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FG & TT both right! 

TT later maybe!

may be too hot to garden but not to hot to share our photos. I'll start...

foxgloves of course.

 Alliums look good at any stage and I lover the tall purple weeds by the fence.

 Pretty in pink

 Alliums after son & OH let loose.


Camomile lawn to left of path,looks better than in photo. 


sorry BL, got carried away.


Don't apologise, lovely to see them. I'm not the boss, I'm one of us!This thread never seems to disappear!


I'm over on the evening thread - but I'm drinking on my own 



Good morning all - good job you came over and found me 

I'm wide awake and the pigeons are cooing - are we going to get another hot day?

Don't suppose anyone's there to answere me   far too early, you're all safely tucked up in the Land of Nod - but my body clock isn't set for a different time on Sunday mornings 


Morning Dove & all.

My get up and go has already gone, been a very warm night.

Need to water plants and have a decent breakfast and take myself off and do a sponsored walk, well a stroll really. We do it each year as a "memory walk" to remember the people that we have lost to dementia. Last year it had to be posponed as it threw it down in the preceeding days and it's a walk around a reservoir and we thought people might fall in. If it's as warm as yesterday I'll jump in.

Have a good day all.


Good morning Dove and KEF

Been up for a couple of hours already, but decided to read the news first. It will be another hot day here too, more lounging under the tree, reading and dozing, but watering first.

The thought of walking around a reservoir has me sweating (pardon, perspiring) already KEF. I would definitely jump in. It's a nice way to remember people though.

Have an enjoyable day both of you and all the others still to wake up.



Magical morning.  Took my dog to beach this morning.....warm, mist, everything quiet and gentle.  Absolutely wonderful. 82 degrees again today.

So, morning folks......going to be a scorcher today, tomorrow, day after, day after, etc

Another (late) delphinium out in full now....white.  Quite a few are re- flowering (already).  Foxglove illumination pink still in flower with more spikes coming.  Like this plant a lot and hope it will turn out to be a reliable perennial. Pennisetum villosum, normally not flowering until next month, is already sending up some flowers.  I think our plants have been "confused" by our weather.




Morning all. Another lovely day. But I dread to think about the water bill, on a metre. Hope they don't have a hosepipe ban. One year the mairie said OK for veg gardens but no for flowers and I lost quite a few perennials. I don't ever have plants that need a lot of water anyway.

The potty gardener

Good morning everyone. KEF enjoy your walk.

The sun is shining so another day lying in the sun is called for.I will pick my sweet peas and deadhead but that is about all.

Well done WW for yesterday

Someone mentioned we haven't heard from Chicky for a while- hope she is ok

Have a great day everyone


Morning all. Plant fair at Wentworth Woodhouse www.flowerpowerfairs Sounds good. Then picnic and concert evening at Wentworth castle for sisters birthday.


Hi everyone

It's still overcast here - 'they' say it'll burn off in a bit and we'll have another warm and sunny day 

Have a good walk KEF 


Goodmorning early birds. Just fed the remaining fish and it's going to another warm one. Warm indoors too.

Just looked at Good Evening thread and congratulations Woody.  We all had faith in you.

I'm lucky BL that I'm not on a meter so next door use my outside tap for pool filling, etc. No doubt the time will come when they insist everyone is metered.

I envy you your walk along the beach Verdun.  Must be lovely when all the sunworshippers aren't around.  Bet they will be back again today for more torture.

Kef, please don't be tempted to jump in!  Warm day for the walk but just take it easy, hat, WATER, on hand. Emphasis in the water.

Brekkie outside today. Bye for now.


Morning all. Sunny again here too - forecast's changed from yesterday! Supposed to be cooler as we were to get cloud but it seems it's further west. We were meant to get rain tomorrow but that's now looking further west too - that's what I get for not putting the outside tap in - I'll have arms like a hod carrier if I have to heave any more watering cans and buckets!

KEF - hope walk goes well - keep cool if you can.

Still trying to catch up with the posts from last night etc- Woody - well done!! 

He's probably still asleep recovering from it all 

Does anyone else find they put a post on and then later other ones appear in between? I replied to Dove's (I think ) post last night and Woody's weren't there at the time but were there later. Too much for my little brain to cope with 



FG, happens to me all the time.  I think it's because I write a chapter every time and by the time I send it, half a dozen other posters have got in first!

Been in garden, but now far too hot for me.


Cooling indoors for a mo.  on local radio they were talking about the max heat today.  It was 38.  

I was thinking of,starting a thread ...Based on how plants are faring so far, whether new ones or old ones.  Maybe start it in July. ,then again in August.  We can compare the length of flowering, the quality, if we are pleased or disappointed, etc etc.  What do folks think?

England still,not,beaten those aussies yet in the cricket


Yesterday I had some red aphids on the teasels. Today they have all gone and I've got 2 ladybirds running up and down the stems


You storm on Verdi....

Is that young Aussie giving them what for? Since when did Test matches start on Wednesdays anyway? I thought I'd lost a day somewhere last week!

Tina - do you realise you beat me this morning....


FG, yes. I was amazed how light it was at 8.30!