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Pottie Pam

Good morning all.

So sorry about your fish, TT. Was it lack of oxygen? How many are left?


TinaTurner wrote (see)

Just checked my mail.  Not sure if anyone else notified Daniel about the profile facility not working, but I have the following message from him:

Regarding the issue with not being able to view other users' profile pages, I'll refer this to the tech team. I'm experiencing the same issue, so I hope this is something that can be fixed easily.

Couldn't be bothered to fine the threads on this.


Reported this a day or two ago. Just had an email back from Naomi on profile issue confirming she'd be in touch with the the tech team after finding the same problem after I'd reported it. 


Yes, PP. In my ignorance, I thought they would be OK overnight.  As I said, a combination of events, started by heavy handed eldest son, whose fish they were. 6 smaller Koi and numerous goldfish!  Both sons are talking about getting more Koi but I don't think I want the worry of them any more.  Would rather leave it just as it is.  Won't be the same anyway. I sound a right nutcase - all this over some bloody fish!


Very sorry to hear about your fish Tina.  Not a nutcase at all, must have been very upsetting. 


Tina so sorry about the fish. Ours all got stolen from last house when we were selling it and one was obviously dropped and got partially eaten. We were quite upset as we'd grown really fond of them. Interestingly, when we bought 3 new ones they put them in big plastic bags for us to take home and there was very little water in the bags. We were a bit concerned about the lack of water but they told us it was air that was more important. You live and learn.


Gardening Grandma

So sorry about the fish, TT.  We get protective over creatures we care for and the waste of life seems so sad.

Spent the morning cleaning (ugh!) and am about to plant some more pot-grown plants. Have sent OH to bank and supermarket - so don't have to go myself.

It is still pretty cool here, with a strong breeze. How I'd love some sunshine, but the forecost is not very good.

BL, you're right about the roses, of course, but three or four roses, my loveliest, have already had their first and most beautiful flush and are looking a bit sad as the roses go over. There's be another flush in a few weeks when I've deadheaded them, but I regret missing their most beautiful moment. And I've missed the rambler altogether, really. I'm amazed they went over so quickly when it really hasn't been that warm. I've photographed what are left and no doubt will be boring everyone with yet more shots of my minute patch before long.







Thank you gels.  I feel pathetic. Now I'm worrying because those left aren't eating.  They usually follow their 'leader'. I am getting paranoid. I should have known better but, there you go.

Been stung twice on my leg by a little bee. Found it on the floor and despatched it to the next world. Am now back in my kaftan as leg too painful to have anything rubbing on it.  Just got told to go indoors as I was out the front giving son advice on preparing the porch paintwork.  I thought it was good enough, but apparently not.

Something stupid to ask, has anyone else got a problem with the 'smilies'. It's not telling me what they are.  Some I never remember and don't want to upset anyone by using the wrong one. Who know what problems that could cause.

For goodness sake GG.  How can your place need cleaning?  You've been away for a fortnight.  I did mine last Monday. Will last for at least a month or so. Did forget to dust though and I've still not done so.  Daughter commented on it but didn't rush to get the duster. Probably wouldn't find one anyway.


I can't dust Tina feather duster still AWOL. Stung on leg, it's not your week is it ? No probs with smilies here , just posted you a sad face.

Woodgreen wonderboy

TT, sorry about your fish, you are clearly very upset. Best not to take any major decisions while you are unhappy. Leave things as they are for bit and take any big decisions on buying more fish when things have settled a bit?

Tina, that's a shame.  The remaining fish do hide away for a while, sometimes for couple of weeks, but they will recover.  Not nice either being stung.....can't see anything can you but pain is bad.  

Its difficult re those smilies.  On the iPad I can't use them but "smilies" isn't me.  I just hope everyone knows I mean well.  We know you do Tina so dont worry about it.

On the positive weather to continue or come....according to where you live.  It's been quite hot here at times today

Gardening Grandma

I have the same problem with smilies, TT, so I'm being cautious about which ones I use. The reason my house needs cleaning, apart from the fact that two humans and two dogs tread dirt in, is that I didn't clean it before I went! Just a hasty whizz around so I wouldn't be embarrassed when my friend let herself in to water the plants.

Just planted some things in the old lawn, now a flowerbed - lupins, echinaceas and nemesias I grew from seed, so I was pretty chuffed, as well as some I bought. Just hope I put them in the right places. The echinaceas have been pretty well chewed by something while I was away, so I've used the dreaded slug pellets.

On the subject of chewing, one of the hydrangeas had a lot of holes in its leaves, so I investigated and found some athletic slugs had actually climbed up it. I killed about half a dozen!

Slugs seem ESP fond of echinaceas.  

So, GG you admit to those murders?  Unreasonable force I think!


Thanks for the advice WW. That's how I'm thinking at the moment. Best to wait a while.

Thanks also Verdun for the info about them not feeding.  Keep putting a little bit in, then netting it out, waiting a while and doing it again.  Nothing.  So I will stop worrying they are anorexic and give them time to recover too.

Told you before GG, people don't come to look at your house.  They come to see you.  Mmm, wonder what my friends think when they visit. Glad you're having the same problem as me with the smilies.  Well, you know what I mean.

Kef, very funny about smiley face. Let me know where you are and if I can find my feather duster, I will let you borrow it. You can keep it as long as you like.

You're a kind lot. (Any smilies for blowing kisses).


Good morning all  it's a lovely morning here - overcast but warm and dry and full of birdsong.  When I'm dressed I'm going to put the sprinkler on the Shady Bank for 20 mins - it can get quite dry under those big trees, and when I got home from work yesterday the big hostas looked a little tired - I'll give them a drink and that'll perk them up.

TT ((hug)) hope the survivors are happier today - don't blame yourself, these things happen  - it was a combination of events - I'm sure if we'd had rain overnight they'd probably have been fine !


Morning Dove and all! Slightly grey here but lighter over to the east - swopped my shifts around so working again this afternoon, no time for the garden this morning as I need a shower and do my hair (euphimism for getting rid of the grey hee hee).  I shall water everything then off to the happy house again.  Never mind, it means I get Friday off now

Tina, so sorry to hear about your fish  It's normal to be upset, it means you are a good person, I hope you feel a bit better today.

Hope everyone has a good day today, take care.



Sprinkler on the Shady Bank now, and kitchen timer set for 2 mins - then I'll move it over a bit for another 20 mins.  That'll freshen it up.  


A quick good morning all. Hope all feel ok today.

Weather looking dubious, great, can't wait to shovel wet sand.



Right, I'm off to work - sprinkler on runner beans now - OH will turn it off in 20 minutes - I've set the kitchen timer, but can one of you give him a shout - he can be a bit absent-minded-professor-ish from time to time 

Have a good day folks 


Bye Dove!

I'll give Mr Dove a shout soon 

Not fun shovelling in the rain KEF. Got soaked on Sunday digging those b****y holes and had to change everything....I'm not mentioning undies...but yes, those too 

Tina- the fish will be fine- they go into shock for a while when there's a trauma. Here's a little smiley for you and them  Mine are telling me what  they are so maybe it's only happening to some. Who knows.

Morning everyone else. Wet here as forecast 


Morning all.

Sorry about your fish Tina.

Was fed up yesterday as a deer had come right onto the terrace by the kitchen and eaten the leaves of the 8 roses I'd dug up and planted in pots 2 or 3 years ago. They had been badly eaten by deer in the garden and I thought I'd rescued them. Have been here 23 years and have only had this problem the last 5 - 6 years. Main garden & veggie garden are now fenced.