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Morning everyone.  HOT here.  Supposed to be the hottest part of the country today

Woody, sorry but Cornwall will won the cricket.  Sounds like good day...cake too!

Couldnt make out what a big purple ball was in the distance so had a was a dahlia with its first large flower.  

Its going to be hot  for whole week at least but I think we will get more than tthat.  No gardening today

enjoy the day folks


Morning everyone,

Really hot here this morning........very warm last night as well.

Been out and done the morning round of watering,next door neighbours have returned so have finished my neighbourly waering stint there.

Too hot to plan to do much today,parasols already up,breakfast eaten in the garden.

Hummingbird moth returned last night.

Enjoy the cricket Woodgreen,don,t forget yur hat

Did you have  celebration tennis  cake Fairygirl?

Have a good day everyone,enjoy the sunshine

Hot here already too. I work from home, so my lunch hour will be sent weeding the veg patch!

Gardening Grandma

Jonty, have a good day. Takes a good bit of self-control to stay in the house and work in this weather. I'm interested by your nickname, because I often call my dogs the 'doggles'. I'm sure you're not a dog, though!!

Good morning all lovely morning here sun out been in garden from 6.30 in for tea & toast then back out to cut hedges front & back job i hate doing. Then going to plant up a few big pots to get the last of my plants out the greenhouse ready to steam clean it ready for the winter and start all over again have a good day all.



Morning all. Late today, not slept well, mad dreams again..and very warm overnight. Dahlia's got buds on.   Sweet peas and runner beans now making good progress, got 6 strawberries for later, that's two for husband. I've only got 4 plants in a pot.

Watering to do and then off to M's. Have a good one folks.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Who said "winter"... go to the back of the class and stay behind later.


Morning all. Done some watering. Huge bramble to cut out of shrub bed, weeding and balckcurrants and raspberries to pick. Bumper year for raspberries.


Morning.  Well, I found out what it's like at 7 this morning.  Up and out to hospital for fasting blood test. Got there at 8.10. I was No. 27!! They must have been queuing at the door! Walked across the park to Morrisons on the way back, quick spin round there and back by 9.40. Just having a coffee and................a Belgium Bun. Not had one for over 7 months and may live to regret it but sometimes, you have to live dangerously.

Actually quite pleasant today as it's a bit cooler and there's a lovely breeze. Might pop to try to get some clothes as most of what I had last year are toooooo big.  Not often I can say that.

Enjoy your day all

Woody i just like to be organised and don't leave everything till the last minute i always plan ahead but wife is always running at the last minute.


Right, have been to GC and bought some JI No 3 so I can pot up my fig.  Got some polystyrene chunks to go in the bottom of the pot while the tree's a bit small.

I had a look around the Dying Plants section, but most of them were dead - got too scorched over the weekend.  Shame, there were two Ribes White Icicles that could've been saved had someone given them a drink a few days ago 

Gardening Grandma

Amazing how they miss that in a GC, Dove! Started in the garden, but got very irritable in the heat and came in out of mercy for OH. Will try again in a hour. Feel like dumping every that's left in a black bag and sending it to the dump!


Hi all. Roasting here now Just had some raspberries and yogurt for lunch. Glad it all went well Dove

Tina- glad all went well.  Belgian bun.. I managed to walk past all the cakes and not put any in the trolley  Won't last though.

Gilly- no cake , but treated myself to a glass of coke. I know how to party! Too emotional for anything else!!

Too hot for doing any heavy work outside but may do some fence painting.

Have got a lovely bright green heuchera - a freebie seedling last spring and is now a good size and about to flower, and it looks great with viola Molly Sanderson (black as liquorice)so may find a spot for them together somewhere. 


FG, I've eaten them both, yes, two in a pack.  I didn't even try to talk myself out of buying them this morning.  So far, so good. After I came back this morning, I did pop out again as it was quite pleasant weatherwise.  By the time I had finished clothes buying, the temperature had soared and the breeze had gone.  It was awful. Have now been on sofa for nearly 3 hours and had a little nap.

Phoned the GC about my gradually dying Canna Lilly and they were so nice.  Not a problem, bring it back as and when and they will either refund or I can have another.  Think I will just get something different.  Shouldn't have bought them in the first place as they are not the plant or a novice like me.

Just noticed about the coke FG.  It will rot your teeth.  My crown dropped out earlier and, no, I wasn't eating my BB.  Good job it's not in the front.  Dentist next week. If it's not one thing, it's another.


Hi all. FG, my experience with the lighter green heucheras is that they need plenty of shade in damp conditions and don't do well in full sun - might influence your planting position.  Still too hot to do the much work on the front garden makeover (it's a South facing sun trap) but a few clouds and a bit of breeze now, so time to finish the coffee and get stuck back in!



Stop going on about the sunshine you lot - overcast and a northerly breeze here in Norfolk 


Thanks Bob - they're both in pots just now and I sat them together and they looked really well together. I'll find a little place where they get some shade from other plants probably- a huge pot of dianthus is next to them just now giving them enough shelter from the sun.  I don't want them in too dark a spot either or the viola won't stand out. 

Dove - can you send us a little fret to cool us down 


Morning you lot   Where were you all yesterday?  Out in the garden ? 

The sun came out about 5pm here yesterday, just as I was going indoors to cook supper 

I presume you lot were all topping up your tans 

Morning all am here Dove what a lovely morning just watered the back garden birds are singing away and the bees that are about the 4 Kiwi plants i have must be a dozen anyway there never away from those plants even the wife noticed  that. To take daughter and 3 friends into Glasgow airport later there off to Spain for 10 days then on way back am going to the GC for a look thinking of getting a couple of Astrantia which i seen at the first garden we visited on Sat outing have a good day all.

The potty gardener

Morning Dove,

Morning all. Later this morning as I've got everything planned 'till the end of the week so gave myself a lie in this morning. Already a beautiful day here.

Have a wonderful day everyone