Sat outside yesterday afternoon and heard a low persistent hum - thought at first it was a hot air balloon going over ( we get a lot of them on sunny evenings) - but then realised it was our cotoneaster absolutely heaving with bees. It's not a pretty shrub, but worth keeping for that alone.


chicky I know- I love them when they're covered in buds because you know the bees are going to be out in force shortly! Had one near the patio at last house and it was fantastic - just as you describe. Got one here -only just flowered a few weeks ago and there have been lots more bees around thankfully. There's a lot of clover in the grass where I'm doing the fence and I'll leave a good bit of that when I move the shed so that I can have a little wildlife area. Had to be careful yesterday as one bee was busy on a clover flower where we were doing posts- didn't want to stand on him! 

Don't think it's hammock weather here today- rain started now..


Bank balance checked and ignored - on my way to Fernleigh (NGS) this afternoon. Feeling a bit giddy. 


 that looks a good one MrsG and plants for sale as well


Woodgreen wonderboy

There I've done my good deed for the day... MrsG is off to Fernleigh 


well done WW

There's a lot to be gained from visiting other peoples' gardens. Both to see what you like and see what not to do

Woodgreen wonderboy

Nut,It's often the smallest of things that give you the idea to try something new. It's hard to make changes on the grand scale, but you can always tweak the edges.

I've noticed a lot more bees this year.....they were buzzing around a,flowering Heuchera but are attracted to my emerging agastaches too.  I heard on local radio of a Cornish bee....I think it was a Cornish type....that's been hyped as resistant to the veroa mite (sorry if spelt wrongly) and that will complement our normal bee population.


Wonderful experience at Fernleigh today. I'm still in awe and have a lot to take in.

Bought and need to look up -

brunera, montarda red, phlox , echinops white NFS, crocosmia apricot, leucanthemella and one can lost the label for.


Will post some photos on gardens we have visited thread.