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Hi everyone and commiserations for those who need it, health or flooded gardenwise.

Just come back from a long weekend in a place near Leominster, Hereford. Anyone on here live near there? Stayed with a friend I've not seen in years. She now has a small holding in the back of beyond a complete deadzone as far as my satnav and phone are concerned. Drove round for over an hour trying to find her. Eventually found a local who knew them and rang for my friend to meet me and show me the way  had driven past turning 3 times lol. 

Absolutley idyllic where they are. Beautiful countryside. Have pics I will post later as well as pics of the original Hampton Court castle and gardens and Stockton Bury Gardens both definitely worth a visit. Still have to post pics of Bramdean that I visited a while ago...just not enough hours in the day!!!! 


Hi all. Coffee and walnut cake for me.

Went to 2x GCs for verd's rec grass but none of any description at either. I can wait or mail order if not! Instead spent up on a pink and blue late summer border. Thought id got loads but need 3x as much to fill border! They'll grow n spread!



ramseydog is advertising for Agrigem. I have reported to moderator.


Where to start and I've only been o/s a few hours ?

Matty look forward to pics, I'm not good at butterflys even with the camera.

Fairy I keep all my compost in the fridge  meant the cabbage should have gone in compost bin a while ago but found it still in the fridge.

TT tonight we will mainly be having a Greek style feta salad, bet you can't smell that. Maybe more courgettes,as G pigs rejected them...and not those from the hutch, but fresh off the plant..fried in olive oil and garlic and crusty bread.Maybe beetroot drizzled with basil oil, I'm such a domestic Godess..or lazy Mo more like.

Hi Addict & Fidget.

Archie it's sheeting down in S.Yorks, but has been lovely up until 4.30pm. Hope the monsoon passes quickly.

Right off before it's Evening Forkers.


p.s. missed Mrs. G. Hiya.

TT me thinks no need to change name to Old Drain yet

Off before anyone else posts


Hey......dont go yet.......where's the cake?

The potty gardener

Well I went online this morning and first thing daughter who is over from Quatar asked did I want to spend day with her.She then suggestedI shower straight away and meet her. So done nothing in garden all day. Ok I'll get on evening thread fo next posting


Oops, know I shouldn't be here, but have only just fallen in Kef re 'Old Drain'. Took a while for the penny to drop.

Dinner sounds good but not for me. Anyway, I don't want the gp's rejects.


Matt2 the wedding was at Bell Hall, Escrick near York.


Thanks Puncdoc. Son lives up there, perhaps, one day they will marry and I know agarden setting is what hi partner wants.

I live near Leominster, Malvern. Love Hampton Court especially the amzing veg garden. The only time I've ever really been excited about veg garden display

Tina now it's finally the countdown and I have a written timetable I feel more relaxed about it, till I have to consruct it that is. OH says he can't stand the pressure!!


Good morning all    It's a dry and still morning out there - I've just chased a cat off the terrace .  The wire for protecting my seedlings arrived yesterday - at the weekend I'll make some little wire cloche things.  Wonder where my wire snippers have got to .......  anyone seen them? 


Well, where are all the gardeners?  Still a'bed or out watering?  I'm off to work - have a good day folks - see you later 


Just missed you Dove.  Bit later this morning, as having a day working from home. Have a pile of reading to catch up on and and am fed up of sitting in an open plan office with my fingers in my ears!!

very dull out there - rain on the way

Gardening Grandma

Hi, Chicky. Have a lovely peaceful day!

Your message made me think of my teaching days. Now there was a job that would have been improved by working from home.  Providing the dear children remained in school, that is!

Well, there's one thing certain, today. No gardening. And remind me NEVER to plant a wisteria in my garden!

Fat club this morning. KFC last night won't have helped.... Something has ripped a couple of young branches from my buddleia. Must have been a jolly heavy crow!

Have a good day, everyone.



Morning GG - surely the KFC will have been cancelled out by the strenuous battle with the wisteria!! Good luck with FC just in case that logic doesn't work



Morning Dove and chicky-or just  chick! 

No watering for me - plenty of rain since last night and to be showers today.

chicky does the working from home involve a lot of tea and cake? 


FG - certainly lots of tea - larder is bare of cake.

must make a start ......

Gardening Grandma

It would if I were doing it, FG. What is it about reading and doing paperwork that just cries out for a cup of tea and at least a biscuit within reach?



What- just one biscuit....???

chick- if you start now you can have fairy cakes ready (my specialty ) by half 8 or so. They don't even need icing....

Morning is all about food's made me put on some toast.

Wet overnight and damp now but garden seems to have enjoyed it. Sun coming out later this morning.

Got an invasion of jellyfish type....down here on the beaches

Foodbank later

Have happy day everyone