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Morning all!  Hope everyone is well, certainly there's loose talk of tea and cake, if only my waistline was virtual too.....

Had so much rain here yesterday!! Thunder and lightning lasted for a few hours, with buckets of rain.  I live on a hill and felt sorry for the people at the bottom.  Couldn't get much gardening done, but never mind.  According to the met office it won't rain today, so I'm off to weed the lawn and aerate it.  It is in a real state but I'm determined to reclaim it.

Lilies are flowering now, ooh also I bought an agapanthus yesterday from sainsburys so need to plant that out as well.

See you later

The potty gardener

Morning all.

My stupid internet wouldn't play ball last night so just read through last nights posts. I'm exausted just reading what some have been up to.

We've had rain overnight and more promised for this morning. Going to meet daughter again today. Have spent more time with her since she moved to Quatar than when she lived 10 miles away .

A visit to a GC is planned but may postpone 'till weather improves.

Have a fab day everyone whatever you do


Morning anyone left. Raining here and very much fresher, thank goodness. Popped out and cleaned pond pump as it had stopped working. I think the pond will have to be cleaned in the Autumn.

Feeling very tired and I don't know why. Perhaps it's reading all the exertions taken on by other posters, especially GG! Blood results OK, so nothing wrong with me. Just lethargic. Did plan to get everything out the shed and have a good sort out, now that the roof has been fixed, but it will have to wait.

Have a good day all.



Morning all. Sunny and warm again in Sheffield. Hoping to clear away some of the debris left by the floods.

Handy hint. I dont normally wear shorts if I am gardening, get too many bites but this moring went to greenhouse with some material for taking cuttings from and walked straight into the nettle patch [ the patch that I say is for butterflies but OH says is there because I am too lazy to chop it back ]

Have a lovely day everyone.


On this occasion, you have my sympathy Puncdoc.



Morning all. Horse foot trimmer has been, some watering done (still no rain), washing is on line, swimming pool sides brushed. Just got 2 beds left to make before arrival of family. Daughter No.2 rang last night to say she's coming this evening instead of tomorrow. Daughter No 1 coming for lunch tomorrow. 2 has little girl and boy and 1 has 3 small boys. Son 2 coming tomorrow, son 1 coming Friday with wife and adorable 1 year old daughter, he's working until then. Supermarket this afternoon.

Off to weed couch grass out of kitchen terrace bed.


Morning my WW results are becoming much more positive - only about 1/2 stone to go now. Still have cake and am puzzled at why it was so good this week.

NDN works for Waitrose and has arrived with a very healthy looking Salix 'Flamingo' for me. Will put it in extension to white border with tall perennials around it to hide the stem.

Am going to attempt to make  about 80 butterflies this afternoon, wish i could be outside though, still soon be over.



punkdoc- we need to get a grip and start wearing suitable clothing in the garden -you in your shorts getting stung by nettles and me in my sandals getting stung by a bee I stepped on. From now on - motorbike leathers for you and wellies for me even if it's 40 degrees! 


Ive always fancied a full set of leathers. It must be a mid life crisis thing. Might be a bit sweaty for gardening in and as for bending down!

Back from foodbank.....busiest yet.

My nose sniffed out some doughnuts being scoffed in the food store.  Managed to get a couple of them.....think I got someone else's but I was hungry and they were delicious.  Besides, the guy missing out was bit fat and I did him a favour really. The helper with Aspergers has already arranged his roast dinner for Thursday......he is one smart cookie!

Weather is beautifully sunny and warm here now.  Off to pick some beans for tea

punkdoc wrote (see)

Ive always fancied a full set of leathers. It must be a mid life crisis thing. Might be a bit sweaty for gardening in and as for bending down!

Too far pd.....

Verd....more doughnuts? At least it was only 2 this time. naughty naughty. Remember- a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips ...or something.

Just in for a cuppa but it's raining now too. Berberis I moved yesterday is looking quite happy but can't a big laurel out.

Now where could I borrow a JCB....


FG I had a fushia I couldn't get out. Even burnt it one bonfire night - made a fab bonfire, grew back though! Finally dug the !!!!! out.  Good luck.


That's a good idea MrsG- I do like a burning...

It's right next to the shed though, and since I'm moving the laurel so that I can then move the shed, it might defeat the purpose if the whole lot goes up!!  

Have you got a JCB then GG? If you leave on it now, you might get it to me by Saturday or so. Pack some lunch and a flask of tea...

punkdoc wrote (see)

Ive always fancied a full set of leathers. It must be a mid life crisis thing. Might be a bit sweaty for gardening in and as for bending down!

And me Puncdoc.  Son did offer me a pilliion ride to other son's at weekend but I declined.  Think he was relieved. Went by car instead.

GG and a JCB. The mind boggles. 



i'd love to ride a bike again, riding it or pillion but hips and back say no. Got some side car rides booked but it's not the same


Every day my mental picture of you guys gets a bit richer !!

Only time I have ever ridden pillion was when I was 17, and my Dad used to come and pick me up from the pub of an evening.  He rode a Honda 125, which sounded a bit like a sewing machine.  I was so embarrassed I made him park down the road, so no-one would see my glorious departure.  Sis and I still talk about it (and cringe) even now .....

Gardening Grandma

FG, I was hoping you had a JCB you could lend me to get that b***** wisteria out! Over to Evening Forkers!

Language gardening grandma.    And you look so nice too................

Ha ha


Good morning folks 

Have you seen this morning's spam?  I think it may not be spam - I think it may be guerilla warfare - someone's posted the address of a kitchen company - when I googled it looks as if it's the correct address, and I also found websites with complaints about the company and the owner - how very funny!