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Woody...don't delay.  Wild swan really is a dream.  And you took the words.....strawberries ....out of my mouth.   Simply strawberries and Cornish cream plus Cornish ice cream

Gilly I got those strawberries and free cream too from tresco yesterday.....cream not Cornish though........


Happy birthday to birthday girl Fairygirl.  


Ooh no, Not strawbs. I just picked a bowl of  dark red raspberries. Had to sample a few to make sure they are up to standard 

Boy moving stone is good. Hes moved two ton, and I've picked and shelled broad beans, dug up the first potatoes, picked a bag of kale. Topped and tailed gooseberries for crumble.  Now razzers v Goosegog crumble?  ice cream or custard.  Decisions, decisions.

Gardening Grandma

Happy birthday to your daughter, FG. Took caravan for repair this morning and sun only now coming out, so no gardening today. A day of visiting elderly relatives and having a few chuckles with them.

We took a picnic with us this morning but it was so wet that we came home and ate it at the kitchen table! The weather forecast is coming true so far- now quite sunny, thogh still pretty breezy. At least the washing is dry.


Fairygirl the tree is Salix integra (Hakuro Nishiki) bought it from one of the small local nursery which was bigger than the same tree Homebase and GC offered.


Good morning folks!  Didn't really get on here last night - late visit then supervising OH assembling BBQ then fell asleep 

I've just read the posts yesterday about depression  ((hugs to you all)) so great that you're sharing it with us - I feel privileged, and I hope that doesn't sound patronising - it really isn't meant to be - I'm so so lucky that it's not got me (yet), but my dear daughter had a very tough time with ME and associated depression through her teens and twenties - she says that if it wasn't for meeting her lovely hub and moving into a flat with a garden she'd still be down there - she says it's that cycle of life that keeps you looking forward rather than back, there's always seeds to be sown and things to plant and you're wondering how they're going to look in a few days/weeks/months and even next year - it's that rhythm and hope and wonder that our brains/emotiions need.


The potty gardener

Morning Dove and all.

The weather this morning is lovely, lets hope it stays for a while as has been forecast.

Hope I get more time to be in the garden this weekend, and then on here.

Have a great day all


Good morning Bev   Yes, hurrah!  it's nearly the weekend   Better ring my Aged Ps today and remind them I'm not visiting them tomorrow as we have a busy weekend 


Morning Bev and Dove.  Hope you both have a good day. I'm off today and tomorrow, going out for thai tonight and tomorrow afternoon is niece's 2nd birthday party, so I won't get as much time as I want in the garden, but hey ho..... still got some potting up to do and then lots of chopping stuff down in the back jungle.  Assistant Gardener/Accountant is back but he hasn't noticed extra plants yet...phew!  And my strawberries are ripening so will take pictures in a min and post on the garden gallery.  Peonies well and truly over now so time to deadhead as they're dropping petals everywhere.....  I'll be back on later, look forward to catching up with what everyone's been doing

Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

............Dove, what's wrong with plain ol' strawberries, with cream on the side for those who want it. They tell me the taste of strawberries is very nice but most people seem to mask it with other stuff. 

Nothing wrong with them - nothing better, but I won't have enough Mara de Bois strawberries for 8 people without padding them out a little, and I'd rather we eat home-grown than bought 

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Not a bad day today, but not yet the promised heat wave. Hope to finally finish the planting and get the garden TIDY. I'm such a messy individual, yet I drive myself mad with my lack of neatness. I do try, honest!! Keep telling myself that I will get rid of all the junk - but I find it so difficult. We did take a load of stuff to the local Mercy Ship charity shop recently but it sems to have hardly dented the amount of junk stored in the cupboards. It has to be ridiculous when the cupboards are so full of stuff stored 'just in case' that I don't have room for the stuff we actually use!  Trouble us, our very suitable 'retirement bungalow' contains too much of what we had when we lived in a much bigger house. And now we need room for a grandkids to sleep when they come to stay! 

Have a great day, everyone. Looks as though we'll be able to have a gardening weekend.



Good morning all, some very sad & some lovely supportive posts on Evening thread, as has been said, we've got our gardens and our Potting family so all will be okay.

Yipee going to be a scorcher

It's a slow start this morning, after a late night with a curry I need time to come round. At least I saw our solar lights lit up for once.

I think they put drugs in my curry, have been dreaming really daft, riding on a kids scooter that turned into a pressure washer, whilst holding a plastic bag with a purple Iris and a cushion in it. Spying through a garden fence at a pool, and the man from the local green grocers gave me a brown bikini top. I'll get my coat....

Fairy lovely little hog picture.

Have a great day all. Off to count the strawberries.


KEF are you sure it was just the curry...or something you had with it? 

Slept very late this morning- fell asleep on sofa as well  

Can't tell you how thrilled I was to see the hedgehog. Dove has given me lots of info already so thanks for that Dove. in all the gardens I've had  there have probably been hedgehogs as the habitat was right in all of them, but I've never seen one. It was only about 7.30/8pm so I assume he was hungry. Put some mealworms out as I remembered Dove saying she did that, and there's always a little dish of water as well as the 'bird bath' on the ground. Will make sure I try and make a nice little habitat for him as well. Fell asleep by the time it was dark so I didn't get out to look and see if he was snuffling about. 

Daisy at least you'll get cake tomorrow!!! Just watch these 2yr olds- they can be ruthless when it comes to cake   

We were too full when we came back from birthday tea so having cake today before girls go to their Dad's. A whole weekend to myself....

My big decision for today- watching Andy and Novak or fence painting etc.....why can't it be raining here when the men are playing?...

That wand's useless.....


Morning all. Lovely day here. Feeling frustrated about pulled back muscle, although Doc has given me some good medication it's not up to gardening yet. Bother. (said Poo).

Made 4 jars of redcurrant jelly yesterday and froze mangetout peas.

Friend is coming round tonight for a natter. OH is away at his university old boys weekend.


Fairy wave the wand and pop over to see BusyL both on your own.

Strawberries in tact  That's just reminded me where is Verdun this morning?



BL- bother indeed. Annoying when you can't get stuff done and it's not down to the weather! Can't do it if you're injured though- I've done work when I really shouldn't and it's never worth it. At least you can sit and admire your plot! 

Andy- just read your post on the other thread. You're living proof of what  gardening and gardeners can achieve in the face of adversity 

Picked my first couple of toms this morning so I'll have them with my lunch. Looking forward to that.

FG your toms are well ahead of mine you enjoy what kind are they i have moneymaker and gardner's delight 65 plants so should have plenty to give away or sell cant wait to see what happens first time growing them. Been eating strawberries for a couple of weeks now and had first potatoe's on weds night with butter spring onion corn beef and cabbage they where lovely.


Morning. Going to be hot, hot, hot, here today.  Afraid that means I will be in the coolest part of the house.  Am not complaining, honest, just that I can't take the heat anymore but I hope all those that have this good weather thoroughly enjoy it.

Had back trouble for years BL, so I totally sympathise. Fortunately and I'm touching wood, have been pain free for some while, apart from an awful bout of sciatica a couple of years ago. Hope it clears up soon.

Trust everyone else is physically ticketyboo.  Gardening will sort the rest out.


Andy I had them in the kitchen for ages because I didn't have a growhouse or anything and it was too cold anyway. They were already well on by the time I got them outside. The ones that are fruiting are Red Alert and I bought some Moneymaker not long ago for 20p for three sad little plants at B&Q. They're coming on quite well too. I don't have many plants as it's only me and the girls- just enough for us.One of the Red Alert does look like a little beefsteak but it's just grown strangely! They're like a large plum type. I put a pic on Marion's 'Summer' thread. Haven't done any strawbs here yet as everything's in pots but I may yet get some from the nursery as they still had some. Any excuse to go eh? Been avoiding eating potatoes but I do love those little salad ones just with butter and chives...and I have the chives 

I done my strawberries one lot in a large planter and the other's in a hanging basket in the greenhouse the hanging basket ones are bigger and ready quicker but both taste sweet and juicy i like them with ice cream.