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Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Back from yet another hol (OAPs with caravans!) on a farm in Somerset. Too hot to do much but the view from the back of our caravan was glorious as we hid in the shade and drank diet pop. Doesn't take much to please us. We met old friends who were caravanning a mile from us and had a lovely evening with them. We've had our problems over the last few years, but hearing about their troubles made us grateful for ours! (It was still a lovely evening, though.)

SIL, rushed into hospital before we went away (only 3 and a half hours and three massive haemorrhages before the ambulance came, which may explain why she had to be resuscitated on the journey to hospital during a fourth haemorrhage), is now home and OK. It turned out to be an infected abscess on the site of last year's cancer which had gone undiagnosed for months despite all her hospital visits. I suspect she is too old to get much of a priority. Just another old person clogging up the system. Or am I being cynical?

Apart from visiting her today, its a day for pruning bits off and tying bits up - the ladylike bits of gardening. And I finally have sweet peas to cut - those people who advised me that it was OK to plant them late were right.

have a lovely day, everyone. Make the best of the fine weather - apparently it isn't guaranteed to last past the middle of next week. Just watched Newswatch, where people complained that the weather reporting of the heat wave was too cheerful.




Good morning everyone.  When are we going to get a summer?



Morning all.

Lovely wall hanger Andy.

Welcome back GG.

Good luck with the fish Chris. Will they be going to stock a fishing lake?


Morning Lizzie.

Yes I think so, they have just arrived to start catching them, quite an operation. The chap who has bought them is a keen fisherman and Ron is getting info as we speak transport boxes everywhere on the patio. Hope to get some pics if I'm not in the way.

Sorry to hear about your SIL GG hope she makes a good recovery.



Good morning again - cant type much, waiting for nails to dry 


Got back from airport at 3.30am just in from watering the garden now at tea & toast then going to GC with the wife. Thanks everyone for the nice posts on my photo's happy fishing Lovetogarden, GG hope you had a lovely holiday and SIL is on the mend,KEF what do you mean teatime am no stopping for lunch so i will be finished before teatime,Dove they are Petunia's in the second photo have 3 large tubs of them. Well am off to the GC have a good day all think wifes in a hurry as shes going to see her mum this afternoon.


Hi Andy - I can see they're petunias now - it helps when I put my glasses on 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Just reported 3 spam posts by Creadios 

Have just sent a very nasty message to the above twit! Probably won't make much difference though!

Pennine Petal

Morning all, just lazing about today, haven't even been out into the garden yet. might do some cutting back today.

GG, always nice to get home.



Pennine Petal

Spam always makes me start singing . All together now .....

SwissSue wrote (see)
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Just reported 3 spam posts by Creadios 

Have just sent a very nasty message to the above twit! Probably won't make much difference though!

Don't suppose he'll even know you've sent it - he won't come  back to revisit the scene of his 'crime' and he certainly won't have ticked the email alert box - he gets paid to put as many 'ads' on the web as possible, he doesn't care where 


Morning all

Oh golly gosh what an evening - Teenage party next door, Think it was in this house and garden as well. Then they tried to sleep in garden (our bedroom at back) Feel quite 'hungover' without the alcohol and my ears are still ringing. we were warned bit thought it would be sound down by 11,(It's what my lot would do) but no - sound down 12.15 

Andy that's alovely garden and a lot of hard work you have planned. I'm sure it will be brilliant when finished(is a garden ever finished?)Look forward to progress pics.

As it is cooller today I am going to do that Philadelphus (I think)

Enjoy your days 

Pennine Petal

Matty, I hope you made a lot of noise this morning, although teenagers would probably sleep through it anyway.


Morning. Goodness me, it's busy on here this morning. Pleased to see you're back GG after yet another good holiday. Glad SIL is back home too.

Very much cooler today so I may get out in the garden. Will beat sitting on the sofa again.

Andy, the things you have to do for the kids! Brought back memories.  I always seemed to be designated as the Mum to do the late collection where my daughter was concerned. At one point, car drove itself to and from Heathrow when son went and came back from being on tour.  Happy days.

Do hope everyone has a great day, especially those if you who have been working all week in the heat. 


The best was when I looked out of the window to see how many sleeping bodies there were ND their puppy was running around them, jumping on them and running off with the shoes

As it's cool just about to cut down the Philadelphus, will then put the sprinkler on the bed for half an hour.


Cooler Matty? It's hotter than ever today.  Breezy too but it seems to make  it feel hotter.

Matty, put the sprinkler on those hungover bodies!


Ha ha Ha

think they've gone . They were only 16 - that's what really got me. Son said they used to turn music down at 11 but I don't remember parties until they were 6th form.

He said they just did it as sometimes I forgot to say. 

I think it teaches respect but there you go.

Any way. Philadelphus is now cut down - main stems - between 1/3 and 1/2 gone. Remaining stems cut down by 2/3rds. Blood fish and bone sprinkles around base. sprinkler on (i got wet getting it in right place) and when that's done have some compost to mulch it with. I did find one flower doing that!

And yes we have cloud cover here, what a relief, and a pleasant wind.


NDN just been round to apologise.

Seems they found a hidden vodka bottle amongst other things!!!

The potty gardener

Afternoon all. Got up earlier but then fell asleep on sofa. There is cloud cover today so much cooler.

GG glad you had a good time away.

Matty it's nice the NDN bothered to come round to apologise.

Might just have another snooze- catch up later.


Don't shout at's not warm enough now. Got my legs out in a dress, and went to Gala, and to a pub that had bands outside, came home as cool wind and not appropriately dressed. Now not warm enough to sit outside without my cardi on. Seen no sun and outdoor plants don't need watering. In fact toms & cumbers only needed a drop. Tomorrow supposed to be the same.

Fairy please wave your wand. an extra 7/8 C please & thinner cloud cover.

On positive side at least we can have a curry, was getting withdrawal symptoms.

Sister coming home from Fuerteventura ( wish spell check was working) tonight and won't believe what I've been saying about heat here, best text and tell her to have a jacket in hand luggage.

Verd have you got room for a lodger? I'll do the watering.

Hope those who have had cooler weather have enjoyed it and caught up with needed jobs.

Can't wait to see Andy's finished project pics tomoz, he must have had at least 2 hours to do it. 

Have a good evening all.

p.s Bev hope you're rested and rush of emotions has passed. GG glad to hear news about SIL.