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Gardening Grandma

Rain has stopped, garden like a jungle, but too tired after yesterday to do any more today. My mibnd tells me I'm 27 but my body does not agree!

Glad you had a good time at Fernleigh, Mrs G. Visiting open gardens is my favourite weekend occupation and a whole open village is an absolute delight. What more could anybody ask than to have the chance to nose in other people's gardens?

It's a bit cold and windy for garden tours today, though. My triffid rose has blown down from the top of the pergola and I'm now wondering how I can get it back up there. The pergola has a corrugated plastic roof and I've been training it both over and under the roof to soften the ugliness of the plastic, tying it with cord. Obviously, the cord on top of the pergola was too weak to withstand the weather. The rose has lax stems and will always need some kind of tie. At least there are very few thorns! 


Good morning all   Gorgeous morning here - blue skies, sunshine, pigeons cooing -  whoever invented going to work 

The potty gardener

Morning. It is overcast here but hope it will get betterlater.

Have a wonderful day everyone


Morning Bev   have a really lovely day 

The potty gardener

Sorry Dove- good morning to you- mind miles away and forgot to be polite



No need - general greetings accepted  


Morning dove n  bev . Humid here but is that just cos im on the bath? Looks like it'll brighten up for my pm off ( not that I'll be out in it)


Morning everyone (not wishing to leave anyone out!)  Seems everyone had a nice weekend, including me.  Chopped down the last of the hideously overgrown pyracantha, which means more stuff to burn, and some quite thick trunks to add to my fledgling log pile, which I hope will become home to hedgehogs in time.  Tour of garden this morning...peonies going over now, verbascum almost done and very floppy, but lysimachia flowering like mad, eryngium, dahlias starting to come out, geraniums, verbena (bedding and bonariensis), and the fuschia in the container I planted up a month ago is having a fight with one of the adjacent petunias.  And strawberries getting plump, wish they'd hurry up and ripen.  I'm going to post some pictures on the garden gallery thread if anyone fancies a look.

Anyway, enjoy the day, I've got work later but then off for two days, lets hope the weather stays nice.

Gardening Grandma

Morning everyone!  I expect DHC has left the forum by now, but I enjoyed the tour of her garden. I won't go away for 2 weeks in June again - when i came back, I'd missed the best of some of the roses, the paeony was virtually over (although it was only just starting to flower when we left), the herbaceous clematis was sprawling all over the path (should have tied it up before we went) and the whole place was a bit of a jungle. Pink geranium spreading all over everything  - I'll have to be vicious with it.

I was amazed by how much the buddlaea had grown! I grew it from a seed some years ago, when I knew even less about gardening than I do now, and it grew too big for its position, so I tried to train it into a tree with a trunk. I took the straightest branch and fastened it to a stake, cut off everything else and only allowed foliage to grow at the top of the vertical branch. When I left, 2 weeks ago, it had a short fuzz growing rather hideously from there. Now, there is quite a lot, developing into new, longish branches of a taller, slimmer tree - and I think I have got away with it. I'm glad, because I hate killing plants, and that would have had to be my next move. (That must be why I have so many weeds!)

The weather is better than yesterday, so maybe I'll get that clematis tied up. I used to have it trailing from a pot on a wall, and it looked great. Maybe I'll put it back into a pot at the end of the season.

Well, end of epistle. Hope everyone has a good day!



Strawberries from the garden for breakfast here   Sorry, none left 


Tea and toast not from the garden here...

That's the problem when you go away GG- too much to sort when you  get back!

Tomatoes getting ripe so hopefully will get them from the garden soon!

Morning everyone. Dubious weather here today but will hopefully get more posts in later (dug holes yesterday in the p*****g rain) and the end will be in sight - hurray! Daughter helped again last night when she came home so we're getting there. Rain forecast for tomorrow so need to make hay today.

Hope everyone has a good day - especially us folk that have to head out to work! 



Of course- did you ever doubt it????

Daughter's only 8 but useful with a pickaxe...we're tough up here you know....

She turns 19 on!

Morning everybody.

Cloudy here...again.  Warm n muggy.  

Fairygirl, daughter 19 soon?   Congratulatioms. I can imagine 2 "Popeyes" wielding pick axes so I'm being respectful to you from now on....not scared, mind you!

No gardening today....except pick salad stuff later.  I'm growing corned beef too this year and that's ready now too


MrsGarden wrote (see)

Wonderful experience at Fernleigh today. I'm still in awe and have a lot to take in.

Bought and need to look up -

brunera, montarda red, phlox , echinops white NFS, crocosmia apricot, leucanthemella and one can lost the label for.


Will post some photos on gardens we have visited thread.


That's great MrsG. Have you looked to see what's open next weekend yet?

My gardens at Elm were good as well, one of them was excellent to make up for the one that hadn't got a lot going for it. I only bought one plant, very restrained. Ribes odorata, yellow flowers, smells nice. Used to have one, don't know what happened to it, probably sunk in the nettles


Morning all.

Fairygirl, you are a spring chicken, my daughter is 37! Seems funny that I'm 10 years younger!

Lovely day today. Have to sort out the jungly veg. garden after being away 2 weeks. Amazing how big the weeds are and I must dig up last year's perpetual spinach which has gone to seed to make a temporary parking space for the plants I bought in England as I'd planted annuals where they are going and I have to move 3 roses in the winter as the deer keep eating them. Some new plants will be to replace the roses.

GG when I was in England most of the roses weren't out yet so there must be some left for you to see. Hever Castle were having a rose week but it was a non-starter, all in tight bud.

Morning all windy here just now but stopped raining for the time being but overcast will be trying to finish a planting area which was chipped at the back garden as got plenty of plants to put in it. Was not on here yesterday up early and me and my good lady went away for the day before she returned to work today. Went to Gourock to see Cardwell GC which one of the girls at work told me about very large GC spent about 3 hours there and had tea & scone only spent £8 on a patio rose called Sunseeker to plant at my mother & fathers grave. Then drove along the Ayrshire coast down into Dumfries stopped for fish & chips back home at 6.30 last night lovely day out. Now going out to get on with the work before rain stops play for me lol have a good day all.  


Good morning all. Seems like folks are going to be busy today. Not decided what to do yet, would have a look at the list, but I didn't get around to making a list. I think one is needed as I keep piling in and doing and overlooking the "must do". Maybe because I don't want to paint the shed etc.

Weather lovely and sunny but a cold wind.

Bye for now.


Morning everyone, wherever you are.

Was AWOL yesterday as 9 of my Koi died. I know they were only fish, but they were beautiful to watch and so theraputic.  Combination of son breaking pump pipe and the airstones being off all night and it being a warm night.  Completely threw me and I just couldn't function.  Daft aren't I. 

Did put my new plants into pots late afternoon and changed others over once I felt a bit better. However, have just been out to feed whats left and I am so sad again.

Going to be hot again today. Not sure what I'm going to be doing.

Just checked my mail.  Not sure if anyone else notified Daniel about the profile facility not working, but I have the following message from him:

Regarding the issue with not being able to view other users' profile pages, I'll refer this to the tech team. I'm experiencing the same issue, so I hope this is something that can be fixed easily.

Couldn't be bothered to fine the threads on this.