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Gilly  I can never understand why anyone wants to sit in a car to go to a crowded beach!

Rain much needed in most parts but hate to think how much damage thunderstorms might do 

Hope everything's well staked 


Hello all. I am back from a very hot week in Verdun country.

We had plans to do lots of walking but too hot. Did visit a few gardens [ might post a few pictures later ] but generally just sat around. Lovely.

havent caught up with all that you lot have been up to.

Hope you are all well.

Good. Morning everybody

Cooler but still very warm.  Quite pleasant.

Fairygirl is quite correct.....for a change, ha ha......thunderstorms could damage tall plants not staked.  Dahlias spring to mind.....mine have been supported.  Although tall heleniums seem self supporting....first year I've grown them.  Thunderstorms rarely water ground or plants properly though so I will still water.

Might look into a nursery later on my for coreopsis when I cut back a large geranium but it needs to be of good size.  Have a tall echinacea, hot Papya, though that will go there too.....decided as I write, I will put the echinacea there.

Got my fav niece today.......19 and always looking for clothes so maybe I will have to forgo the plant purchase and buy a top or something for her.  Well, she NEEDS more clothes...she hasnt had anything new for, ...a week!

Have good day everyone


Morning all. Welcome back from hols those who went. Look forward to seeing your photos. There is a gallery for gardens we have visited.

  1. Welcome back punkdoc.  You now talking like us down ere now are ee?



A few Cornish pictures from Lanhydrock, Helligan and Eden













Punkdoc- so glad you had a lovely time. Did you have a sneaky paddle in those lily ponds!

Lovely pix. I do like a bit of well clipped topiary too. 

Verd- for your cheek earlier, I'm sending a thunderstorm to sit on top of your house....

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.....haven't been on the site for a while.....things have been really hectic.   felt I had died and gone to heaven this morning, we bought a bench for our communal gardens yesterday, this morning I sat out there with a cup of coffee and enjoyed listening to and watching the wildlife.  Absolutely priceless.



Lovely dahlia in top pic, looks nice and cool in 2nd pic, I'm too hot today.

Pottie Pam

A bit cooler today in Verdunland.

Please, Fairygirl, can you make the thunder overnight?

Love the photos, Punkdoc. Heligan is my favourite. Is the pond in the Italian garden at Heligan?


Hi fairygirl. you dont know how tempted we were to have a paddle. Yes Pam the pond is in the Italian garden at Helligan and is a real oasis of calm.

Gardening Grandma

A belated good morning, everyone! Glad you had a good holiday, Puncdoc and Chicky. Love the photos, Puncdoc.

Quite agree with those who avoided going to the beach today. We five miles from the sea, but I don't fancy the traffic and the crowds.


Well, I'm just a 10 min walk from the beach.  1 min from the traffic for me.  Lol

The potty gardener

Afternoon all. I couldn't get online at all yesterday evening

Been outside yesterday and today making the most of the weather before we get the promised storms. Like everyone else everything seems to go over very quickly. On sweet peas the bottom petal is becomming a pod before top petal opens.

I got round to taking some pics of whole garden rather than just individual plants so will post those later.

As for the beach ours has been shut by French who own it for last few years as steps down had become dangerous. French refused to repair but we finally got village green status for the beach so it now has to be open to the public. It's good when a town has a common aim.

Have lovely evening all



Sacre Bleu. A British beach owned by the French? Quelle horreur.


(aplogies for the french, I failed my french O level)


Morning all.  Promised rain/ thunder never came - although feels pleasant here at the moment.  Just off to open the greenhouse vents and then to work.  First rudbeckia flower opened ( sown from seed this year) - my purple spring borders are putting on their yellow summer wardrobe!

have a good day one and all ( and don't forget your brollies!)


Good morning all  No rain here either - late last evening we lay out on the lawn watching big dark clouds moving in from the west and I was sure there'd be a storm, but nothing overnight.  Today feels cooler and very still - even the birds seem quite quiet, as if they're waiting for something.

I'm pondering - over a pond - shall we have one for the frogs? 


Spam reported!  He's working his way through the alphabet -


Good morning Chicky & Dove.

Woken at 6.15am by the thunder, and now having lighting and heavy rain in bouts. I might soon have a pond

Just nipped out to remove saucers from under patio plants.

Looks like it will be an enforced HW day, some ironing if I can remember how to iron.

Hope work goes ok and have a good day folks.