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pps. Matty I never touched a drop until I was 18 honest guv. Can remember after a cider or two crying cos' David Cassidy wasn't at the party.

No room for lodgers.......KEF.  Going from room to room to find the coolest, plus a fan.  It's got to be hottest day so far.  I,keep,saying that but each day provides hotter wether.

A few dahlias tumbled down.....strong winds winds....and dry soil I guess.  Managed to stake them securely.  Normally would have done this couple weeks back. However, agastaches just thrive without support despite the height of some of them.  

Cutting stuff down now.....Monty was doing this last night but he copied me!  Most of the larger geraniums have been cut back over the past week or two amd they will then  make slightly smaller mounds that will flower into the autumn.  Cut cosmos too....they are too tall and will look better and more compact 

Oh, I could have posted this on evening FORKERS and been first.   Wot a shame!


Good morning all   Deadheading and cutting back is the plan for today here too.  It's cool and overcast so at least I won't fry.  


Morning everyone,

Cooler at the moment,dreadful warm night.Forecast 28C today possibly 30C tomorrow,but threat of thunderstorms.Just seen that it could reach 34C in London tomorrow,thats too hot for me,glad I don,t live there.

Morning watering just finished,the tomatoes in the greenhouse,don,t look so bad this morning ,they were really flagging yesterday,along with the runner beans.The courgettes have gone mad,I am picking every day.

Flowers seem to be going over quickly,so will be joining in the cutting back and deadheading today.

Have a good day eveyone.



Good Morning Dove & Gilly and all.

Rain...we've actually had some wet stuff overnight, not a lot but hopefully enough to refresh the grass.

I noticed how parched everything was in the park yesterday, a long time since it looked that way. As Gilly says everything is going over fast so it's deadheading and pruning for me today. My orange lilies have past their best and they only fully opened on Wednesday.

I've also loads of courgettes and peas and cucumbers, but still no ripe tomatoes. Beans are now at the top of canes,loads of flowers and small beans but only one runner and one french bean eatable size. 

Go steady those who are still in hot areas and have a good day all. 



My courgettes are still only producing male flowers.  Even in the rotten summer we had last year we were eating courgettes by now - last year I grew Parador F1 .  This year I couldn't find the seed at the GC so bought Soleil F1 but so far not a patch on Parador.  I shall be seeking out Parador early for next year.


It was 31° yesterday, 34° forecast for today. Too hot for me. Going to lunch with son after Church.His parents in law are there for the w/e.

Loads of French beans and courgettes, some tomatoes, 1 cucumber nearly ready. Mangetout peas finished and peas almost over. Lots of potatoes. It looks a mess, haven't had time to keep weeds down, must weed leeks. But so long as it produces.

Morning forkers

Feels cooler this morning. ,overcast.  Showers possible. ,actually feels very comfortable

Yes, flowers on lilies and the like are going over quickly and like many of you have been cutting geraniums, cosmos, Heucheras, osteospermums hard back.  They will all  look good soon but for now looks bit bare but  Aconitums now flowering as well as other summer perennials.

Hoping it does rain......


Good morning Verdun   Yes, a little rain would be fine - but if you've taken over Magic Wand duties, can you leave the rain until after I've finished in the garden today please - today is the only day I'll have to do any proper work in the garden for the next two weeks!!! My social life is picking up 


Morning All.

It's overcast and cool here today, had a sprinkling of rain, not enough to do any good. Yesterday was cool, only 19c, same forecast for today, but a relief from previous days.

Will be out doing some deadheading and tidying up before the weather changes again.

Broad beans finished and a lot frozen as we can't eat them fast enough, still have a few peas. We have quite a lot of tomatoes ready, piccalo, gardeners delight and Ailsa Craig just turning red.

Roses starting to look past their best, so must get them sorted before they drop all their petals.

Have a good day.



Hi again.

Dove I've grown Defender F1 Hybrid Courgettes for last few years and they have performed well.

Lizzie, that's too hot for me.

Love to garden, I've not grown broad beans before as I've always thought they were prone to blackfly, old wives tale I'm told. What variety have you grown?

Other broad bean growers I would be interested to know which you grow.


Morning everyone.

Much cooler outside at present but house still retaining heat. Will be carrying on with the cutting back/down of some of the bushes which didn't get done last year and some are now more like trees.  I quite like them really, but there's so much dead wood, which is what I caught my arm on yesterday.  No-one's noticed it yet.

Do hope it's not so hot in London tomorrow as son has to return to UCL for treatment. Part of the journey is on the Northern Line!!  If I was him, I would take a black cab. Makes the journey expensive though.

Have a good day all and those that work, relax.  


The potty gardener

Morning all.

We have bright sunshine again after a cloudy day yesterday. Need to get out and deadhead today.

Have a great day everyone


Morning all. Cooler today thankfully. Don't think I could have coped with a third day of 30+ in back garden - super scorchio! You have my sympathies BL.

You've beaten me today Tina- hope the injuries are better. My toe is fine - if it hadn't been so hot I would have had more appropriate footwear on. Lesson learned. You're to get high temps today too I think.

Verd- at least you kept the good weather going for punkdoc's hols. We do need some rain.

Dove I'm trading the wand in- I asked for rain and it just got hotter here!  

Hope everyone has a good day - whatever the weather brings. I will be painting in comfort today! Picking my sis and BIL up from airport later- do you think I should tell them they've missed the heatwave here while they've paid lots of dosh to lie in the sun somewhere else?...

Gardening Grandma

Morning, everyone. Much cooler here, and overcast, with a good breeze. Its a bit of a relief, actually. Sounds as though most people are going to be busy. Hope your arm is better, TT.

Feel as though I go away once a month and crash out, then come back and work like crazy for two or three weeks getting ready for the next excursion to a field somewhere. The garden is a b it jungle-like, even after major cutting back yesterday. Virtually no roses left, now, but will mulch again and hope for a good second flush. The garden will be a bit bald when I've finished cutting back. I'm taking out a number of plants that aren't earning their keep, so even after my orgy of seed-growing this year, I'm going to have to go to the GC and BUY SOME MORE! Yippee!

Decorator turned up for his money yesterday. He said it would be one day's work and it turned out to be more than two. To emulsion a room! He's a nice man and a perfectionist and he's not young. Maybe the heat slowed him, too, but the price was a bit of a shock. I'd been going to give him a tip, but I paid up to the penny.

Boiled ham for lunch - can't face putting the oven on today. Have a good day, everyone.




Gardening Grandma

FG, you and I must have been typing at the same time. Hope the foot is improving.


Thank you GG - it's fine. Serves me right for not having proper shoes on. 

Know what you mean about putting the oven on!

I've sent the hot weather to you KEF -let me know if you get it 

Off to paint now. Have a good day all 

Gardening Grandma

Painting the fence, FG. Or have you moved from one highly energetic activity to another? I feel tired just thinking about it!



You have been busy, took a lot of reading to catch up with you all.

has rained overnight. Enough to wet the dog when he went for his morning roll. Alot more pleasant outside.

Plants look less droopy, but as you all say flowers are going over very fast,

Have some more almost finished roses to pluck for confetti.

later am going to sttempt to clear some of the mini forest that has appearded in lawn


Cloudy with a very fine drizzle here. Not enough to wet the soil, but enough to wet me while I picked 6lb of blackcurrants.  Now to jam them. At least its cool enough to stand over a hot stove. 

  The plants I bought yesterday are in a group, ready to be planted. The teasels appear to have gone mildewed overnight. In the dusk they appeared to be glowing white. I'm working the next 5 and a half days, so I have a lot to get done today.  The house could do with a vacuum, but I guess the dust will be there next week.

I picked the first cucumber out of the greenhouse.