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Good afternoon Verdun.

going to try to sit outside work for last ,10mins of lunchtime.



Dove - that's why responsible cat owners keep them in at night. Mine weren't allowed out at night for that reason - they can be a b****y nuisance.

Verdun- are you really Sweeney Todd and not Jonathon Creek??? 

Did you just liquidize him and use him as comfrey or nettles? What dilution?

I'm more like Jonathon 'Creak' today so will console myself by going to the nursery....

It's either that or paint..hmmmm

Bye all!!!

Good afternoon Mrs G.  What do you teach?  Being nosey, but that's me!

Fairygirl,  Sweeney Todd, Jon creek, Monty ......? I am a man of many guises. 

. Actually when that guy fell on my hosta, kicking it too, well. What would anyone do?  I decided to plant an apple tree after I dug a 6' hole and.......oops!  Just between you and me, right Fairygirl?

Got back and cut front lawn looks goodlio now.  Except a lupin I thought was red, it's a late one, is flowering blue  next to purple salvia carradonna.  I have echinacea hot Papya in full flower in large pot so I guess it's goodbye to the lupin.  Ruthless me!


Hi all  Just finished 6 hours of gardening in this heat!!!!! About ready to melt but great to be back out there.

Try so hard to keep up with this thread but find it impossible so started at the beginning and am slowly reading thru all the posts. Very entertaining 


Have just - I hope- finished removing the'wild flowers' from the various places I sprinkled the seed. never again - Will plan carefully in future but I suspect I will keep suffering from my mistake for a couple of years.

I have found a lovely penstemon, in one of my pots - no idea what it is. Any suggestions?

 Also playing with new camera.

In my front garden border that I had so much help, with I planted , I thought, a golden yellow hemerocallis -wrong - it is reddy orange and really does not go, so it will



Beautiful matty and on gallery thread.

Verdun - i teach horticulture,  no seriously i don't teach, try again.


Thank you mrs G. 

The potty gardener

I'm not getting notifications, then every few days loads come through at once

sat straight on sofa when I got in today and haven't moved.

It's the gardening club monthly meeting later so will go there.

Tomorrow is last day of term- fun sports and tug of war. Have spent day reminding kids to bring bottle of water, suncream and hat. No lessons to prepare and no more marking for 6 weeks

Matty that is beautiful.

Fairygirl take it easy.

Lizzie did the thunderstorms arrive?

Dove sorry to hear of your cat problem

Andy hope you get some lovely plants.

KEF waiting to see the pics

Addict I will get some pics of garden at weekend or early next week

Fidget you must have had very noisy central heating

Tina hope you have had a good day keeping cool doing nothing

Verdun I still have a mental pic of you creeping round others gardens at night

Mrs Garden we will need more clues as to what you do

Sorry anyone I've missed but you've gone off the page

Have a great evening all- enjoy the summer evenings

Well, potty.....great post

I have  been arrested,for my nocturnal activities.....but I sleep walk, you see.

Now, Mrs garden......are you a dinner lady?  You sound so nice and I remember the dinner ladies always giving me extras.  Do I get cake now?

Hope everyone enjoyed whatever they did today.  Soon going to take my dog to,the towans


Good morning all  

Spam reported 

Listen folk - if you grow just one thing in your life grow a fig tree - we ate our first fig off our tree yesterday evening - as there was only the one we bought some of Waitrose's best to go with it (and the proscuitto, mozarella, basil etc that make up Jamie O's fig salad).  The bought figs couldn't compare with our own home grown, still warm from the tree - it was sweet and luscious and almost intoxicating with flavour.

Go on, buy a fig tree, pop it in a big pot and keep it in a sunny corner of the garden - it's that easy!!! 

Morning all Hi Dove i must say i have never tasted figs in my life but i will make a point to now after reading your post thanks. Think everything thats homegrowing taste better my sister in law was down picking my wife up last week. Asked for a look at my garden while walking round i picked a couple of strawberries for her to taste and she was amazed at how sweet they tasted. Everything watered and fine this morning got my daughter and 3 friends to pick up at the airport tomorrow morning at 1.40 am thats there 10 days over time flys lol. Now off to work looking forward to the weekend to get my border finished then can chill out till i get the JCB in to clear the top half of the garden and dig ready to start building the garage. That will leave a big bit of garden to decide what i want to do with it got the idea of a pond or a small Japanese garden maybe a large veg area once its cleared i will make my mind up what to do but think that will be next years project have a good day all. 


 morning all. Love your project Andy, whatever it turns out to be. Don't forget some before/during/after photos. Dove got to think carefully where to put a fig tree but love the leaves, is it deciduous?

Finally got the second white cosmos flower! Can as coming into flower but still short stems. Hosts beautiful. Not a lot else. Weed mat 'mulch' in place. washing on line. Plans in head for borders.

Off to work then 2 weeks home with family.

Bev, enjoy last day of year, sports day etc.

Have good day all.

The potty gardener

Morning Dove, Andy, MrsGarden and all.

Going to be another hot one here.

Have a great day all


Morning Andy and all.

Andy you inspire set more tasks for hubby. Home grown is so lovely, I'm picking loads of peas with the intention of freezing what we don't eat, but alas I'm eating as many when I pod them as we eat with the meal, I must be a distant relative of Verdun.

I've had fresh figs before on hols and they are lovely, I'm also partial to fig biscuits. As a child my Grandma used to let me have fig bics & lemonade for supper

Have a good day all.


MrsG & Potty  good morning, we crossed.



Sorry Dove, missed you, thought Andy was first, did you get up to wake the birds?

Pennine Petal

Morning all, haven't been around for a while, busy, busy, busy. Final year students now graduated, so time for me to take a break.  Have to work on Monday as we are interviewing, but then have 3 weeks off. Planning to do some garden visiting in Kent and Sussex, have a list - any recommendations from anyone. Strangely, have never spent any time down there, although I do travel far and wide In general.

Just having a peaceful couple ohouses, sit having a lie in.


Welcome back petal, hope lifes a bit less hectic for you now.


Morning everyone and hello Penine  don't believe we've met. Off to do 5 hours today not quite so hot and first garden has shady bits so shouldn't be too bad. The second garden is beautiful. She has gone right over the top out the front and everyone comments on it. All bright colours makes you smile just looking at it. Have a good day all and don't forget sun cream!!!!

Good morning everyone

Its been hot , sticky humid night.  Not known such heat down here like that for years.  hate to say it but it's actually too hot!

Had to answer most of the posts yesterday but I havent received my bonus yet!

The heat has meant the ....apparent....disappearance of slugs n snails.  Ants, caterpillars, etc though more obvious. Not on the metre here.....considered it last year.....but have been using lot of water lately on the garden.  Pay a lot....£1000 I'm getting my money's worth I guess. 

Re the plants.....grasses are loving this hot dry weather. Plumes are bigger & more colourful than I have ever known them. Things like Linums, gazanias, osteospermums, Mesembryanthemums, etc are stretching out to sunbathe.  They LOOK happy

Have healthy day folks