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Kitchen spam reported!

Good morning everyone, have an enjoyable day, don't work too hard in this heat!


Good morning Sue - well done, you beat me to it 

I'm still cross with next door's cat - she appears to have been fighting amongst my big Sum & Substance Hostas - one looks as if it's been trampled by elephants and there's a load of tortie and white fluff all around the place - OH is at home today and he will be instructed to have the hose-pipe at the ready if she appears!


Morning. Just taken ages to type on dif thread, lose it, then retype so just a quick hello.

Keep meaning to ask what the red chillies are at side of some threads?

Have a good day all.


Morning Mrs G

Think it means they're 'hot' or active.

The potty gardener

Morning Sue, Dove, MrsGarden and all.

Really hot and sunny again here. Do take care in the heat everyone.

Have a great day



Morning Bev  No sun here - yet - it was quite misty overnight and it's still overcast.  Think today is going to be a bit cooler than yesterday 


Vey warm and sunny here.forecast 29C poss 30C,too hot to do anything.

Just going out to do morning rounds,watering done at 6.30,as it was too hot to sleep,so I thought I might as well get up/

Is everyone receiving notifications now?I have not had any for three weeks,I have let them know,but still not sorted.

Have a good day all,be careful in the sun.


Morning all Dove hope your OH is good with the hose as a couple of good soakings it will not come back. Nice morning here one of the local GC have a summer sale starting tomorrow as a member of there garden club we are allowed a preview and buy tonight so i might pop down have a nice day all. 


kitchen spam is back . I have reported 3 lots. I will try and bump some other stuff up.  Trouble is some of these connections might carry trojan viruses?.


But they can't harm us if we don't click on them - just notify the Moderator. 


Morning all. Warm here again so more painting for me later as I've definitely pulled something in my back  trying to get these met posts out 

Had another clematis flower opened but no idea what it is. It's been in a pot and eaten regularly by rabbits for a year or two so this is the first time it's flowered. Knew it was either purple or white but lost the label a long time ago! Very pretty though.

Andy hope you have a good time - get something nice 

Dove- that's infuriating. Hosepipe or more if you can manage it..

Maybe we should all have a chilli beside our names too - an orange one if you're just hot but not active... 


 Dove, I dont click on them  Others less savvy might.


Fairygirl, take it easy. Theres a lot of summer left. Its too hot to be heaving posts about.


Morning all. I haven't just got up - been busy.

Blackest, thank you for the explanation, I won't look at those kitchens anymore.

I now get notifications, all at once, once a day.

Going out to do some weeding. Thunderstorms forecast this afternoon.


Morning everyone. FG, silly girl. Thought you might overdo it.  Best to give it a miss for a bit. I was thinking the same myself about the red chillies, after I read MrsG's post. Thought I could have one against my name, hot, but definitely not active.

Shame about your cat damage Dove.  They are an absolute pain in the neck. (Sorry cat lovers).

Will be doing the same today as yesterday - nothing. Was better overnight so did manage to get a bit more sleep.

Everyone have a good day and try to keep cool.




Dreadful night - not helped by the 2 phone calls 1.30 1nd 3.30 where when answered they just hung up. Have checked back - one was international and both did not leave a number

Do these people realise that it sent heart rate soaring as I thought it may be to do with ancient M.

Walked dog to pool, he went totally silly and ran off  At 13 we are never sure if he hears re-call or not, or just plain cantankerous

Still the dogs round here swim in Malvern water as pool is fed by springs

Will do more weeding in short bursts trying to get rid of wild flower mistake 

What a miserable looking post but actually I feek quite cheery Back later


Morning all, beaten by Tina

Just had a wander around garden removing a few heads and taking a few pics. Back indoors for a spell as it's already very hot.

Matty2 it's scary and your mind runs away with you when phone rings "out of hours" I'm just the same.

Dove soz to hear about damage.

Fairy & fences, far too hot, have a rest

Right off to mess with photos.


I hate the phone ringing in the middle of the night. It's only ever bad news.  At least now I have a phone at the side of the bed. At the old house with the ex husband, his shop was burgled and the police had tried ringing.  We were both dead to the world, and half an hour of phone ringing didn't raise us. So they sent a police car round. I came to with blue lights flashing in the front bedroom window, a policeman banging on the door, and the phone ringing. I said to ex, someones banging on the door.  No its not he said, its the central heating starting up.

Morning everyone.

Thought I'd take a quick peek at the forum

Roasting here, as everywhere now I guess.  Luckily on the coast. The temps are moderated by the sea breezes....whatever there is of them right now. ....but still high 20's.  In the east of the county the Temps are higher and no cooling effect from the sea. It's what our summers should be about though 

Flowers are bit earlier this summer....aster frik monch for example is just about opening and yet another echinacea ....summer too

Stay cool folks and pace yourselves.....there's a lot of summer heat yet to come


Oh, dove....I understamd your frustration.  I had a hosta patriot and some idiot fell into it. ,to compound the matter he just laughed and kicked his legs in the air.  I killed him, of course.  I cut all the damaged leaves, 90% of the plant, gave light feed amd a,good watering and it is now looking superb.  It won't have any flowers, I guess (not a,concern to me anyway) but expect it now to remain pristine until autumn.  Hostas recover quite quickly right now I think