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Fidget - you made me laugh re your ex. Of course - they're meant to be dead before you stick them under the patio.  Verd knows all about it - he was burying bodies recently.

 It reminded me of something  a comedian said - 'a friend will help you move, a good friend will help you move a body'...

Matty you're post wasn't there when I posted earlier- hope you're ok. It would have been better if other half had been in front -you'd have got a nice soft landing 

KEF know what you mean about wildlife. As Mr T says when we invite it in we can't be too picky about what comes in. I've used some jaggy prunings from a berberis to put in my front border to keep cats away and it seems to be doing the trick. At the front gate I've mulched with coarse bark and they don't like that but it's not feasible with edible crops.

Came in for a break and to take one daughter to a friend which I could have done without. Catching the end of the golf with a cup of tea. It was getting very hot again anyway so I don't mind.Wishing the back garden wasn't quite such a sun trap at the moment!


Wahay!!! The sun's come out again, just as we've about finished all the heavy jobs in the garden



Dove I could have done with some of your cooler weather today- it started out that way but by lunchtime it was scorchio again!  What you having for dinner tonight? You always have lovely food on the go 


This evening we are mostly having lemon and tarragon roast chicken with salad 

We would have been having new potato salad with it, except for the privations of the Phantom Potato Eater 

Which reminds me - I found butter on my agapanthus buds yesterday evening  

When I accused the Undergardener, he blamed the Phantom Potato Eater 


It's Verdun. He nicks everything edible.

Is that a new slug proofing/aphid busting  trick your UG is trying with the butter?



Thought he existed on Cake, Cake and nothing but the Cake!!! 


He'll eat anything Dove....nothing is safe   


Poor Verdun, is it because he's a man?


I think he sounds rather nice.

I think busyL sounds nice.    Obviously someone of good judgement!

Go on show off Matty.

I have yet to get Eremurus to flower.  It has been neglected...only one plant....but it's supposed to thrive on neglect, isn't it?  It grew well in its first year but I've had it for 3 or 4 years without it doing anything.   Maybe I'll try with another plant.  So, well done Matty.  Better than me!


We must both be people of good judgement Verdun!



I just plonked it in, (about 2-3 ins late) put a spiders web of twine on short sticks around the octopus roots to stop me digging it and left it to itself.

I do need to know what to do with the flower stalk though. Any ideas?

Hiya Matty.   I would always remove flower spike after flowering is over.  For two reasons.....neatness and to enable the root system to build up for the next year

I think I now know why my Eremurus doesn't flower.  Apparently it needs a cold winter to initiate those buds.  We don't get cold down here really.  It needs hot sunny site in summer too.   Not sure how I can arrange for a cold winter...........

Since you can grow them Matty, I would grow more of them.


Bring it up here for Christmas Verdun 


So, you would do that for me dove?  if I buy some Eremurus plants and give them to you, you will grow them in your garden for me.  I'm overwhelmed by your kindness.......( ha ha)


I have Eremurus, only disadvantage is short flowering season. Now I know why it does well here. Very cold winters and hot summers in Dordogne. I cut the flowers down when I get round to it.


My eremerus have flowered this year - but it is their first year in the ground, so guess they will have been treated well before they were sold.  Will have to see what happens to them next year after a winter in my garden rather than a nursery.

Back from hols. NDN did a wonderful job keeping my pots, borders and greenhouse alive - she must have spent hours over here, but I am so grateful! Everything looks very different to when we left - amazing how much growth can happen in a fortnight. Am off to work today, but will spend evenings this week deadheading and pulling up the most obvious weeds.

Need to take some pictures too, as I am going to have to do some plant rearranging in the autumn - my heleniums are huge, and obscuring everything behind them.  But overall very pleased with how it is all looking.

had a great holiday - total relaxation for the first bit, and loved Barcelona at the end.  FG - visited one of the Gaudi houses (Casa Batilo) - fabulous.  The Sagrada Familia is  also spectacular inside now - last time I visited it was a building site.

next time we need a heat wave you can all club together to send me away  - I always seem to miss them - even spent the summer of 76 in a different country.


spam reported 

Morning chick- glad you had a lovely time. Didn't get to see the S. Familia when I was there. He is fascinating isn't he? Difficult when you go away and someone has to do the watering! Gardens seem to survive though.

Cool here at moment but it's too get warm again later. Work for me today but hopefully get more done outside later.

Loads of flowers on my Etolie Violette now - love it.


Morning  Chicky and Fairygirl,and anyone else about.

Glad you had a good holiday Chicky,thats the kind of NDN we all need

Another hot day for us,forecast in excess of 30C ,but probable thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow.Despite deadheading every day,flower sare going over much faster than usual,and  a good storm of rain will perhaps do them good.

Roads near us been solid with traffic most of the weekend,nothing worse than sitting in a car in the blazing sunshine,stuck in a queue with everyone else intent on finding a little space on the beach ,stayed in the garden ,under the parasol with large iced drinks on copious supply. Much better.

Have a good day all.