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I'm afraid our pet troll is quite distinctive in his use of language and his behaviour - quite easily spotted once you get to know him  

But what you posted says very nice things about you. 

However, don't hold your breath for more blue skies - the wind's coming from the east and north east all week, and we have thick cloud at the moment, so it'll be coming your way 


Gardening Grandma

Blackest, I thought you were wise in what you said. Trolls, we have learnt, tend to impersonate those whom they hold to have insulted them. Politeness at all times is safest.


Hear hear GG. Just watching news and Isle of Man is looking like Arran also today so feel very lucky by comparison! Never thought I'd hear myself say this but I'm glad I'm not in Arran just now! Keep warm all -I'm off to freeze at work now  Our cheery banter will help though 

Morning everyone.
Get well soon dove. Can't have you being unwell.
It looks lovely out there sky and sunshine but it's cold...prob only 3 degrees. Still missing all the wintry stuff down here .
Shame about the troll again but it's only a problem to,those who dont know him so these alerts about him are helpful

Cheers Verdun   I've phoned in sick - unfortunately there's a cancellation fee that my team's budget will have to fund unless anyone can go in my place.

However, on the brighter side, I get to spend the day on the sofa under a fleecy throw with you lovely people 

And OH is at home today so he's on coffee-making duty 


Ok, you've got it well organised Dove.
Ive been bugs at all this winter.
Oops! What have I said?
My echinacea, my cod liver capsules and vit C tablets are my "psychosomatic" defences!!

Morning all. 

BB, I hadn't long gone to bed when you started posting at that unearthly hour.  Think I must have vampire blood as I seem to come to life around 12. 

Sorry to hear you are poorly Dove. Good excuse not to go to work though.  I spend every day on the sofa at the moment. Like not having to go to work, but am getting a bit fed up and definitely need some vitamen D. 

Trolls don't bother me as I just ignore them.  Not worth wasting time over. 

Best get motivated I suppose.

The potty gardener

Hi all. It seems a bit warmer here today. There was talk of haircuts on a thread last week. Having not had my hair trimmed for about a year and having given up dying it so it is all grey I decided it was time to do something. My BF who I've only known about 3 months has arranged for us to go away for a long weekend so I thought I'd give him a shock.Having highlights/ lowlights and a cut in about an hour. All I can think about is what great plants I could get for £80!!!! So fingers crossed everyone please


BB at the risk of sounding like a numpty, where's 'across the pond'.

Good for you Bev.  Can't wait to get mine done again. Due to be done in about 3 weeks. I will not grow old gracefully.

Have made no progress.  Still on sofa. 


Woo2 & interview (well more of a formality really) was fine thanks. Don't know why I got my self all flustered about it because I have volunteered for the charity before and know the lady very well so it was more of an "oh we were so pleased to hear you wanted to come back and when you start" type of interview 

My hellebore has just arrived. Time only to unpack it. Lovely dusky single. Plant tomorrow but duty calls

Afties all

Why do we live where the main shopping street is a very steep hill. Just walked up and down it about 4 times - still good for the lbs off, another one went this week.

Bought some pots for cues and then found a delivery of bare rooted altsroemeria (can't spell that)

 They obviously can't go out side, will they keep in cold GH without potting up till its warmer HUH What have i jusr said

Today is house work day in my house. The husband is at work and the daughter at college. Had elevenses at 9.30 then lunch at 12.15. Plenty of time for afternoon tea before i cook the dinner tonight.

Does anyone know of anywhere to stay in London SE26 area? the daughter has work experience over Easter and needs somewhere to stay thats not expensive


Maud, SE26 covers quite a few places.  Could the work experience bods suggest somewhere suitable. Just a thought. I live not too far away, but can't help and I have a full house.

Thanks Tina. She willl be at Antoinettes costume hire. which is in Kirkdale. I am complete novice when it comes to London ,im much happier down on the south coast



That's in Sydenham Maud.  Kirkdale is the name of the road.  Still can't help re accommodation though!  South Coast is definitely preferable.

Hoping the chap that owns the place will have some idea where she can stay.


Definitely think that's your best bet Maud.

Am getting a bit concerned.  Think the worst has happened to another old lady living across the road.  Have just realised that I am now the oldest in my bit of the road.  The Grim Reaper is getting closer! Was only laughing about it the other day. Doesn't seem so funny now.


You think you're bad Tina. I actually looked across at the retirement flats near my lawyer a few weeks back and seriously thought they looked quite attractive ...I'm only 27 GG....  Maud you made me laugh about your mealtimes. I went to get bread and milk after work and bought a nice wheaten loaf and it's going to be calling me all afternoon. It's trying to snow again here, dark leaden looking clouds. Got some more little trays at the supermkt so I can get some lettuce on the go.


I've been saying for years that I am going to sell up one day and buy a retirement flat with just a balcony and I'm only 28! Don't think that I would like to live in such close proixity to other 28 year olds.  They are sure to be those early risers who have to be at the Post Office or shops by 9 and would disturb my sleep. 

When they are all getting on the bus, I am still in bed.  Loads of hours in the day to do things when you don't work. 

Think this should be on GG's MOB thread, but someone might be horrible to me if I post this on there.