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Morning all. Lovely  here. Andy- have a  great day out, and don't be buying too many plants!

KEF lounger sounds good but I don't have one as I'm not much good at lying in the sun  - will need to do something today anyway after spending yesterday watching tennis 

Glad you're back's better BL. Don't go diving in to the weeding just yet though.

punkdoc - was the canna easy to grow from seed? Lost mine after that winter as I wasn't able to protect them well enough. 


Morning Busy & Fairy. Glad back improving B.

Fairy think  I'll be laying in the shade, already 22C.  Think "doing something" should be watering with the hose, my fav' job.



Hello folks - just typed a long post and then hit the wrong key - there's a lot of typing floating around somewhere in the ether 

BBQ weekend, so shopping list written and heading off for supplies - but before I go I must tell you that I've at last bought my Brown Turkey fig for the terrace - about 1m tall by 1m wide, supposed to be a standard but this one is definitely 2-dimensional rather than 3 so will train up against the fence nicely.  It's on a semi-dwarfing rootstock so shouldn't get too rampant - £15 from Homebase - and it already has a big fig on it - I think that's a bargain, I was expecting to pay getting on for double that!

 I've got a big square terracotta pot waiting for it and it is sitting in there until I have time to plant it on Monday.

Morning everyone

Feels very very warm.  Will be another scorcher.

Flowers about to,open on heleniums and dahlias and everything is about to explode with flowers.  As I said before, this is a rapidly-developing time of year.....just noticed cal Overdam is flowering like mad.  

going past my favourite nurseries today but will resist temptation,to stop.  It's beach weather....I'm a 10 min walk from the sea.

Keep COOL folks



Have a great barbie Dove, make sure no one nicks your fig, as you say a bargain.

Verdun say hello to the sea from me, have a lovely walk. Bet you pop into nursery



Fairygirl. Yes the canna was easy. Sandpapered a bit of the seed soaked for 24 hours then sowed with a fair bit of heat. Germinated in 2-3 weeks and grew rapidly.


Morning all, first day of 2 weeks hols!

Plan is to sort out the front garden and drive.  The garden half was last given a makeover about 12 years ago using the remains of the trunk of a 70ft ash tree which fell on my 2 greenhouses (so I partially got my own back!) but the wood used to make 2 circular raised beds has now been internally consumed by grubs of lesser stag beetles so needs replacing.  The drive has needed doing since I moved in about 30 years ago, but other things have always prevented me from doing it (plus the thought of lifting about 30 square metres of crazy paving has always resulted in my finding 'more important' things to do instead!)  Might start a new thread with photos of progress.

One of these years I might actually go away for a holiday but to be perfectly honest I usually find trips away rather disappointing and can't wait to get back home!


Just in for a cuppa....been removing a post that's in one of those metal spike wonder I couldn't get it out- the spike was all bent. Nearly killed me! If anyone's thinking of using them, my advice is...don't!

punkdoc - I might try that! I love cannas, and disappointed they didn't survive as I'd trailed them around from house to house and they were fine. They were probably sick of the sight of another car journey! 

Mind and take your knotted hankie Verd.. 

Bob - do put pix of your progress on. It's great to see the transformation of gardens. In fact, I've just taken some more pix of my b****y  fence as it's getting near completion, and I'm moving all sorts of stuff around...why don't we start a 'project' thread and we can use that for any of us who are doing makeovers? Our own little 'Ground Force'!

Dove- I find that infuriating when you're about to press submit and it just goes! The fig sounds a great buy 

Bees are buzzing like mad out there so it's lovely.Quite peaceful too....


Morning, just. No doubt everyone is busy, busy. Boiling here so I am sitting with blinds drawn, but I'm not complaining.

I think that's a great idea FG.  Do like to see before and after pics. Should have done that with my end-of-the-garden project I started last year and which is almost finished. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that. Yes, tears. I did get to a point one day when I wished I had never started.

You're nearly there FG with your fence.  Had that problem with a spike earier in the year when we had to renew 2 posts at the back of the garden.  One was OK as it had just been shoved in the earth, the other was in a spike which my son couldn't get out, so being it was the last 2 panels, we just shifted it so the fence is on a bit of an angle.  No-one can see and next door has a large gazebo there which hides the wonkey fence. Wasn't an option for you.

Pleased to hear your back is a bit better BL. Just don't test it too much.

I'm sure everyone is going to have a glorious day.


Morning TT - everyone in the world is food shopping!  Except me, I've been and done it.  Now I've got to put it away and joint and jerk the chicken ready for tomorrow..... and another load of washing to hang out .............


I just cannot understand why people don't shop on line. I can think of nothing worse than trawling round a supermarket, loading up the trolley, trolley to conveyor belt, packing into bags, back into the trolley, trolley to car, car to kitchen. I'm just waiting for the day Tesco's start getting their delivery men to put it all away for me.  Such an inconvenience having to do it myself.

Have been outside, but am now back. Will try 15 mins later on today for my vitamen D which must be low in view of the poor weather we have had.  I hope all those that love the sun, as I used to, are having a great time. I am not complaining.

Punkdoc....We beat the Aussies.   We thrashed them.  Lived in Aussie as a kid but I'm so pleased to beat them

Re cannas. I grow a few.  I,think the "secret" is poster them in large pots ASAP.  Luckily I can keep them in the ground where they get HUGE.  I split some in October and pot up and overwinter for pot,display.  Then they are some about to flower.....and imposing for the whole summer.  With tall grasses, bonariensis and other tall spikes cannas are eye catchers

Shooting off to beach for while....


........bob good luck.  Sounds exciting.  Yes!  Photos will be good

Off now


Tina, I don't do the weekly food, grocery, loo roll shop on line. Anyway it wasn't available until about 3 weeks ago and you still have to go and fetch it, no delivery. But I enjoy the visit to the supermarket. So much to look at and I like choosing exactly what I want, what I can see. I always take a list so there are no surprises at check-out time. French supermarkets sell everything, clothes, gardening stuff, DIY etc. Sometimes I meet a friend there. In summer when it's in the 30°s the supermarket is air conditioned, you can get comfortable! 

Gardening Grandma

Had a look at your garden, Verd. I am very annoyed with you - thought mine was nice until I saw yours!  

OH, who hates gardening (he claims) is having a lovely time making one of the front lawns oval instead of square and widening the borders, and chatting to passing neighbours. for considerable chinks of time. Think he is abandoning his threat to mow all the borders. I'm making a big push to plant my seedlings and finally get a tidy patio. Bought another 12 nice hellebore seedlings from Hayloft and have been growing them on. I'd like to put them the ground too. I'm realising that, in summer, much of the garden is too sunny for them so I'm getting a bit desperate looking for spaces for them all.

Andy and all others having outings today, have a great time! Me, I'm saving for a new bathroom, so outings are limited to weeks away in the  middle of a field in the caravan. (Lovely, actually.)



Oh, yes, forgot the airconditioning BL. Freezing in the winter but the best place on a hot day! True, you do usually meet up with friends too.  But I just hate shopping.  Don't mind pottering and picking up bits and bobs at my small supermarket that doesn't yet do online shopping, but for all the general run-of-the-mill stuff, I'll stick to online.  However, if there's no delivery, not much point is there.  Might as well go and choose your own.  Have to say that it's rare I need to send anything back.  Usually it's because the picker is not experienced enough to get the right substitute.  Never buy meat online.  Like to pick my own. It's been so long since I have been to our big Tesco shop that I haven't a clue what they now stock.  Never know what would end up in my trolley if they stock all that yours do! Bad enough when I go to Morrisons during the plant season.

Gardening Grandma

P.S. Feel quite envious of you, BL, shopping in a French supermarket. Not so much the meat (expensive and bony) but things like cheese, coffee, sausages, salads and flans. Even if you buy things labelled 'French style sausages' or whatever, they don't seem to taste the same in the UK. Or am I just being nostalgic about past holidays?


I really like UK sausages, but, if you look at the ingredients, the French ones, like the burgers, are pure meat, no breadcrumbs or anything. I prefer the way the meat is cut in the UK eg no lamb fillet here, no legs of pork - they are so big they slice them, and no crackling.

Back was feeling so much better I thought  I'd do some weeding. Ground was bone dry although it rained a lot on Wednesday and it's 29°. Think I've changed my mind! Inside is cool as it's a very old stone house.


Verdun. YES. I should never have doubted Gatland. Well it was too hot for gardening anyway.

GardenImg grandma, you won't regret more helleores. Let your OH enjoy his new lawn shaping.  It's what I like to do occasionally.  Considering a new border for the autumn already.  Wouldn't mind a truly HOT border with no guile, subtlety or modesty.  Just in your face reds, oranges, yellows including cannas, dahlias, echinaceas, etc. etc.  it would have to be a stand alone border and I need to prepare excuses for it. A fun border