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Mr Dove- turn off the sprinkler NOW!!! 

Off to work now. Bye all.


Morning all dull but dry just now in for tea & toast then going up to MIL as she's getting bathroom refitted full job bath out walk in shower to make it easy for her. Wife not wanting to leave her herself with the workmen her son will be there till 11 then he's off to work. Got my planting area finished yesterday very happy with it as got a load of  plants where i wanted them. Next big job is doing the front path and back border but got up to 12th Aug to tackle them when weather lets me. FG nothing worse then when the watter is running down the shugh of yer erse and still no finished what you wanted to do have a good day all.


About the sting Tina (hope it's feeling better now). Always keep some antihistamine so that you can put it on immediately if you're stung. That should make a big difference, but if it's still sore the next day rub on some hydrocortisone cream. Ask the chemist.


Does anyone know what happened to Blackest? Or have I not seen a post he's sent?

Morning everyone.  Grey, wet , overcast here.  Actually don't mind it will freshen everything up. It's still very warm though

Hot from Thursday .........

Hope you're feeling better Tina....a product called Anthisan is effective

Hope you get shovelling done without too much hassle KEF





Morning everyone.

I feel such a fraud but am really touched by everyone's comments re the fish.  Thank you.

I'm afraid BL, I'm a bit lax in what is in my 'medicine' box and only had TCP handy. Did raid son's huge collection and found some ointment that eased it a bit.  Actually, would a bee have bitten twice?  It was a small stripey critter, but not a wasp. Did feel like someone had stuck a needle in me though.  When I was a child, I was a target for wasps.  Thank you all again.

I was only thinking about Blackest myself this morning BL. He disappear a couple of weeks or so ago and I did pm him but he was OK.  Can't even check to see if he's posted anywhere on the forum at the moment because of the profile problem. Haven't checked this morning to see if it's working yet.

Not sure what I'm going to do today. Sure something will require my attention, other than housework.



Morning everyone,

Tina..........,sorry about your fish,we had a heron attack a couple of years ago and thought we had lost them all,however after about a week,we found we had 7 survivors,Its still upsetting though to loose any,Pond now heavily netted as herons are often seen flying overhead

.Can endorse Verdun,s recommendation of Anthisan,always keep a tube handy,OH has bad reaction to midge bites and this does the job in reducing swelling etc.

Rainning here,have popped round next door in between showers to see to greenhouse watering,has very large melon plant in very small pot,flopping everywhere,have tied up best as I can,good job they are back Sunday.

May have to do HW until the rain stops,but have large slice of lemon curd cake from Mum as sustanance.


Hi all, again.

I'm happy. Got togged up ready to shovel sand and hubby wanted to know what I was doing. Apparantly half a ton isn't much and I'm not required to help, might supervise It's just come and only half a big sack thing.

Think I was remembering when sand came for building the extension,garage & walls, hubby forgot to ask for it bagged, and by the time I got outside they had tipped ( I've just been told 10 ton) in the gateway and drive. Couldn't get off the property, couldn't even climb over the pile. I covered front lawn with plastic sheeting and started shovelling. When hubby got home you could hardly see any impression in the pile. Even though heaps on lawn. Luckily a neighbours came to help.

Tina are you sure it wasn't a hornet? Rightly or wrongly I thought bees lost their sting after one sting. Didn't think they attacked like wasps. I'm sure posters will tell me

Bye again.

Pottie Pam

I totally agree about the  Anthisan. I've never been stung by a bee or wasp but if I get bitten by a horse fly I put Anithisan  on as soon as possible otherwise I get really sore itchy lumps.

Nettle stings don't bother my now but the cream is good if the grandchildren get stung.


Thanks Gilly.  My window cleaners came today and the older one was so sympathetic and understood totally how I felt but the young one just said 'They're only fish'. Good job he wasn't at the top of the ladder at the time.

Will get the cream today as the first bite is still blooming painful.  Don't think it was a hornet, unless a baby one but, I agree, I think I was wrong about it being a baby bee.  Whatever it was, it hurt!

First summer we were here, my Dad told me to get some manure for the garden.  I had not got a clue what a yard was.  It didn't come in bags in those days so was dumped outside on the road as we have a shared driveway.  At that time there was not the same volume if traffic there is these days so didn't cause any problems. Couldn't believe my eyes when I returned from work. We spent all evening up and down with the wheelbarrow getting it into the back garden. Never done it again. Did the roses a power of good!

What have you been up to PP? Not seen you around for some while but you always pop up first on the map.

Being very lazy and doing nothing.




Tina. Anthisan is supposed to be the best....contains antihistamine to control inflammation, etc.

Just imaging......the window cleaner at top of the ladder and you glaring daggers!

Feel lazy today Tina.....but got to go to,foodbank soon.  And it's raining. Hey, plants love it though



It's the histamine in your body that rushes to the defense but it makes it red and painful so you need to apply the antihistamine as soon as you are stung for best results. Hydrocortisone reduces inflammation, but some chemists won't give it without a prescription, it works when you've left it a bit late and the antihistamine doesn't do the trick - which it may do all the same.


Thanks for all the advice. At least I will be prepared if there's another time.

Gardening Grandma

Tina, your story has reminded me of when we had a house re-rendered and all the old render had been knocked off the wals and lay in heaps all around the house - enough to fill a skip. OH was out and I was sick of the sight of it, so I got a dustpan and brush and in the course of the morning moved the lot into the skip. He was deeply impressed and I was very complacent.




Hi all. Calamine's always good just for soothing Tina but sounds like plenty of people have the answer with Anthisan- never used it - but I haven't been stung since I was a small child and I'm probably just lucky as I've  never had reactions. Could it have been a wasp? Bees sting if they get trapped but it sounds more like a wasp/hornet. Damn sore anyway.

BL- I mentioned blackest recently as he hadn't been on the forum for a while. He was quiet for a while before that and then came back on but has disappeared again. I was a little worried the first time as he talked about chest pains at one point when he was doing a lot of building and construction stuff. Perhaps he's just busy - or gone fishing! 

I just read Andy's post from this morning. I may have to translate his comment re my wet clothing, but then again- for the sake of everyone here - maybe not!!! 

Still chucking it down here. Grass is looking quite good though!



I remember the chest pains and the building. I thought it was rather worrying.

...and where is Brumbull?


Pentillie, I wondered that, not posted in all time I've been on forum and he/she started this thread.

Gardening Grandma

According to Verdun (unless he was joking) Brumbull may be at his place in Spain.

No, I think he may be there for summer