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Hi later posters.

I will send rain your way if you are in need. Had our share, it's just stopped. Most things seem to be okay, even first, yipee..Cosmos purity flower. Will have a lot of tidying to do as leaves and petals all over.

The stream down the middle of the road has now gone and H has reported blocked drain across the road.

SORRY, Dove, done my ironing and now peaked so can't do yours. So no Dove meal for me. I will find something in the freezer to put with boiled beetroot ( also been a domestic godess in the kitchen as well as ironing slave) Might end up being plates of all sorts, maybe fried courgettes & aubergine, beetroot with olive oil and crushed garlic, bowl of salad & feta cheese..with shop bought toms..huh!

Or could be really lazy and have Pizza & salad. Could really fancy a big steak, chips, onion rings, mushrooms, garden peas for health, maybe tomorrow as shopping day.

Well I'd better go and do a bit as H just told me forcast for more rain this teatime. Well at least it isn't cold.





Between rain storms I found a beastie in the garden.


Lost for words Kef?   I'd have a takeaway.  So much easier.

I've had only a thimble full of rain overnight and the sun has been out again since 12.35.  Sitting with fan on - again.  Never watched so much tv. Haven't yet resorted to Jeremy Kyle but am scraping the barrel. Have even got into Games of Thrones, but need to go back as I'm finding it hard to know who's who.  Best watch with pen and paper.  Have to avert my eyes every now and then.

Lovely plant, nasty beastie.  I'm ignorant - what is the plant?


KEF did you mean the lily flower that looks a bit 'monstery' or am I losing the plot totally? That's quite possible actually 

My two are having steak tonight...wonder what I could have 

Perhaps I could eat the 'slug' Verdun mentioned...he thinks he's funny you know. Must try harder to turn him into a frog...

We had a big thunderstorm this morning so I don't have to water  -whoopee!! Fortun. ately no casualties in the garden though Et. Violette is looking a little sad

Having to wait till my planks dry though before i can resume fencing activities.

I've not yet resorted to Jeremy Kyle yet though Tina ...

Done my banking and shopping though. I could do ironing but I hear people are offering to do it ...any takers? KEF -  that's you - did I mention I have steak?? 


Hey, back from foodbank.   Busiest yet.  Am exhausted....and I haven't been paid my bonus yet!

Fairygirl, ??ou think I'm,not funny?  I joked and teased all afternoon at the foodbank and they all laughed...........erm, well, actually not sure they did !! But I thought I was hilarious.

Threatens to rain here but then sun comes it's warm and humid at times but the sea breezes do coola bit.

Got to admire fairygirl.....what a worker!  

Tina, talking about Jeremy kyle, I took my mum to,audiology dept recently and he was on the public  tv. What a shambles...everybody screaming and threatening one another....and then there was the Jeremy Kyle programme.


I think Jeremy Kyle should be required viewing for all children from the age of about 11 onwards. That way they might learn what not to do with their lives....

Verd-  how sad is it that you're giving out free meals for children in the hols. at the foodbank. What's happening in this country?

here's the 'slug' Verd...does look quite tasty actually....

 How horrible is the colour of that fence!!! I didn't do it in case you're wondering  


Verdun - Boom, Boom!!  What a nutter.

The fence isn't that bad FG. I wouldn't have noticed it.  Do like that plant though. Best not think about getting one because it's sure to die.

What's happening FG, is that we are all expecting far too much. We have forgotten our place. We must learn to do without and kiss the err um - feet of our betters, ie, the MP's who have it sooooo hard. I mean, it was impossible for our MP to get a cab home, cost £27.50, when late night sitting, (not that often these days), so he needed a nice little pad, at taxpayers expense, so he could stay up town. We can eat gruel. 



If you enlarge it I think  my lily looked like a lizard / dragon. Ears, snout, mouth. Must be lack of steak.  Certainly not too much sun.

KEF wrote (see)

I thought my lily looked like a lizard / dragon. Ears, snout, mouth. Must be lack of steak. 

At the risk of detention here ...I thought you meant there was a lily beetle on it KEF so I thought I needed to go to Specsavers cos I couldn't see it 

Tina- and they're so hard up they needed a little 9% diddums. My heart bleeds.

Going to other thread ain't seen me - right?


Detention for me. Won't ask if I  get spanked. Soz for getting you "done" fairy.  


I will give myself a detention too because, when enlarged, it did look like a lizard. What is it Kef?

I must not post after 6

I must not post after 6


Two for detention. Tina it's a lily, one of those big pink perfumed ones that you get in bouquets. They are what I've been waging war on lily beetles to protect.

What time do we get let out?

I've just had to move some small potted on plants so they don't drown, been told that in Notts they've had 2" of rain in 30mins and heading our way. Not impressed.

The potty gardener

As school has broken up for the summer instead of dtns then anyone posting on wrong thread can come and do my housework for me..... be warned...........

Tina, I don't think I'm a nutter.  I asked myself that question and I,heard myself say to me "no Verdun you are a jolly fine fellow."   I will ask for a second opinion bit I'm sure I will tell me the same thing again.  We Cornishmen are smart you know!



You've just proved me right Verdun but you are, without doubt, a jolly fine fellow.

Going to be a bit crowded in detention tomorrow.  I'll bring the gobstoppers.

Nos dha


Flipping 'eck GG. We'll be hanging out the windows.

Well, I think so but as my Cornish is about as good as my French, I could be saying anything.

Think you were a bit early with the greeting GG, unless Wales is in a different time zone than us English.

It it now OK to say 'Morning all' and I claim first prize. All those in detention, report at 18.00 hours.

Gardening Grandma

Morning TT! You are indeed the first on this thread on the 24th.

Cornish is eerily like Welsh. I remember listening to someone reading Anglo-Saxon years ago. It sounded just like English but was utterly incomprehensible; it felt like trying to wake from a bad dream. Same with Welsh and Cornish! Anyway, goodnight in Welsh is 'nos da.'  That's what foxed me.

And now, goodnight!


Good morning all -anyone about - sounds like everyone was up way past their bedtime 

We've had a little rain, the earth is damp and sow is the lawn - and the neighbour's can has scratched up and deposited where I sowed my Swiss Chard