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Just finished soakingeverything. Left a soaker hose running under taters since the sand is now dry as dust. Saw first dragonflies this year on the sweet peas. Found a leaf cutter bee making a nest in a pot. Yesterday ws a good day. I went to Birmingham to see a friends daughter in the finals of the all England schools athletics.

She didn't get placed but she did a personal best two days running.

As she only trains one night a week for fun, I think thats pretty good going. She is now 8th in the country for the under 20's and all the 7 above her are older than her.

I keep telling her if she trains properly she could be in the Rio olympics, but she wants to be a dentist.

We then had a BBQ last night and drank a lot of Pimms, followed by  raspberry and blackcurrant pavlova with extra strawberries. First time in two years we have been able to sit out till 9pm.

 I anyone is looking for good meaty sausages, I can recomend the M & S Posh dogs or the 93% pork ones. Hardly any fat came out at all.

Plan for rest of today.   Read paper, drink plenty of liquid, watch tennis.

Daughter got home last night , has been away for a week so i guess its washing for me and the never ending task of watering. Went to allotment yesterday and as a load of manure had been delivered spent some time wheelbarrowing loads on to my plot.Picked more strawberries, taste so much better than shop bought. Maybe i will sit in the garden this afternoon and do some knitting. A friend of mine has just had her 13th grandchild born.


Hi Maud- hope all is well with your Dad  Did your daughter enjoy her week up here?

Fidget I have lots to do outside but I want to watch the tennis and I'll feel guilty since it's now very sunny and I spent most of Friday watching it too when it was a nice day...what's a girl to do! That pavlova sounds gorgeous. Rasps are my favourite fruit- well maybe joint first with cherries. Dentist is probably a better career move- although I don't think i fancy poking around in people's mouths  An old neighbour of mine has a son who's hoping to compete in the Commonwealth games next year- athletics too. Nice for him if he makes it. Sport is very much his thing. My nephew did Sports Science at Uni and now lectures. It seems a good field to get in to.

Gardening Grandma

Didn't go to open garden. In fact, sitting inside with tennis on. Me! Must be the heat! Well, in fact, it is the heat - OH is outside trying to get his wonky circular lawn ... er ... more circular, but it is too hot for me. Since the triffid rose blew down from the pergola, there isn't much shade in the garden and its too hot to tie it back up. I'm thinking of wetting the dogs to cool them off. Thinking being the operative word - would have to force myself to move.

Lunch was the remains of yesterday's cottage pie (not from the garden, thank goodness), garden veg (not from my garden), followed by banana pancakes (not from - well, you get my drift...) No super-efficiency - or self-sufficiency - here, sadly, just muddling through. Story of my life!



The potty gardener

Afternoon all.Has been really hot here today- I was actually relieved there were clouds. Came in and son watching the tennis so watched the end with him. Well done Andy.

All I managed was deadheading. Also picked loads of sweet peas.Trouble is they are growing above a height that I can easily reach. Will have to go out watering later.

Hope everyone has a good evening

The potty gardener

Yes wonderfully hot, as long as I didn't want to get anything done! How they could run around playing tennis I don't know.


hi just in from weeding and thinning my hands are all aglow with nettle stings and the odd thistle. Think my preferance is for the thistle as they only hurt briefly. I still don't know whats in my big scatter and sow beds apart from grass thistles and nettles but there looks to be 100's of poppys almost ready to burst in to colour.

Its an awkward bed its about 5-6 feet wide and how do you go about weeding and thinning out without trampling all the plants?

I have considered blasing a trail down the middle so i can get in and weed and thin. Is there a better way?

well time for a coffee and let the burning subside any suggestions for weeding and thinning greatfully received


And if you're all'll hear the cheer in Dunblane!  

The boy done good 

Bless him - he's made Scotland proud x

I need to lie down now. 


I dont mind them if i manage to grab them low down as my fingers are fairly tough and they don't seem to sting its when they get your arms that annoys me.


Weeding would be quite relaxing if it wasn't for the d*^! NETTLES.

ahem sorry about that



Gardening Grandma

Blackest, it is deeply impressive to have gone out and worked in this heat! The only dolution I know is a steping stone here and there, which more-or-less disappears among the foliage.

bev, I haven't achieved anything in the garden today, though it will need watering later. Its just too hot.


Blackest, it's deeply impressive to weed stinging nettles and thistles without gloves on!I have a deep bed which I've put stepping stones in, the sort of thing you sink into the lawn. You can't see them when everything grows up.

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Another wonderful day today- a shame I have to be inside all day.

Have fun whatever you are doing



Good morning Bev and every/anyone else 

I'm afraid I've got the day off today   I'll enjoy the weather on your behalf 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good morning , quick water and off to see cricket match, Cornwall v. Wiltshire at Corsham, meeting best friends who are cricket nuts. Longstock Water Gardens are certainly worth a visit. Owned by the John Lewis partnership, they open for 2 Sundays each month for charity. Yesterday the local Rotary raised money for stroke charity. Gardens are a series of interconnected ponds, streams. Planting is on a damp/wet lovers theme as well as lilies etc in the water. Great tree specimens too.

Cake can also be enjoyed!!


Morning all. Cloud cover here just now so quite cool but pleasant after yesterday's heat. Woody that must have been a lovely garden yesterday -  especially pleasant when it was so hot. Cake's a bonus  Enjoy your cricket.

Work for me too Bev. Hope you have a good day although you'll be away by now.

Did your day go well Dove? Sorry I couldn't make it- I had a date with a man with a racquet.....

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Already hot here - hope it is not quite as immobilising as yesterday, but if it is, hey, what's a garden for except to be enjoyed from a garden chair?

May just be reading a book, then, but I hope to finish that planting and get the mess off the patio. I'll wait for a rainy day, to clear up the mess inside!  (Here in Wales, that'll give me plenty of scope!) Not the best of weather for planting, the sun's a bit merciless for youing plants and it means lots of watering. I've got an old sun umbrella to put over any that look as though they are really suffering.

Better shower and walk the dogs while it is still relatively cool.

Have a good day, everyone. Let us know how yesterday went, Dove.





Heaps of stuff left over FG - mainly lettuce and pittas  - all the prawns, chicken and shashlik disappeared before the tennis started and the grilled pineapple and banana and strawberry and raspberry pavlova was wolfed down as soon as the tennis was finished.  Thankfully Andy didn't spin it out too long