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I've not seen a post by him in all time I've been on forum, so must be a lovely long holiday

Gardening Grandma

Hhow lovely! I dream of a winter place in Tenerife, preferably in Los Gigantes. Summers are lovely in good old GB, despite the vagaries of the weather, because of the wonderful gardens. 


Morning all! Looks like I'm first  woken up by my bladder at 05:27  Still never mind, having a cup of tea and then have a quick look at the garden.  Day off today, got to do a tiny bit of shopping this morning then out for the rest of the day, weather permitting.  It's rained a bit here in Worcestershire but the met office says dry for the rest of the day so here's hoping I get some work done around the back. Going to chop down an enormous clematis montana and honeysuckle that have been taking over, apparently you can chop them right down to the ground so fingers crossed I don't kill it.  What's everyone else up to today? 


Morning Daisy and every/anyone else   We've had a bit of rain too (probably because I put the sprinkler on the garden yesterday .  Today I'lll be at work (planning menu for family BBQ at the weekend - shh, don't tell the boss - I'll still be doing her stuff as well )


Spam reported!

I sent Brumbull a PM aking him if everything OK, no reply! Strange, as I'm sure he would have mentioned it if he was going to Spain, hope he's OK.

This is my day:

Have a good day everyone.



Snap!  Sue, must both have done it at the same time   

We've had rain overnight, but it's brightening up now and the day looks promising (but I'll be in the office )

Office day for me too. The only thing my garden will get today is a longing look as I leave for work.......


Morning all. Hope work is ok for those going, We've had rain overnight but not much. Hopefully the weeds that were hoed yesterday would have wilted before the rain.

Off to shops this morning & M's this afternoon so it'll be teatime before I get in our garden. Still waiting for first tomato to ripen.

Gave a good day all.


Morning all. Dry here and to stay that way I think. Will get on outside after work before more rain tomorrow. Wish they'd time this rain so that it's on women's  day at Wimbers...

Fidget's reported another one I think 

Dove- it's ok - we won't tell anyone you're skiving... 

Glad Mr Dove heard me shouting yesterday....looks like you didn't need the sprinkler though- we certainly didn't need one yesterday!


Just been chasing a family of magpies away from my baby bluetits!  I know they've got to eat too, but these are my baby bluetits 

Right, off to work - see you later folks!  Have a good day!


Spam spam spam spam   uuuuggerly spam

I put lots of slug pubs out last night, with some christmas ale that OH didn't drink.

I am on a war now. I read that lungworm in dogs is on the increase because it is spread by slugs and snails. Worse in dogs and foxes  that eat such things, but also spread by slugs going through outdoor food bowls, and sliming over dog toys left out in the garden. Normal worming tablets don't work  and you have to get (expensive) ones from the vet.


Did you get all your sand shifted yesterday KEF? Tough work. I shifted 3 of those bags full of gravel with my ex partner with gravel at last house. It was a long way from where they could put it to where we needed it  which didn't help! Easier when there's two of you though. You'll have nice 'Popeye' arms like me now! Got some toms ripening too 

Bye Dove!


 My car is booked in for bumper repairs next week.

My neck seems to be OK at moment. The old injury was aggravated for a bit  but seems to be subsiding now. Thats a relief. I know everyone thinks this compensation stuff is money for old rope, but I'd sooner have a healthy body, than go through all the prodding and poking, insinuations and arguments, not to mention the pain and limitation on my life.


Fidget you're in the right here so don't forget that. Glad you're ok. Disgraceful the way some people think they can bully others into backing off. That guy shouldn't have been driving if he had no insurance. If they're so worried about the consequences for themselves they should have thought of that before they drove a car without insurance. Did you inform the police about it?


He claims to have thought he was ok driving on the policy for another car. Comprehensive policies used to do this (you could drive any other car with the owners permission). However the sneaky insurance companies deleted it from a lot of policies a couple of years ago, and limited it to named drivers only.

If that is the case, now he knows, he should have got himself insured pretty quick.I'm going to ring him today, and if he has done that and can prove it to me then I will let it go. If the insurance company reports him, that is not up to me. If it was a genuine error, he will have rectified it. If not, I will ring police, tell them the car reg and where he works and they can catch him in the act.

I think the belligerent girlfriend shook me more than the accident. However I have a group of nosy neighbours who witnessed all that.   I don't know whether she realises offering me money to conspire with them to cover up breaking the law is just compounding the matter.


Hiya fidget..all this is what you do not want, is it?   Do whatever you are comfortable with.  Sounds like not too much damage then?

My niece was hit by driver who drove off.  4 weeks later I caught him....had his number......and coNfromted him to his shock.  Not great damage done but got £400 cash from him that day.  For me it was's my way..but others prefer to let things go

Damp but already brightening up....currently radio says 24 degrees over weekend.

Busy today but garden now takes care of itself so prob cut lawns later

Oh...good morning everybody

Morning all popped in for tea & toast been in greenhouses since 6.30 doing a few planters for the front path now going to feed tomato plants when go back out it's dry here now. Yesterday it rained the whole day was a good day to watch MIL house as the workmen in doing new bathroom brother in law off the rest of the week so he will be there till it's finished. Looking forward to Sat as it's the gardening club all day outing visiting 3 gardens in Ayrshire bus leaves at 9am back at 5.30/6.00 pm and weather looks to be good me and wife will enjoy the day.


I'm not letting it go. I have rung him up. He says as soon as he realised he was without insurance he phoned up and got any car added to his policy ( he sold his last car last weekend) IF he can prove that to me with the documentation, which should arrive today, then it is a genuine error ( even though it could have been disastrous).

 If he cannot prove he got insurance sorted yesterday, then I will ring the police, because he is knowingly driving without insurance.


Right, already orderd birdfood to be delivered, now for the great slug count.


Morning everyone.  I know Dove has gone, but I got up at the same time as her but went back to bed!  What an earthly hour to rise, especially on such a miserable day. Never mind Dove, counting the days.

Hair-do for me today. Coverup and usual cut.  As it's been raining during the night, I might get my ground cover plants in.  Might even persuade son to pop me to B&Q as it's OAP day. Never normally make it. He's gone for a job interview but should be back soon. 

FB, not going to harp on about what you should or shouldn't do, but that bit about thinking he was covered is a load of bs. Not been so for many years.  You have to have your own insurance.  I still think you would be wise to see a doc for your possible injury to be on record.  I used to advise everyone to keep a note of every penny spent due to the accident for inclusion in their claim. Will now shut up.

Now you know I can be a bit thick, but if Brumbull is swanning it round the pool, would he be able to post? 

As Verdun would say, I'll get my coat.