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Thanks GG I'll go back thru them, can't believe I missed it. Will finish off an arch just right


Congrats Tattiana and Maud too. I din't get anywhere near that  Lizzie hope they don't make you potty too -sorry Tina - Thanks for your message. I tried to send you one back but it wouldn't let me

The potty gardener

Well I did the most stupid thing today- Went out to plant some bulbs. i got warm so took off my fleece and so was just wearing a summer dress with crocks. I didn't even think when a few flakes of very fine snow fell.

Once I came in I am chilled through to the bone. I just can't warm up!!!!! That will teach me to  dress sensibly


Hot drinks Bev, and put your hands and feet in hot water - that'll warm you up - and don't do it again 

Advertisement are a silly billy. Ha ha
Gotta get warm though ASAP

 Good morning everyone...early cuppa and reading posts..plan to take each hour as it comes today, including the visit to the dentist...



Morning all, coldest morning yet a -5 so i'm expecting damage even in the greenhouse. 

put a tray of mushrooms to cook in my propagator yesterday evening. Will be interesting to see what comes up is there anyway to feed mushrooms. Just wondering what is so special about mushroom compost


Morning all just about to head to work last day then off till 15th April need the weather to pick up as want to start my front garden and veg plot at the back garden so go loads to keep me busy. Oh then there's the greenhouse to single out plants and sow more seeds back hedge to cut and new front pathway to lay i will need the 2 weeks to get everything done i want to so weather please be kind to us all. Happy Easter everybody get those forkers digging. 


Morning all and thank you for your congratulations...yes 31 years is a long time. My friend actually said yesterday that I should be up for parole soon  and my husband calls it 31 years of wedded endurance  Anyway we spent the day in Liverpool and went to our favourite Italian for dinner which was lovely.

Just been out to put the recycling bin out and it's frozen solid out there this morning. It's looking pretty bright though so hopefully the sun will have chance to defrost my car in time for me to go shopping. 

Catch up with you all later & enjoy your day what ever you're doing


Good morning all..

Not sure if anyone else has asked this so excuse me if its been covered to death. Is anyone getting notifications yet? 



They'll probably all come at once - I seem to remember it happening once before 

Good morning folks - sharp frost over here in the east but gorgeously bright sunshine, blue skies and white fluffies at the moment - not that I'm allowed outside to enjoy it  

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Brumbull, I am also often awake at around four. but today went back to sleep and did not get up until 6.30. Bliss! I like getting up early but it is embarrassing when I'm useless the following evening!

My ipomoea are up! They've emerged after only four days! Question is how I'll manage them til they can be put in the garden. Nothing else in the propagators is up so I'll have to take them out and make them comfy on the conservatory windowsill., with a bit of protection for the nights.

The stuff from Hayloft plants has started to arrive, bare roots, so I'll put them in a pot under a compost blanket for the time being. Tempted to write an essay about what I'm going to do in the garden but this is not the place! After all, its only a gardening website.

Have a great day, everyone!


Heres some interesting idea's from the ehow website.

  • Paint a few plastic milk jugs using black spray paint. In the morning, fill them to the top with water, and set them all around your vegetable plants. During the day, the water in the jugs will collect the sun's heat, and that heat will help keep your vegetable plants warm throughout the night. Since water loses heat slower than soil, your plants will stay warm long after the soil is cold. The more jugs you fill, the more heat you'll trap during the day and the better protected your plants will be during the night.

  • 2

    Just before the sun sets, use a hose or watering can to water the soil all around your vegetable plants. This will help keep the air around your plants warmer as the night gets colder because the soil will release some of the moisture from the warm ground into the air. Be sure to water your vegetable plants liberally for this method to work properly.

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    Cover your vegetable plants with a lightweight material before it gets dark. For a smaller vegetable garden, you can cover your plants directly with a sheet or newspaper. However, for a larger garden, you'll want to create a type of tent. The easiest way to create a tent is to place four wooden stakes in the ground around your garden. Then, cover the stakes with a large plastic tarp or bed sheet. Covering your plants will help keep the heat accumulated during the day from being released at night.

    I am going to try the milk carton idea in my greenhouse. I'm not so sure about painting them black maybe a marker pen or even boot polish or insulating tape might work, I will do a trial and see how much difference the colour makes. There is plenty of heat in the sunlight.


Gardening Grandma

Ingenious! It will be interesting to find out how well this works.



normally a milk carton makes a great firelighter but soon fires will not be so necessary I have one to be going on with and probably another once i've had my morning coffee.



GG that's the problem I have -but I've got sky now so I can record stuff while I'm snoring on the settee! Tattiana- hope you were taken to Italy for your fave restaurant? I hope so ..31 know what they say about getting less for murder Ive heard that thing about the milk cartons Blackest but was never convinced. I think up here we often accept a shorter season anyway but this bitter weather is very frustrating when you want early veg and seedlings etc. We've had more snow overnight but hopefully it'll go when it gets up above freezing  like yesterday... Just heard many birds are in decline's up to us gardeners to get those feeders out. Stay warm all.

Hey you sleep at all? Ha ja
Morning everybody.
Cold again, tonight, tomorrow and for next week. Nut, it's sunny and dry.
Usually at Easter we get loads of visitors to Cornwall but I,think most will stay at home this year.
It's a LOOKS. Warm outside......
Morning all, looking lovely and sunny outside but haven't ventured out yet to see how warm it is, rushing around getting everything ready for work. Haven't been on here for 2 days as I had migraine and can't face looking at a computer screen when this happens. Just had a quick scroll through what I missed, congrats to Tatt, hope you enjoyed your day and hope those who were feeling poorly are on the mend. Off to work now, see you all later, enjoy your day!
Gardening Grandma

We love Cornwall, Verdun. although we have been there when the rain has been a week-long deluge and our awning was blown into the sea! We've had gorgeous weather there, too. We were probably asking for trouble by camping on a clifftop in north Cornwall, too!