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Morning chicky and dove, I see the kitchens are at it again, can't be bothered to report them any more, am just ignoring.

Doctors this morning, blood test and hip x-ray this afternoon, general overhaul!

33-35C expected today, think I'll move to the cellar, can hardly keep up with watering.

A swimming pool would be more useful than a pond at the moment, Dove!


KEF, as you're getting the iron out, if I leave a small pile of ironing on the landing would you be so kind? Sounds as if you need the practice and it'll save me getting the iron out when I get back from work - would BBQ pork ribs for supper be a fair swap? 


Morning Sue.

Fair swap Dove can I have some tomatoes on the side, as mine aren't ready ?


Mine aren't ready yet either, but some lettuce leaves are available, or some buttery Swiss Chard - sweet little strawberries for pud? 

Morning folks

Humid here but max temp to be around cooler and pleasant.

Picking Sungold tomatoes, blueberries and blackcurramts.

Got foodbank duties later.   It's been very hot, stuffy amd hectic last couple weeks.  We are adding free meals for children during school hols now .....expecting no respite today.

A white lupini will be going over soon so unsure what will replace it.  Everything else there knits together so may need a visit to nursery.  Have some plants though so may use those

For,those of you in extreme heat stay cool



Morning all. The promised rain here is now apparently coming later today so I might be forced into doing h*******k too. 

KEF if the rain arrives the way they say we'll all have ponds whether we want one or not! Maybe I'll get some ducks to keep the magpies away....if they keep up their raiding I won't have any tomatoes either! Had to make a cage at the front of the growhouses or else I won't be able to open them up. little devils. They were going berserk this morning. 

My Ligularia is about to open - there's a little bit of yellowy orange peeping out of a big fat juicy looking bud. It'll welcome some rain. 

Off to work now. Have a good day all. 

Fairygirl,  think you are mistaken...that "big fat juicy looking bud" is a slug.   Sorry!


Morning all. Tipping down with rain here. Maybe the stream will start flowing again, has been dry since May.

have a good one everybody.



Punkdoc, we now have a stream and it's running down the middle of the road. Been tipping down on and off since 6.15am. Currently the thunder has stopped.


Morning. Bit cooler than it was yesterday which was 33degrees according to my daughter. All I know is that it as soooooooo hot. Sofa and fan day. Was out in the garden at 3.45 bringing the loungers in, but it was too late as we had already had a bit of rain.  Somewhere fairly close was having a storm but it never reached me.

Even the temptation of a free meal wouldn't tempt me to do your ironing Dove and Kef, ironing and housework is taboo from June to August.  So just relax.



Morning everyone. So nice today. Temp in the low 20's and just heard the rumble of distant thunder getting closer. If it rains think I might go out and dance around in it lol 


With friends in maidenhead, just started thundering and heavy rain. Glad to hear my garden's had some watering... But sounds like maybe a bit of a shredding as well. Its been soooo hot n sticky visiting London over last 2 days. Thorpe park today.

Still waiting for the thunder here in Worthing and im looking forward to it. Im reallynot coping too well with the heat this year guess im out of practise. Just think if it rains i wont have to water.


Mrs G, you certainly picked your time to come to London! If it was 33 here, 13 miles away, hate to think what it was in the centre of London and today Thorpe Park!!  You deserve a medal. Hope the queues aren't too long.

Hi Maud. I don't fair well in this weather either. OK years ago, but not any more. Hope daughter is getting on OK.

Morning Addict.

My daughter is doing really well with her degree, she is at home enjoying the sunshine, each day she has met up with friends and gone swimming at the beach. I avoid the beach as the state my back is in i cant walk on the pebbles.This is the first year i have felt so bad in the heat so i hide indoors in the day and been out gardening at 8.30 in the evening, its quite nice at that time.


Just to say, I think it,prob best not to comment on the spam,posts.  I understand we would like to have a go at them but it just sends their thread further up the latest posts chain

Dont really understand why spam is getting through.  Does it happen on other forums?


Verdun, didn't happen on Beeb forum to my knowledge, but that was well moderated. There were times when you couldn't post if you had typed something they didn't approve of.  Couldn't mention any brand names either. At the risk of getting my wrists slapped, bit lax on here, but then they are overseeing several sites, not just this one. Still got several glitches haven't we, even though they were reported almost 2 weeks ago.

The potty gardener

Morning all- it is still morning isn't it?

We haven't had the promised storm or rain. No sun this morning though.

Well I suppose I should get up now

Have a good day everyone

Verdun, I shall shurrup where kitchen units are concerned.

Waterbutts.....ha ha.  It's difficult one isnt it?

Tina I agree with you about the glitches.  But the people are sooooooo nice aren't we, they?  Hope everything is going well with ??ou. 

Lovely day here but now off to foodbank....hate being indoors when it's like this and I think I will be asked to do more there!!!