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Morning all. Hot again here already but to be a bit cooler at weekend thankfully. 

Wasn't on last night but have been reading some of the posts. Sending my love to GG and Tina and hope everything is fine. Puts our problems in perspective.

KEF you'd think the birds would gradually find the hedge wouldn't you! Have you got feeders in the back garden? Maybe put those in the hedge instead. Little monkeys!

Blackest the poppies must be lovely. Your borders are full! Haven't had time to look at all your pix properly but you seem to have a lot of wildflowers. They look lovely.

Not working today so have a good day everyone who is. At least it's Friday Dove and Bev!


I'm no computer boffin, but need to say that just viewed jardiner's posts and clicked on link to look at pictures & NORTON security has informed me that it has "blocked attack" from that site. 


Morning all, just got back from work.  Busy week, feel like I've been living there, been missing my garden badly, only been in it to do some watering.

Tina hope your son's op goes ok.

Mrs G, you need daylilies for this time of year.  My crimson pirate is flowering now, he's beautiful, will post pics later.  They're so easy to grow and give so many flowers, and almost impossible to kill.

Anyway off to bed for a few hours, can't sleep too long as I'm working tomorrow day as well so need to make sure I sleep tonight.

Take care all



Hi and bye Daisy! Your body must be in a permanent state of shock working all these shifts. Have a good nap.

Mrs G I'd echo that with the daylilies. There easy to get, easy to keep and good value!

KEF is that a spammer?

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Quick visit. SIL waited for an ambulance for 3 and a half hours because the first request was sent to the wrong health authority and was passed on to a second one, which did not exactly rush. Request was passed from Carmarthen to Cardiff to Barry. This was after dialliing 999! 'First response team', which aims to arrive in seven minutes, had a half-hour journey!

She was taken into hospital and will be sent to the cancer hospital today. She's 84 and therefore blocking up the system, of course. She gets good treatment but seems to have to wait a very long time for everything. She's iin fairly good spirits - a tough old bird.

Thanks from the heart to everyone for your good wishes. We are going on our hol because another brother and SIL, with whom she lives, are now available and we will be able to travel to see her. Her sister, aged 80, has dementia and is oblivious to it all. She's the one we take the main responsibility for, usually.

Old age is great in many ways - experience, time to do what one likes and socialise and do one's bit for others -  but extreme old age is not always so wonderful.

Glad all has worked out fairly well, TT. Hope you got your decent night's sleep. As you say, NHS is under a lot of pressure and in a worrying state. 

Well, after all that gloom, may I wish a good week to everyone! Don't think I'll have much internet access this week, and I'm not good at using my phone to get on websites- it seems so slow! Have watered the garden, bade a fond farewell to the plants (!) and am just hoping everything will survive til we come back. Lots of new planting in this hopt dry weather is not the best idea in the world. Nobody's fault but mine! 


Woodgreen wonderboy

Thinking of you GG and TT, all the very best...

KEF, I filled my peanut feeder yesterday and half has already been eaten. Jackdaws!

Getting ready for the flower show today. Am involved in the setting up and have put in a few entries for the first time. Fingers crosed... again. Off to garden to see what might be reasonably presentable.


DHC & FG - funnily enough I recently bought a day lilly out of sentiment, the name is close to the name of someone who helped/advised about my sons school (catherine woodbury its called, pink), not flowering yet though. Just had another look and i have some orange ones just starting - i say orange but they look yellow this year .



Woody I'm sending you extra fairy dust for the show- although the way it's been going lately maybe you'd be better without it!

GG glad all is ok and you're off on your hol. Dreadful the way our old people are often treated -  2nd class citizens nowadays.

Who'd have thought that living in South Wales you'd have to worry about the garden not getting enough water - same up here! 


Morning all,

TT hope son is recovering,

GG ,glad things are a little better today,and that you can still go on your holiday.

Very very hot again this morning,am getting up around 6,when I potter around the garden in my dressing gown doing a spot of watering,main watering is being done as late as possible in the evening.Glad we are not on a water meter,as with topping up the pond most days and extra watering am using a huge amount of water.Water butts are now dry..

May call into GC later,just to look around.and maybe a coffee.

Have a good day everyone,good luck in show Woody.


Morning everyone. Pleased to say that son called me at 8.15 this morning and he sounded very chirpy. Don't think he remembers much from about 5 last night until he properly came round but is not in pain, thanks to morphine! His wife's now with him, so that will make him happy.

GG, they probably took one look at SIL's age and made the decision that she could wait. As I said yesterday, I'm sick of this poor treatment and constant knocking of the older citizens.  It's the old 'ens that don't clutter doctor's surgeries and A&E because they are made of sterner stuff.  Do hope that they can make her comfortable and give her the care and attention she so rightly deserves.

For once I can join in about gardening. I have day lillies which have been the best ever this year. Tried couple of years ago to dig them out, gave up. Actually, just been and deheaded them and they will be going for some time yet. Have had them for over 30 years as my Dad gave them to me from his garden. 

MrsG, big move for son.  I know that by the time they get to year 6, they are ready for bigger things and most are raring to go but it's still a very big step. I've always found the leap from Primary to Senior school made them grow up so quickly.  Hope he enjoys his day.

Pedicure today, so best get going.


Thinking of all of you having sad times.

Just in from starting the massive pre holiday watering. I think that wil take most of the day. It is quite relaxing though and gives you a good chance to look at the garden properly and start planning for next year.

Love to all.


Morning all. Hope you have a good holiday GG.

KEF, some small birds, like robins, are territorial. So if the hedge is not in their area they won't eat there.


Tina - great news - you will be relieved.

punkdoc- enjoy your break. Looking very hot down Verd's way, although it was 22 degrees in the shade in my garden about and hour ago!  Take your knotted hankie!

Mrs G - heat getting to me - I was thinking of peruvian lilies- Alstroemerias. They're great value- in fact sometimes you can't get rid of them once you get them as I found at last house! I often get them as cut flowers too because they last such a long time.


Mmm, have noticed Verdun isn't having open house to all us posters. A few days in Cornwall would do us all a power of good.

Good job I got second son to look at calendar whilst I was drying my hair as tootsie appointment is 1 o'clock not 11, so am now twiddling my thumbs.

Have a good holiday Puncdoc. Lovely part of the country although Dorset will always come top of my list but, these days, I will settle for my garden. I suppose GG could make a swift detour and pick me up on her way to Devon. I'll go and get a sleeping bag and pack a few things.

Still having problems with my Canna lilies. Stopped watering them as was told this could be the problem and one of them is still rotting at the base.  Just giving them a little water when they look dry. Other one doesn't look that healthy either. Leaves keep shrivelling up.  I give up.



Damage has maybe been done with that lily Tina. Are they in pots? Perhaps move into a little shade in the hottest part of the day. I have a Ligularia in a big pot and they like a sunny spot but water retentive soil and I had to move it because it was wilting like mad. It has big foliage and it simply couldn't cope with the amount of sun because the roots have limited spread to get enough moisture for the top growth. It gets dappled shade through the morning now and is quite happy. 

Tina,  cannas would only likely rot now if over watered so agree with Fairygirl.  Assume draimage holes? If cold and wet they would rot so maybe they had started to rot while back!

I have huge cannas.....boastful ain't I? the ground and in pots.  They need lots of water.  Are your cannas small?  Lots of sun and lots of water if growing well.  they would love this weather.  It sounds like you need to treat the two cannas differently....just because one is rotting it doesn't mean you should stop watering the other.  Does one plant feel,lighter than the other?  

 Multi tasking there Tina....drying your hair, tootsie appointment deliberations and twiddling your thumbs.  Impressive stuff..........ill get my coat!


Us birds are good at multi-tasking Verdun.

Lillies are in pots. Shade first thing in the morning, sun from about 10.30 (shade created by 8ft wall), for rest of the day. I really shouldn't buy plants that need attention. Where ever I move them to, they will have sun, being garden is South facing.  How come the day lillies seem to be able to put up with all weathers.  Have to confess, I never think of watering them and they just keep on spreading.



Morning Verdi- it's as hot here as it is with you which is why I'm inside 

Think you and Tina are now talking at cross purposes as it's Calla lilies she has not Cannas...Honestly Verd - keep up love....

Have watered etc but no shade in the garden where I'm needing to graft so it will have to wait till weekend when it's to be cooler. Tomatoes are ripening like mad though!



Happy hols Puncdoc.

GG try to enjoy hols, SIL in correct place, and should now receive attention.

TT pleased to hear son ok.

Good luck Woody.

If I've missed anyone soz.

I think bluetits prefer the takeaway down the garden, might be cos of bossy other birds, but none seem bothered about going in the Beech. Will leave balls there and see if they find them.

Fairy I dunno about those posts that have the link that Norton unhappy with. I think they look like clever ads' , made to look as if from a genuine gardener, link is full of firms name and  info' about what used, sizes, and slick pics, with seed trays, plants in greenhouse even can of pop on bench turned so not advertising that. 

Having had a mega computer problem a couple of years ago I'm careful what links I look at.

If I'm wrong I will apologise to the new poster.