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Fairy - alstromerias, not considered those, thought they'd be too delicate for ny skills but def going to look out for some now.

'flowerpowerfair' on sun so will try there rather than local GC I think.

School going well, his first day but putting on a performance this pm. I'm having lunch in staff room, bit uncomfortable but everyone lovely, using phone to hide but prob just look ignorant - will now have s chat.

Tina  did say CANNA in CANNAS.  What is she like??

KEF, so I must be a "soz" .......!

Inside fresh rolls, loads of butter and cheese n cucumber and a big glass of gold top milk.  And reading posts on the forum.  It must be 26 or more here already.  So far, plants seem to be enjoying it as much as us.




Verd...The trouble is - Tina's not really 27 any more....not like us...

And you never offered me any rolls and cheese...after all I've done for you.....

KEF- I had a look at that post and thought the same as you so I reported it as a possible advert. Didn't look at the link- know what you mean.  We could be wrong but it looks a bit suspect.

Not had any lunch yet apart from some grapes - too hot. High twenties and I've got no real shade just now in back garden. Picked over half a pound of toms though- loads more ripening -  so might make a nice pasta sauce for dinner. None of us hungry  with the heat. I've done housework and washing etc instead of going outside -  ridiculous really - we're usually complaining about the amount of rain up here in the summer!

Front grass needs cutting so might venture out again. 


Sorry FG, but Verd is right.  Canna Lillies are what I've got.  Wanted son to take a photo, but he's running late for work.

How's your cholesteral Verd? 

MrsG, I am confused.  Has your son started his new school already or is this just a introduction day or whatever they call it.  

Sun's come out and it's warming up again. I will be doing my usual Vampire act. Take note Kef.

KEF wrote (see)
Fairy I dunno about those posts that have the link that Norton unhappy with. I think they look like clever ads' , made to look as if from a genuine gardener, link is full of firms name and  info' about what used, sizes, and slick pics, with seed trays, plants in greenhouse even can of pop on bench turned so not advertising that. 

Having had a mega computer problem a couple of years ago I'm careful what links I look at.

If I'm wrong I will apologise to the new poster.

I reported all those to moderator around 6am this morning!



Tina- I'll have to give you extra said lilies so I thought you meant Callas not Cannas.

D'oh!!!!  Let's start again.....

Verd- send Tina some replacements since yours are so big...

I lost mine this year as I had nowhere to shelter them and the bubble wrap I put round them wouldn't stay put in the wind. Persevere with them Tina as they really are beautiful jungly, luxurious plants. I nearly bought some replacements but it just means more pots and someone on here (may have been punkdoc- forgotten-  sorry) has grown them from seed saying it was very easy so I might try that later in the year.


Tina - hows your son doing?   sorry not too clear about school this am as I was excited, more so than son! Yes it was just an induction day but so exciting as it went to tribunal (court) to get a place and we only found out on wed so he had missed all the usual inductions ( we call them transition days), starts properly in sept. I should also mention it is a 'special school' but in every sense. He had a great time and will keep them on their toes! Several tears when he joined in the parents show, singing and signing as if he'd been there years already.

hi everyone, 


Twas indeed me Fg. Half inched some seed from a garden in Devon a few years ago, scarified and sowed in hot conditions. Grew fast and flowered the same year. Now quite large plants. However variety available as seed is not as great. Try Hart Canna they stock seed.


You're a star punkdoc- I was sure it was you and actually looked back through the posts to see if I could find it! I really like the idea of growing some from seed as Cannas are such great plants and I'm missing that lovely foliage and the stonking 'in your face' flowers.

Have a lovely holiday. Don't get too burnt! 

Good afternoon everyone, I'm a newbie here and have just moved into a cottage with about an acre of land, the garden is split between a patch that used to be cultivated for veg and is now totally overgrown- next years project! And the area next to the house which has beautiful shrubs and flowers, some of which I've never seen before, plus one bed witham masses of ground elder. I haven't had a garden for a few years so am very exited tgable getting my fingernails filthy again!!


Sue - just saw your post re the 'ads'- wasn't there when I posted earlier- strange how that seems to happen. Definitely ads aren't they but cleverly done. I only saw one but came across the others when looking for something else.

Hi  Kapn61- hope you enjoy the forum. There's lots of good knowledgeable people on here who can offer advice and help on everything from fruit, veg and moths to shrubs, climbers and exotics, and if you like cake too you'll fit in very well! You'll have your hands full with your project so looking forward to seeing the progress.  


Welcome to the forum

So, I was right...Tinas plants are cannas.  Me, right again. Mustn't gloat.  Well, just a little.  No, a lot!  Ha ha  fairygirl.i would offer you rolls n cheese but I am rather greedy.  If I sent ??ou some,there would be less for me.  Simple Maths and logic.  

I have a few varieties of cannas ...all with variegated or coloured foliage.....but I'm now tempted to get more.  Nothing quite like them in late summer.....8 or. 9 ' flower spikes right through to December sometimes.  Exotic looking folkage 



Morning everyone, Kitchen Spam Reported!

Off to water the garden, watch out for sunstroke today everyone, will be a scorcher!


Morning all. Just had a last look round the garden for aweek. Lovely at this time of the morning. I really miss it when I go away at this time of year.

I hope you all have a great week and that those having bad times find they improve and find solace in their gardens


Morning Sue & Puncdoc. Yes it's going to be a scorcher.

Happy to announce the arrival of a flower head on the Cosmos purity

Have a great day all.



Good morning all   Whaat!  More Spam???  Well done Sue!  Beat me to it!

Busy day ahead as we're out all of tomorrow - shopping, housew*rk, Ir*ning, GARDENING!!!   So, one more coffee then up and at 'em!!!


Morning all,

Snap KEF,first heads on Cosmos purity yesterday,the plants are enormous,looking forward to seeing them all in flower.

Very hot already,off to do morning watering rounds in a minute,think it is going to be too hot to do much today.

Picked recurrants at Mum,s yesterday.6lb of fruit and still quite a bit more to go,from one fairly large bush,will help her again this evening,have banned her from picking any during the day in this heat.

Stay cool everyone,and enjoy resting in the garden.


Morning Dove & Gilly, back indoors as too warm in summer dressing gown!

We are off to Mum's to do her watering, like you Gilly we've banned Mum from doing o/s in this heat. Heat wave warning for Yorkshire, think I've been asleep and dreamed the last 37 yrs and we're back in the Summer of 1976..might be a song in that.

Morning all lovely morning garden watered had tea & toast now going to pick up daughters car from the garage then drop off sons car at another garage as hes off to London till next Weds for his work. Then it will be garden, garden and more garden till am back to work on Tuesday got a border to do and plant can't wait to see how it turns out have a good day all.


Oooh, Summer of '76, living in the country with a brand new baby - too hot for her, she wore just a nappy and was parked in a shady room next to big open windows to keep cool - too hot for toddler to play  in the garden until we put up the big family tent, raised the sides and put a paddling pool inside.  

A bit later in the summer baby was waking for a feed about 4ish so I'd feed her then pop her in the pram and we'd go for a walk down the lane in the cooler morning air while the world was waking up - picked baskets full of wild mushrooms every morning - filled the freezer with them