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Morning all - or should I say afternooon- very late for me! Had the best sleep I've had in months.

Scorchio here again today. Some planting and tidying today I think and then painting when my wood arrives....

PPetal - I bet you're needing that break - hope the weather stays fine for you to enjoy it 

Andy - you'll definitely need a trip to the nursery but Mrs Andy will need to put you on a lead!

I have to confess I don't like figs but there's nothing like eating home grown produce whatever it is, hence my purchase yesterday of two Bramleys.

I won't be planting them on 'graves' like Verdun - though - pots will be fine for the moment...

Havae a good day all 


Good morning fellow gardeners.

Lovely day here in Lincolnshire, cooler weather forecast for the weekend, give us all a bit of respite from the heat, thankfully Musn't complain after last years washout, but it does get to you after a time...

Picking blackcurrants is my main job today, also freezing some broad beans. The hot weather has brought them on and as we are not eating so many hot meals, they are getting a bit past thier best.

Lots of new names on the forum since I last posted, nice to meet you all.



Morning all.

I had a fig for several years in a pot. The fruit was lovely, you could pick it at just the right moment of ripeness. Then the winter before last it was -17° and remained at well below freezing even -10° in the daytime and it snowed, which froze and didn't melt (unexpected in Dordogne) and the poor little fig died. I planted another, but in the ground, It's alive but hasn't had a fig yet.

P. Petal, I hope Great Dixter is on your list. There is a thread for gardens we have visited 2013 somewhere. Hever Castle is lovely. Some gardens, like Hever you can get 2 for the price of 1 with the GW ticket.


Bev, we didn't get a storm, only thunder. But my son 35 mins away had 10 mins of heavy rain.



Morning everyone.

Welcome back PP and Chris.

Was lovely last night as it turned really chilly! Back to normal this morning. 

Had a right kerfufle yesterday evening when a bee was trapped in my curtains at bay window.  Spent about 30 mins trying to get him out of top window, while in the background there was a prog on about the demise of them, so felt I had to do my best.  Got him out and then couldn't close window as one 'arm' had broken. So, there I was outside, trying to bang it back into place again.  Sort of succeeded but son has done proper job this morning.  Am awaiting my medal.

Have a good day everyone and FG, don't overdo it! Don't want you looking the same colour as your paint,


Morning all any one recognise this its massive and in my bedroom, maybe I should keep the windows shut.




Nut will know blackest but I think she's got internet probs just now. I've got one for her to identify too but was waiting for her to get sorted before I put it on. I'm trying not to feel fluttery about your pic as I'm not good with moths....



Been for swim, no more now until September

have been given the name of someone who does firm and tone exercise - gently - so will give her  call as I need that now. Did I say am down to last 1/2  pound or so to lose.

Am n more cover up type clothes as feel as though I have had enough sun!

Does anyone know the variety of penstemon? Thank you for the comments about it. Think I wil open a thread to see what happens.

FG I am the same with the M things. A shock when i saw that pic.

Today when the shade gets to the back of the garden I am going to cut down hard my Philadelphus. Still no flowers. Any advice? I have a sheet from last year on how to do it but not the same as having person advice.


OMG Blackest! If my smileys worked, I'd find an appropriate one.  I don't mind any creature, etc, other than wasps, but I draw the line at that.  Have you moved to Transalvania?

Matty, usually pruning philadelphus is easy.....just remove flowered stems back to new shoots on those stems.  As you prob know already.

Your bush hasn't flowered though so I would either cut out entirely, to the ground, about  a third of the old wood.  Or, cut back everything to the base but you may forfeit flowers next year......possibly!  If you prune now ??ou could get flowered wood by next June.  Cutting hard back now gives you a rejuvenated plant that wil enable you to prune properly in future years to provide annual flowers.

I would feed and water well too after cutting back.

Pennine Petal

Thanks for the welcome back. Addict, nice to meet you.

Matty I am having problems with my philadelphus too, Verdun thanks for the advice. Mine is in a big pot, I think I need to get it in the garden once it has flowered, got some buds.

Liz,  thanks for the garden ideas. Already have Hever on the list, but none of the others. Might pop in to Wisley too on the back home.


Thanks for that,

I have just priced wedding confetti -natural knd. Ouch. Started dead heading and thought make my own. I have roses, lavender, phlox so will dry them and have a go.

Verdun I was aiming at hopefully having new flower-laden  growth for next  year but some of me thinks dig up and start again


Petal as a gardener if you have not been then Great Dixter is a definate. I love Sissinghurst as well, at its best at this time I think.

Wisley is a must and now I always check in the GW 2 for 1 gardens. On holiday I saw some great ones I may not have visited otherwise (not so much on the tourist track)


 this is my philadelphus, it was in the garden when we moved in over thirty years ago it has been pruned carfully some years, hacked back other years and one year cut to the ground with the chain saw.As you can see it is very exposed to the north and east winds but comes back time and again, i have taken dozens of cuttings over the years and given them away and have one in my garden but none flower as well as the original




sorry the second picture wont enlarge, i will take one later in a small size


little-ann, what a lovely view you have. Whereabouts are you? You haven't said in your profile.


The moth is a Poplar Hawkmoth,  

Pennine Petal

I am an RHS member Matty, so I can get in free in lots of places fortunately.

Off tothe park now for a walk in the woods.