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The potty gardener

Morning Dove, Mrs Garden and all.

Enjoy meeting with ofsted Dove

It will be good to see pics Mrs Garden- I now use photobucket.

Last night couldn't get on internet

Have good day all


Photobucket WAY beyond me Bev...usually post from iPad but recent photos on laptop n it just wasn't working out!


Morning all,

Tina...... have just noticed your post yesterday,about my problem of seeing my own posts,as still have no notifications,Had already tried the usual click on avatar but could,nt get in that way either,but thanks for suggestion,hope it is sorted out soon,

Just tried avatar click this morning that appears ok now,still no notifications though.

Very warm this morning,but sky dark grey,hope that does,nt mean thunderstorms.

Picked first courgettes last night,with carrots and new potatoes went well with lamb chops........Food again,but at least it is not cake Fairygirl,vegetables always sound healthy.


I am right are,nt  I .Beetroot and Chocolate cake is healthy is,nt it?,any calories are ignored if there are vegetables are,nt they?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Notifications and avater click now working.

Good morning all, off to Mottisfont to see roses today, always a treat at this time of year. Visited a garden of a friend of a friend last night, once an NGS garden but no more. Stiil as beautiful and the owner has created a most amazing wild flower garden by a drainage pond on some land "loaned" by the local farmer. Wild wilderness in the extreme, masses of wildlife and naturalness. 

Preparations for annual Village flower show start tonight.



Morning all- Bev and Dove already gone no doubt- good luck anyway Dove 

Yes Gilly - at least it's not cake- too early to be mentioning it though!   Nice to be picking and eating the stuff we grow.

Mrs G - I use photobucket as well and it's fairly simple  once you get going- I did have to get daughter to help initially! You upload your photos from your computer to it and then transfer them- copy and paste. Someone did put it in a very simple way on a thread recently but not sure which one. If you get stuck I'll try and explain it...or get daughter to do it!

Andy - make sure you sew all pockets before you go to that nursery- in fact sew up ends of sleeves as well just to be sure 

To be sunny later so more to do outside hopefully. A fence to take down now instead of putting one up!


Gardening Grandma

Morning. Sounds fun, Woodie. Have a great time!

Gilly, that is the principple on which I have always worked - vegentables cancel out a;ll other calories. Can't understand why those excess pounds have settled on my naturally slender frame....

Dove, obvously your office is in some way connected with education?

Packing caravan today, doing ironing, finishing garden, extending automatic watering system, moving furniture ready for painter to come in while we're away.  Should be a nice weekend, anyway.

Have a good day, all.


Morning all.

Good luck Dove.

Woody, enjoy.

All have good day even if at work. In a rush this morning, got watering to do and need to nip out for a couple of hours.

Morning folks.  Very warm but we have some cloud too.  Supposed to be cooler but still 24 .  Tomorrow temps going towards very hot again.

Foodbank soon so glad it is bit cooler.

Last evening we all enjoyed garden.......frisby playing on front lawn whilst I picked blackcurrants, goosegogs, peas, carrots etc. it's sort of summer I remember in my younger days.  

My stipa gigantea loves this hot dry air....wonderful focal point that I highly recommend.  Full, light m airy golden flower heads constantly move even in the slightest breeze.

Wishing everyone great day today


Thanks fairygirl, think ill try again, OH said I was impatient , which sounds about right.otherwise it will be time to man up and try new things...not only a gardeners forum but also an IT training project!

Gardening Grandma

Morning Verdun. Have a good foodbank day.

Rather worried about leaving all the new borders I have planted, in this heat. So many young plants to get dried up. Friend will water, but is a bit frugal with water. I feel like a mother with her babes!

Morning GG.  I know what you mean....very protective.....but I'm sure they will be fine


Morning all, just looked out the window to see 15 bright red poppys yesterday evening there was just 1  

There are literally 100's of poppys growing in that bed which initially looks like a mass of green, had a feeling that this week it was going to get colourful.

did something a little rash yesterday and transfered €30 into a strangers bank account. In payment for a slide duplicator they are selling in Dublin. I think they are trustworthy they emailed me yesterday evening that it is going into the post today.

It was the only sensible way to do it really as travelling up to dublin and back would probably cost more and i would still have to pay for it and thats if  they showed up.

Luckily I was able to see feedback from other people who had met and bought from him or her, the feedback used both genders and also another positive was some stuff they had advertised in the past was for free. It also was apparent that they share a passion for photography and film. 

I kind of had an alternative option to buy from a fella called hussain in the Uk a negative holder for another piece of kit i already have. Ok he has a website but  I have lots of websites and to him i would have needed to call and give him my card number and cvs code and trust he would only take the amount we agreed upon and send me the item... That actually seems a bigger risk, although I think in that case I would use a prepaid credit card rather than my visa debit card limiting access to my money. It also would give me protection if something did go wrong as Visa could do a charge back on  my credit card but i don't think i would have the same protection with a debit card.

Trusting random people on the internet  hmm probably not the best idea. I guess when it comes down to it there is an element of gambling to it so don't bet what you can't afford to lose.

If i look at the balance of what I have bought already such as  leads for my car stereo which are €20 in halfords  and have cost me less than the petrol I would have burnt driving to halfords I have already saved more than i'm risking. So even if I was to get burned I am still doing fine. 

Anyway looks like today the only way I will get burned is by sunburn.





Morning all.  Cooler at the moment. Might get round to getting the 3 ground plants in today.

Am 'edgy' today as eldest son is having an op. I have been with him for all his previous ones, but he has a wife now and I take back seat.  Not complaining at all, but will have to wait for phone calls, etc.

John, I do all shopping of all sorts on the internet, but have never used e-bay or the equivalent.  I'm sure everything will be fine.  My three use it all the time, both to buy and sell.

Gilly, if folk don't notify Daniel about the problems, then he doesn't know!  I have mentioned the spell check and notifications, but as I don't use the notifications facility, I'm not sure what's missing. 

Been typing this for the past 20 mins.  Lots of interruptions.

Enjoy your day all.



Morning all, another scorcher.

I suddenly had loads of notifications this morning. But if you go to "latest posts" then onto "followed threads" top right, you can see the posts you've sent on, and if someone has posted after you.

Need to do some more harvesting, mangetout peas, peas, redcurrants. Must make cordial. Made Ribena. 1 big red tomato! 3 Sungolds are ripe.



Really strange! Clicked on my avator and it says I come from Wyre Forest and my photo and personal information have disappeared!

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope you are all enjoying the weather.

I know how you feel about your son, Tina. My son had an operation on his thyroid recently and had to get information from his wife. Still our babies though. He's fine now and I hope your son will be too.


Morning all. Very busy today. Got to get everything done as we are off to Cornwall on Satuday for a week. Lawns to cut and got to find somewhere cool for pots and seedlings as no one to water.

Have a lovely time everyone now that we can teally enjoy all our efforts.


Thank you Pam.  You're so right. He will always be my baby, even at 39!! You just can't help yourself, can you. Should be outside as it is cooler today, but I can't seem to settle.  Will be happier when I know it's done and he's OK.

Are you staying at Verdun's Punkdoc? I'm sure he operates an 'open house'.

Gardening Grandma

Have a good time, Puncdoc. We're going to the Somerset-Devon border.

TT, thinking of you and your son.