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Gardening Grandma

Have a good day, Matty. A bit of rain would be quite helpful at the moment. We have a water meter and the bill just arrived. Our water consumption has rocketed in the drought and our payments have been raised by ten pounds a month - although when the drought is over, it will drop to normal and they'll end up owing us money!

Put your foot in it again Fairygirl....shoed have known better.   Ouch!

Gardening grandma, your are right to get rid of plants that don't perform or that you no llonger like.  Enjoy your spending spree...I know it will be a chore but it has to be done.

Not on water meter but pay a huge amount for water so use quite a lot of it.

Cooler.cloudier.  But still very warm ...if not hot.  All change during the week though

Looking at things to change this autumn.  Always wanted to have a couple of pools linked by mini.....very mini.."stream".  Have one pool and a "ex" now housing plants so shouldn't be too taxing.  



Morning all  No time to read off to Bramdean garden shortly. Been a lovely weekend. Ignored the jobs to do list in my head and went and had strawberries and cream with champagne at a friends house warming yesterday followed by BBQ and today NGS garden. So nice to relax in the now cooler weather after being cooked all last week. Hope all well and happy. Will probably bore you all to tears later describing garden lol.

Pennine Petal

Morning, Verdun, I always feel guilty when I get rid of plants even when I don't like them.  Pulled out a load of geraniums yesterday and felt really bad doing it.

Mouse drama here this more, well actually it was a shrew, as we found out later. Rockycat brought it in in the early hours and it escaped under he wardrobe. He caught it again and brought it downstairs and we managed to rescue it and release it into the field. Phew, thought we were going to have move the wardrobe which would have been a mammoth task.

Have a good day all.

Pennine Petal

Oops that morning, sounds like I am ignoring everyone but Verdun Good morning all! Well actually, afternoon, I got up late.



back for a bit.

Just had a right trip/tumble! and am now feeling the hurtty bits. I was cutting down hedge/next doors overgrown tree, snapped a large branch with loppers, lost my footing and lurched unceremoniously onto a sleeper waiting to be used.Loppers hit leg (handle end). OH came running swearing - i am abut accident prone and pulled me up. 

Sore on bum, ribs, head,arm leg - more bruises!!

When we were on holiday we went on a steam train and I fell into the carriage, flat on my face (wearing a skirt as well!). dog ran off in train and other passengers caught him. OH was behind me and couldn't do anything


had a thought and have now been picking honeysuckle for confetti as well - kept me away from the loppers!


Glad I'm not the only one accident prone. Do hope you're OK Matty.  Bit of a shock to the system isn't it.  I think I have learned my lesson about overstretching, etc, since falling head first into the pond. Has made me more careful, hence I didn't get the steps yesterday to cut off the top of the bushes I was trimming.  Just knew what could have happened. Last year, I was in quite a small space, on my little stool when I tipped and got stuck.  Couldn't think how I was going to get up and no-one was in.  Eventually, after some time, managed to get legs in a position to kneel and, with great difficulty, stood up.  Body was not impressed.

At least OH was behind you. Could have been worse.

Had to come in from garden as sun came out and it is sweltering again. Clearing up will have to wait until later. 

I am sort of pleased to hear that people dig up plants they no longer like as I have some I have kept, simply because I felt it was cruel to dispose of them.  I will now do so without guilt. Why is it the ones you like can die in you but the others keep popping up year after year?


PPetal my cat did the same- but the shrew disappeared into a cupboard and we just had to wait till it appeared again - would never have found it. Fortunately it appeared next day returning along it's trail and went out the back door!

Verdun- I'm turning you into a frog for that joke.

In fact I might just take a pic of it and put you off your lunch..

GG yes - more fence...decided to double side all the back  (I'm a glutton for punishment) and I'm playing dumb and making it all higher as well for privacy. I'll still be painting it at Christmas at this rate! I'm too particular and it's hard because the timber isn't always true so sweary words sometimes happen when the spirit level says it's right but your eye knows it looks wrong. 

Addict's had a lovely weekend. Fidget - forget the hoovering  

About to go back out and get on with it. Hotter now but much more comfortable than yesterday. Would like to watch the golf...if only it was raining I'd have an excuse.


Still overcast and quite pleasant out here in Norfolk.  Just had lunch (yesterday's leftover Salade Nicoise with a bit of salami on the side).  The Undergardener took pity on my and finished digging over the bit of veg patch where the broad beans were, and after lunch he's going to take all the compost out of one bin and spread it over where he's just dug, then turn the contents of the other bin into the empty one.  Proper gardening  just like Percy Thrower! 

I've been cutting back/dead-heading etc. on the Shady Bank, and I've chopped all the chives that border the herb bed right back to just above ground level.  I'll put the sprinkler on them for 20 minutes this evening, and they'll all shoot again.  They're nice big clumps so in the spring I'll divide them and then they'll completely edge the entire bed like a little hedge 

Isn't it odd how as we get older our centre of gravity changes and we tip over more easily   I remember reading somewhere that people of "a certain age" should spend some time every day standing on one leg, to improve their balance - will someone please remind me to do it? 

Pennine Petal

A nice bath tonigh Matty, with some lavender and some marjoram oil. Might help stop the aching tomorrow. I'm constantly going over on my ankle and going up and down the steps in the garden, worry I will come a cropper.  You're Dove, balance not the same as it used to be. I have started Pilates to see if it will help.


But I'd fall over Dove.  I trip over nothing.  In fact, it's two really bad falls and several minor ones that have made me very nervous to go out.

Tried Pilates too, PP. My brain couldn't work out when I should breath in and out, if that makes sense and I found it difficult having laid flat on the floor to get up. I'll just grow old.

Pennine Petal

Me too Tina, although getting up is getting easier. Have only had 3 classes though, and only 3 in the class. Concentrating on getting the moves right, can't think about breathing and holding right muscles in too!


I used to do a form of tai chi for that but have not yet found onehere that does a similar one - mind you someone has given me details of one, just never checked it through.

Have just cut down NDN dog rose nad somethig alive has fallen out of my hair!


What I came on for -before caterpillar incident was to ask a question

I am sure somewhere there are gardeners growing Eremurus (was it Verdun). Mine has flowered and now do I leave the spike or cut it down - right to base or half way if I do?


P Petal, My mum had a tabby that was a good hunter, but not got the killer instinct. They live in a bungalow, and he used to jump on the windowsill, through the open top window and then drop a live present on the bed in the middle of the night.. Mice, voles, the odd baby rabbit.

My dad wouldn't get out of bed until my mum had caught the present in a fishing net and released it outside.

 I have made 15 jars of little beads of sunshine (also known as blackcurrant jam). All I have to do now is clean the kitchen so it doesn't look like a chain saw massacre. Every year I forget how jam spits everywhere when its boiling.

I'm a bit worried about verduns ex with plants growing on top.? I threatened to do the same with mine but I divorced him instead.



Wow such a lot of posts, can't possibly respond to all. Just saying hope the walking wounded and scorching are ok tomoz.

Only popped in to say I'm fed up, only 15C on therm' outside and still cloudy, it doesn't feel like 15, had my jacket on but still in long shorts!

This time on Friday it hit 40Con same thermometer( way too hot ) but today is rubbish, even cooking a pork roast, see if I can break my teeth and join the "injured" well I certainly won't get heat stroke.

Verd, you sure you don't need waterers? we can bring a tent.

I have cat stories about a feral one aged 20yrs plus that I adopted years ago, was ex NCB workshop cat, she was a treasure, had few teeth left and dislocated hip cos workmen kicked her & she didn't catch much in the years I had her, anyone want to know I'll tell.

I have two rescue cats - one with 3 legs that can climb ladders. The other so badly treated as a kitten that he still jumps at the sight of his own shadow and we've had him 4 years. So sad what people do to their so-called pets when they are only "doing what comes naturally".

Pennine Petal

I sort of hate watching the animal rescue programmes because of what people do to their animals, some horrible images sometimes, but always nice when they recover and go to a good home. Mine was dumped by someone and ended up in our back garden, inevitably I took him in.


waterbutts  I know active cats are a damn pest to us gardeners, and do kill things we love, but other than snails, slugs and lily beetles who I happily kill, I try to be tolerant. At times it's hard for us gardeners last thing I want is cat poo in my veg garden, or plants destroyed which happened to one poster. I don't have an answer.

Where I live now and the support system that might be available for hols' rules out any pets, so we feed the birds and enjoy them. But I'll add I miss having a furry friend on my knee.


When I was working and living in a city centre and only had a 30 foot long by 20 foot wide garden surrounded by 6 other gardens and as many cats I was as rabidly anti-cat-in-the-flowerbeds as the next person. Often to be found running out in nightie and slippers issuing oaths at 5 in the morning.

Now that I'm retired and living surrounded by fields with only one neighbour I find that my feelings have changed towards cats - possibly because they go out for the day and do what they have to do in the great outdoors along with all the sheep.

I'm still waiting for the feeling of a furry friend on my knee, husband excepted. Our two cats are both troubled little souls and don't have a clue about things like knees. I just get pleasure out of thinking that they are at least happy to be left alone.

We don't lose many birds to them at all. All those years of rushing about at 5 am have taught me to learn the sounds of the signs of trouble and I'm a very light sleeper. What we do have trouble with is live voles, field mice, shrews and once a slowworm. All alive and kicking. ( well, maybe not kicking in the case of the slow worm).

My husband once tried to rescue an indignant shrew - I warned him that it might bite  so he approached it very carefully. It ran up his trouser leg. I still have a mental image of him with his hands clasped round his knee trying to run to the privacy of the garden shed so that he could get rid of it. It didn't bite him, thank goodness.