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Morning All

After atrip to Morrisons for foos, well maybe some plants will pop into trolley as well I am going to do yesterdays plan and make my raised bed. It is a kit, so manageable , I find trickiest bit is getting it level in its final position. And I will have a go at poyying up these peruvian lilies

Sunny here and even the GH seemed a working temperature


Morning all.  Have grandchildren here this morning so good excuse not to do anything, not that I would anyway.  One is on PS Vita, whatever that is, and the other one has just informed me she's on a DGM T-909.  Beam me up Scottie. I'll stick to my little laptop. 

I am a night owl but always wake after about 4 hours sleep, then listen to the radio whilst dozing.  Love lying in after years of having to get up to go to work.  I know that many people's body clock never adjusts to this.


I'll watch it from my bedroom window BB!


Car says it is a tropical 6C here, the su is out, looks as if I will be able to make the raised bed

it was like a jumble sale in the aisle where the Easter eggs were - how silly

Going outside now. YAY 

Highland Jeannie

Can't do anything in the garden today, still too cold but bright & sunny, though I did move a lupin a few days ago.

Also discovered the hard way that 125 litres of compost is too awkward to lift onto a B&Q trolley then into the car (even with the 2 of us lifting) .  I was fine for about 20 mins; then I realised that I shouldn't have done it!! 

OH had same problem but he's ok today; I've stopped moving about much & certainly won't be picking anything up if I drop it!! The painkillers have helped, but I have a heavy night due at the Scottish Country Dancing tomorrow  so really really want to be ok. (I don't do genteel.....)  


Brumbull wrote (see)
TT - I have always been an early bird, summer is great because I like to sit on my patio in my garden and watch the sunrise with a cup of tea.

Couldn't agree with you more BB. Have seen many a sunrise over the years as I used to travel a lot to Agricultural shows and was often getting up when other people were coming in from a night out! Hillwalking meant a lot of early starts too as there was often a long drive  to get to them. There's something about a summer morning- the stillness, and just birds singing- hard to beat  I don't do crowds I'm afraid!


Brum so many people lead such busy lives these days and sometimes you just have to stop and take in and appreciate what you have. The smell of freshly cut grass, a blackbird singing, butterflies collecting, dragonflies on a pond, bees buzzing, freshly baked bread...the list goes on Do you think it's ever going to get warm enough to cut grass this year? 


Morning brumbull and anyone else up early, a bit warmer for sure 1.5 instead of -5 yesterday.

Aldi are selling top soil next week for around €3.50 a 35 litre bag, they sell compost at €1.49 a 40 litre bag. I have pretty poor soil so aim to raise some beds. Which makes sense to buy ?


Good morning all - blue skies and bright sunshine over Norfolk - but a sprinkling of white grains on the ground overnight.  Hopefully this sunshine will warm things up a bit 

My cough isn't so bad but my head feels full of rustling sweetpapers and my lips are all dry and cracked - not at my most attractive obviously - but there's homemade Hot X buns for breakfast 


The compost is good stuff, I've bought 400 litres of it already meaning to add it to topsoil, however seeing the top soil offer does it make any sense to buy top soil at that price when i can buy 2x the amount of compost?


Gardening Grandma

Good morning all. Sunshine at present! OH working nights all weekend and in bed during the day so this will be a gardening weekend - in between visiting elderly relative in hospital, amazingly time-consuming but essential.

Verbascum seeds are through and lavender Munstead just beginning to break through the soil. Nover loses its thrill, does it?

OH's lovely old peugeot car has just given up the ghost! Will have to part-ex mine for a car suitable for towing the caravan. Goodbye to having a car of my own....


Morning all looks quite bright out there today but the poor Fatsia is stood sulking in the corner which tells me it must be pretty cold! At least the snow is melting slowly but surely.

Fairygirl...yes I know you get less for murder and I deserve a gold clock for putting up with my OH for so long.   Unfortunately we didn't get to Italy for dinner only got as far as Liverpool but lovely all the same 

We're taking our daughter out for the day today. She wants to go to Manchester shopping..oh dear I fear that's going to be expensive! Then this evening our son & his girlfriend are taking us out for dinner (a treat to celebrate our anniversary). They're not telling where we're going just that it's a surprise 

Enjoy your day everyone 

Morning everyydoby.
Dove and Brumbull. Just had porridge but your posts have encouraged my to toast my hot cross bums
Cold or not the Easter weekend does put gardening on the agenda.
Gardening grandma, sorry your old car has died but think of the petrol saving you will make with a new more economical one.
Dont forget my prediction of a long hot,summer
Sitting by the dresser next to the Aga scrolling through the posts with a hot water bottle on my lap. Doggy snoring away under the table. Worked last night, so really should be in bed. Lovely day in the garden yesterday, stripping great sheets of ivy off the top of my walls ( see Garden Gallery thread if you're interested). Today planning to visit great gardener friend in Totnes, the market's which is always fun, might pop in to nursery (family run, not GC) on the way back if it's open.
Brumbull wrote (see)
Don't you mean buns Verdun ........... Lol

I was thinking the same! GG you could always get that Pope mobile into service...every cloud etc  Very cold here again. Had a look at my pots yesterday and there's a hosta trying to grow. Another bunny rescue from old house...pesky critters Hoping the cannas are ok. There's a clematis here which I'll try and rescue- previous owner must have put it in - but it's in the grass  (??) Might need a road  digger if it doesn't thaw out soon... Hope you're feeling better Dove- it's the start of summertime on Sunday...can someone tell the weather that


I do not wish to elaborate....can't sit down at the mo

Good morning all. Raining here, but yesterday afternoon turned out quite nice. Pruned the last prickly rambling rose - yes, I know ramblers should be pruned after flowering, but it is a very prickly Albertine with dead wood in the middle that I couldn't reach last summer for new growth, whippy stems and leaves.

About a month ago we had a warm spell, sun and 16°, so I sowed mange tout peas and broad beans. Peas are coming up, no sign of beans. I had a little dig about and they've disappeared. Going shopping this morning, I'll have to buy more seeds.

I hope, Verdun, that when you've recovered from whatever it was, you'll tell us why. Hope it doesn't hurt.



About to start dough off for hot cross buns, Going to daughters tonight with an order for them

Then, you never know, I may actually make the raised bed while dough is rising. The aim is to paint it (bed not dough) this afternoon

So busy day here. I was going to do a Paul Hollywood recipe but have decided to do my old tried and tested one

Hope al, are recovering from coughs, colds and not being able to sit down

See you


Morning all. Not quite with it yet.  Sun's shining and it is definitely a few degrees warmer.  No chance of getting to get anything from GC as one son working, other son off to a wedding and daughter having a 'jim-jam' day as it's no school.  Don't blame her as she always seems to be chasing here, there and everywhere.  Never remember there being so many activities when they were all young. 

I do wish I could have a hot cross bun!  Don't think I fancy one of Verdun's though.


I think Verdun's been talking to my daughter - apparently I texted her about my Hot X Bums