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GG, as if, Have been messing about on here for ages, keeping your seat warm.  Hope you had a good day,

No probs BB.  I'm just plain nosey.  Could have meant the Isle of Wight or Ireland even.

Been OK BB.  Wasted the hours away as that's all I'm capable of doing when it's cold, but things will eventually change won't they and then we will all be much happier bunnies. 


Hello all

I have itchy fingers. Cant wait to start planting in my greenhouse but it is so cold in North Cornwall. Three weeks ago i planted broad beans and sweetpea seeds  All very strong and healthy.I think i will wait until after Easter now.Hopefully it will be warmer.

Still lots of birds at the feeders so that tell me it is still to cold to plant out in the ground.

A bit worried about the garlic bulbs i plants in October (like Monty) still no signs of growth appearing out of the ground, Have i lost them to the cold and wet i wonder?

Any thoughts on the garlic please.





Gardening Grandma

Had a lovely day, thanks. Put on 2lb at fat club and now sitting eating chocolate!

Gardening Grandma

Met my ex-pupil for lunch (she lives in London) and discovered she had lost 5 stone. No, not stones, as in pebbles. Was consoled by the fact that she had chips for lunch. Mind you, I ate what she left! Shameless!


Yep Tina better days are on their way. What would be your ideal job then? Even in "sunny" Cornwall this winter weather is a bit depressing.
Spent afternoon volunteering at local food bank....people really are suffering at moment...
Gardening grandma, is that what fat club is about, eating chocs? Paradoxically, I pigged out on choc Easter eggs at food bank. Someone dropped them in for the "workers" and I had to eat my would look rude not to!
Gardening Grandma

Verdun, Fat Club is about weighing, confessing all the misdemeanours of the previous week, making fun of yourself and then gassing about everything and everything while eating supposedly 'diet' cakes because you skipped breakfast in order to weigh less.  Glad I wasn't the only one eating chocolate. Glad you help out at the Food Bank, too.

I have my own private Food Bank, of course.

Jad1, you've been completely ignored in the midst of all this nonsense. Welcome! You'd find more sensible people if you posted your question in a thread of its own, though there are some good gardeners using this thread. We are all itching to get out in the garden, which is why we are a bit hysterical!



Verdun what I want to do is finish the corner bed I started last year where I spend 2 weeks, clearing and shaping it, moving loads of big rocks from another area to make an attractive border and then it started to rain. I haven't managed to get down there since.  Clay earth which was/is just unworkable.  I can see it from my french windows and it bugs me. 

GG what you need is a painful hernia. That will curtail your eating and you will lose weight. Sorry, that wasn't funny but I'm not going to erase it.

Jad1. Another Cornish member, welcome.
Good luck with your seed sowing...share your itchy fingers!
Never grown garlic so cannot advise but sure someone will
Gardening Grandma

That was said with feeling, Tina. Have you had this experience?

Tina, it sounds like a promising project. What plants would you like there? Wait a while longer and your heavy soil will be easier to work. How bg is it? You can still plan it, still imagine it and still get ideas. I have a feeling you will achieve something quite impressive there. Clay soil can be the best if you choose plants suitable for it. When you look out from your French windows imagine what it can and will be. And, longer evenings from this weekend

Unfortunately, yes GG.  It has made me very careful about what I eat if I don't want the awful feeling that I am having a heart attack during the night cos that's what happened!!  I've sorted the eating out myself as I have discovered what causes me the problems the hard way.  As long as I stick to it I'm OK.  Lost weight rapidly at first but have now slowed down.  Down getting on for 2 stone, but still not a slim chick!


 Still no gas

 Plants arriving thick and fast - two "free" (p&p) magnolias which are sitting in a trug of compost in the utility room til I can sort them out on Friday and two Group 3 clematis (Etoille violette and perle d'azure) for a new oblelisk in the flower garden.  Making the most of the 20% off Crocus offer.

 Still light at 6.30 this evening - that'll be 7.30 next week !

Gardening Grandma

Ah, you had a hiatus hernia. Horrid! Hardly a 'sliim chick' myself  = although gorgeous, naturally.


Big enough Verdun.  Got about 3 plants in it at the moment and two look OK.  Have still got a couple of ground cover sitting in pots outside the back door.  I won't know what I want until I get to the GC.  Just buy what takes my fancy! I'm always standing at the window contemplating what to do next . Aren't all gardeners like that?  That's the fun of gardening, forever changing things.  Also have the pond area to sort out.  Fed up with next doors cat scratching up my little plants Have to renew them every year.  So it's membrane, minature evergreens and grey stones to match the rest.  


Tina, you seem to have right idea. Sounds like a fern will suit there?

Didn't have much success with them Verdun.  Not sure if they like waterlogged ground and I mean waterlogged!  I have mentioned before that my garden, being one of the lowest in the road, becomes like a pond or, more recently, like a lake. So I've always steered clear of them since.  Like the look of them though. 

Gardening Grandma

Wise to have a pond then, Tina. We have a similar problem, because we have a hill above us. We have a soggy garden at the back and a dry garden at the front, both pretty sunny.

Astilbes or astrantias, primulas,, arum lilies, acorus, and a lovely grass called hackanochloa would grow there I think. Tina. Some ferns do like lot of moisture.
Gardening Grandma

Sorry about  the gas, Chicky! Hope you soon get the chance to plant your trees. My 'free' rose has finally arrived.