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spam reported 

I cut the first sweet peas last night and they smell wonderful. Can recommend 'Cathy' - only cut 2 of those and they are filling the room!. Creamy colour and several flowers on each stem.


Strange how people just love to take a peep at the kitchen and home revovation adds, they have acheived exactly what they want, already they have had free advertising to 20 odd peolpe!


Morning. Another hot one but have done the ironing. May have to find the hoover in a minute. May not.

Lovely pics Miss Dove.  Thought I ought to give respect to head girl.

Nothing planned for today, except dentist and hygienist this afternoon. Already whimpering.

Commiserations to those who have to work in this heat, unless you have air conditioning.

Morning everyone, a bit cooler here in the Shropshire Hills and overcast. Nice! Been wading around in the undergrowth to locate a chicken pen that is there somewhere now have raging hay fever! Am going to start an orchard in the bottom half acre in the autumn which for now is full of lots of wild flowers and long pollen filled grass. have a lovely day all.

Nice lilies Dove.  I want those.  

Tina is your dental appointment for 2 30?  ........oops!  I'll get my coat

Its roasting again.....where I am the odd area of rolling mist drifts across but it's very pleasant.  

Got foodbank soon.....very hot there last time.  Be the same today.  Rather be outside

Kapn61  I planted an orchard for a friend, maybe 10 years ago.  Planned complementary apples, pears, plums, cherries, figs, peaches and nectarines.  Great fun from the start.  The former overgrown field was a mass of bloom in the spring and now loads of fruit.  Crab apples too and the odd camelia and other ornamentals on the fringes.  Good luck with that.

Keep cool folks




Can't beat the oldun's Verd.   3.20 actually.  Didn't know when I made the appointment that we would be having a heatwave.  Try to keep cool this afternoon.

Hi Kapn. Hope you enjoy this forum.


I hope that man down the road with a jig a pik gets a move on. he's cut off my water

 Luckily I had just watered the tomatoes, and there is enough in the kettle for tea for OH. 

 I'm just going to have to sit under a brolly and read the latest Dan Brown.


I see Mary Portas is looking for some sucker to pay her for designing them a garden room. Should we report this as spam or leave it. Personally  I can't think of anyone worse. If they were paying you it wouldn't be too bad, but I read of many people who get these design makeovers for the telly, that have to pay someone to do it properly as soon as they leave.

Surprise makeover = grounds for divorce.


Good day All

Had alovely time in Cornwall. Managed to stay fairly cool. Will post some pics later.

Visited this wonderful GC near St Ives. You are lucky Verdun to have that on your door step. Didn't have time to browse as it was 5 o'clock and in fact I needed a dog collar. Why does he break them when we are away.? he did it once in Worthing as well!

Did battle with a new camera so some shots are yuk. Got one of my feet, one of Oh's knees, one of the sea (should have been dog) and one of dog's tail. Have others though

Have I missed anything major?Is Bev coping being back a work? Anything else happenng?

Garden survived but NDN has said she will not water plants again as I have too many and they might die! Son did most of it anyway!

Lost acouple of newly planted fuchsia's I think, but they may come IF it cools down 



Welcome Kapn hope you enjoy posting here. 

Fidget I thought you were having a laugh about the garden room thing until I looked. I think we should reply in the traditional manner by telling them to go and get carted - and not as politely as that....

Blatant advertising I think and I'd say report it. What does anyone else think?

PS Is a jig a pik the same as a jackhammer?

Tina- Verd's jokes are getting worse. He needs a holiday in another country. He could try England  


FG - We wouldn't be able to understand him.  He may be able to write English, but speaking it is a different matter. Joke folks, just in case anyone takes offence.

I was going to report it but thought that perhaps someone else had already done so.  As has been mentioned on here before, the more hits it gets the better it is for them, so I passed it by.

Wish I didn't have to go out, but will cost me £25 if I don't turn up and dentists cost enough as it is.

FB, how's your neck?  Everything OK.


Yes Fg a jig a pik is the same as a jackhammer. It makes a lot of noise.

My neck is now fine.  It was aggravated for a few days but with Ibuprofen it has settled down.  The car has a new shiny bum and a new number plate.


Glad you got it all sorted fidget. Hope it didn't give you too many problems 


Pleased to hear that all is OK FB. Hope the other driver has been sorted.

Back from dentist and it cost me an arm and a leg.  Bit lopsided now.

I'll do a Verdun and get my coat!


I better get my coat before I start, except it's too hot!

I don't mind the kitchen ads.  You don't have to look at them. I have a perfectly OK kitchen, made over 20 years ago to my and my OH's design by a local carpenter, so I'm not looking for a new one. But I do like looking at kitchens and kitchen web sites. Just for fun. They won't earn anything from me, I'm in France anyway. There was a lovely one, all wood. Here in France the current kitchen designs are bright red, shiny shocking pink or black with glass work surfaces. I hate them! It's interesting seeing the differences in taste in the two countries.


BusyL.  You have a lovely garden and by the sound of it a lovely person too, but........any kitchen advertisers will now be re-energised to post,their spam.  Yes, busy, get your


Good morning all - it's a lovely morning - the sun's shining, the skies are blue, someone's chicken is proclaiming loudly that she's laid an egg and the scent from my lilies is drifting through the doorway and perfuming the house 


Good morning dove and all.

Sounds like you're having a lovely morning already dove.


Morning MrsGarden - lovely morning so far, but off to work now   Happy gardening everyone - see you later!


Morning all. Very pleasant here not too hot just a little cloudy.

Dove has an easy life really you know Mrs G -she doesn't fool me....

How's the fig doing Dovey?

Hoping to get more done out side later -painting perhaps  

Will draft daughter in to help....if I offer an incentive it might work