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Morning all, very brief post as in a rush, more rain due.

Soz to hear about gardens Andy & Puncdoc.

Tina good luck with ear, I say GOOD LUCK with EAR.

All the best to all.

Back later.


Hi all. Had a bit of a surreal late night garden planning with Verdun last night! Now im sat looking at the spot in question and can't wait to get to GC to purchase a splendid mescanthus varigatum.

Cooler with a breeze today, still very warm sun behind the clouds. Sorry for Andy and puncdoc's floods - PC did you suffer in big Sheffield floods few yrs ago?


Thanks all for the thoughtfullness. Water is draining away fairly quickly, no need for snorkel and flippers. Not much I can do about all the plants now being flat.

Yes Mrs G we did have some problems during the big floods. having a stream flowing through the garden is lovely but, when it is at the bottom of the moors there is a downside.

Tina good luck with your ear and the hangover is much better. I cant take it like I did a few years back.


Dove, what roscoea did you get?  having had such a gorgeous display from Kew Beauty this year, I fancy a red one.

Intermittant showers forecast. I'm betting on a downpour over Notts /derbys border around 5 to 6. I've brought my coat.

Gardening Grandma

Glad to hear it, Puncdoc. Hope the ear improves, TT.

Off to bro's garden soon. Just remembered that one of the plants in his front garden looks remarkably like a wisteria, planted in a shrub border. Before I (or rather, OH!) dig/s it out, can anyone think of another plant that I might have mistaken for a wisteria? It is spreading over other shrubs and looking fairly rampant, but there are no blooms, probably because it hasn't been pruned. I might put this on another thread, actually.  



I have returned. Sat for nearly an hour as one after the other went in. Decided to ask, politely, how much longer before I would have to wait and found my doctor had marked me  as having been seen!! Bet she took one look at the name and deleted me! I just love my doctor and would wait all day if necessary. Anyway, referral to specialist.  Could be a long wait.Think I might have to do a bit of googling to self diagnose.

Very funny Kef. I said very funny Kef. Thought you had a problem too. Is it OK now.

Good to hear the water is going Puncdoc and you are feeling better.

Son is thinking of taking up a large bit of the grass to make a central bed!  Problem is, he is known as 'The Great Unfinisher', so I could have a large patch of earth full of weeds.  Perhaps he'll forget. I will not be badgering him.


My right ear is now okay thanks Tina. The other one now feels "poorly", but I've still got some drops left and following instructions on box they are okay to use, so if it persists it will get treated. I probably get compost in them

Hope specialist referral doesn't take too long, best ring up next week and make sure they've done it, they might have you down as already been

All note and let it be recorded ( at her request ) that Tina has answered a gardening question about dogwood.  


Kef, you make me laugh.  What's for dinner tonight?  If it's worth getting my bike out for, I'll be there.  Fancied last night's but wouldn't had made it in time and I don't like cold lamb. Googled symptoms for ear and there's no nasties that it could be.  Probably old age.  That's the trouble with us OAP's we drain the NHS.  Funny that, because in my marathon sit in this morning, all the other patients were young.

It's obvious we both have time on our hands.  Just went out the garden, but no enthusiasm to do anything, other than water the pots, which are in a shady bit.  Tomorrow's another day as Scarlet would say.


KEF is that the compost you keep in the fridge or did I misunderstand?? 

Tina - I won't do the joke......hope the ear's ok. What was the dogwood question?

GG someone will know what the plant is. A thread of it's own would be a good idea. What makes you think Wisteria? Are there any  flowers still on it?



Oh dear FG. A very simple one. How big does it grow - I think?  Brain not functioning. Blame it on the ear.  When Doc examined my ears said she couldn't see anything, I asked if she saw daylight.  Not funny.

TinaTurner wrote (see)

Oh dear FG. A very simple one. How big does it grow - I think?  Brain not functioning. Blame it on the ear.  When Doc examined my ears said she couldn't see anything, I asked if she saw daylight.  Not funny.


By the way FG, what did you think of Verd's rebuttal of us being the stars in the garden?  Was sobbing into my pillow all night.


great storm here in north manchester . thunder heavy rain . big plans to work in the garden gone to pot . cake and tea anyone .sainsburys french fancies 


Didn't sleep a wink Tina - too busy weeping into my cocoa....

I'll be there soon archie 


Bit too sweet for me,  archie.  We've got lemon drizzle  cake to go with the drizzle



drizzle!!!!!!!!   the manchester moonsons have started opps abreak in the cloud



Lemon cake, my favourite. Allow myself one Mr Kipling individually wrapped slice now and then. Not the same as a big chunk of Lemon Drizzle though. Like Lemon French Fancies too Archie. Can't remember when I last had one of those. 

He was a bit harsh wasn't he FG.

Brilliant sunshine here in the SE.


Don't get me started on lemon drizzle cake....

And Verd will appear if we talk cake...

Verd- I think it would be a big mistake if the nursery employs you. You'd just buy everything...

They'd have to stock up on more grasses, Hellebores and purple Cotinus. And  Agastaches and Geums.

No daylilies though. 

I'm off to turn myself into a frog.........


Good day

One ofmy now brief calls.

Puncdoc - sorry to here about flooding - there were alot of flash floods around here as well.

The place you went for garden wedding - may I ask where it was please?

Tina - sorry to hear you have been referred. I would keep checking up on them though to make sure it's done, and if possible say you will take cancellations - sometimes worth it.

I have started wedding cake,. Have marzipaned bottom tier and started pressing out and making the flowers, but it is the butterflies that I am most worried about. Today I have done a trial run with 4 and sort of put them between the divider of an egg tray to see if they will set as if they are flying.

Results will be posted. End of the week I will be making the other 3 tiers (chocolate cake) and then panicking all next week about getting it finished and not screwing it up


Managed to by a very pretty white achillea yesterday that will look just right in my 'Hidcote' patch. Have cut the lilac back but think I found concrete where I was going to put bed - will try and see when i have more time.


Matty, are you now wondering why you are putting yourself through all this worry?  Don't know how you do it.  Look forward to seeing the finished results which I bet will be perfection.  I can't even bake a sponge. Well, not one I would put on display.

If I had private insurance, I could have been seen straight away, more or less. If I thought it could be serious, I would pay but the doc did reassure me that it wasn't and I have every faith in her. Probably still be waiting this time next year. Will look at age and shove me to the bottom of the list.

Naughty FG.