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You're there now Tina- I just posted on it. If you don't refresh the pages they don't work so still on the blink. Don't think anything will happen before tomorrow- it's obviously something requiring a techy's expertise..

Tina you'll have to save money on the plants-  because you'll need it for more fish food! 


I reckon we'll be 'refreshing' every page til the techies get on to it tomorrow TT

Fairygirl wrote (see)

Fidget- it's the folding and/or hanging while warm that's the trick. I do the same when I bring it in off the line - if it's a warm day there's very few creases to start with!  

My clothes are so tight they iron from the warmth of my body!

Morning everyone, just had a 10 min thunderstorm, cats in hiding, forgot to close tomato house, hope they dry again quickly.

 Have a good day.


Nut, I'm going to break a nail at this rate! Do keep hitting the F5 button, but it doesn't always work for me.

I wonder whether we will be 'urgent' enough to warrant immediate attention.

FG, I had bought 4200g bag of food just prior to the unfortunate mishap!  More economical, especially when you have so few fish left. The little ones were lapping it up this morning.

Hi Sue.

tina, penstemon cuttings are as easy as ....cake!  non flowering shoots low down and at least 3" long.  in pot of mpc plus perlite around the edge. three bits of cane higher than the cuttings are and pop polythene bag over it, elastic band, shade and, hey presto, in 3 weeks or so they will have rooted and you will have plants for next year


After nearly killing myself yesterday turning over the compost bins dont think i will do too much as my back is awful. Had gone to allotment in the morning and having picked all the gooseberries my neigh bour said i could have the rest of his blackcurrants. Think i need to learn how to make jam i have so many.


Thank you Verdun.  That sounds idiot proof. Have no perlite but can get some tomorrow. I may become a proper gardener. 

I have stupidly decided to continue rearranging behind my shed.  Goodness knows why as only I see it but I have a tidy mind. Just moved a large slab of concrete and it's not right, so has to go back again.  Son doing it this time.  He might, just might, get the door back on the shed today.  The wheels of progress move slow in his case.

Maud take it easy.


hi problems again?




Maud- at least jam making might be easier on the back!  But then you'll have to make scones to use it up....

Tina - that Verd's a useful sort now and  again, isn't he?

He will want payment in cake though...


Blackest, your forum needs you!! Have had problems since Friday. Where have you been? 

Hope everything's ok and you have just been busy.

Too much cake's not good for you FG.  It expands the waistline. Don't know what that means as I don't think I have one.


Hello folks - been to visit elderly parents and took them out for a push along the seafront, then sat on the green outside the pub and we all had a drink before pushing them back through the town, so they've seen everything there is to be seen, including the circus Big Top on the common.  After we took them back to their Res. Home for roast gammon and ice cream (not together ) we called in at a pub on the way home for a Sunday lunch.  Now we're home on the sofa, listening to a John Shuttleworth cd LOL.  Have promised friend we'll have a bbq for supper, but I've a feeling it'll be a bit later than usual 


Dog has arrived - help!  If his tail is up and curly he is happy - if low and droopy he is sad - it is currently somewhere in the middle.  Can see this is going to be a stressful experience

Gardening Grandma

Just caught the thread before everyone goes over to Evenng Forkers. Been to a pub for lunch on Tesco points - lovely, too - then GC. It was pouring with rain and I was wearing sandals, so I was kept from temptation regarding new plants, so I just bought a book on euphorbias (reduced) and a couple of birthday cards. Still raining, but it does make the garden look lovely in a particular way. No walkies for the dogs in this rain, which pleases one and disappoints the other.

Was thinking about taking cuttings as we drove along, wondering whether I had left it a bit late. I'm glad to hear that I haven't. I bought some young penstemons by post this year and lost all but one, althouhgh my other seedlings did well. Got a couple of replacements from Hayloft and they died as well. So I'll try cuttings from my existing plants, as well as fuchsias and dianthus.


Morning all! Am I first? Raining here again this morning, although the forecast is for sun later.  Can't really do much today as a) it's so wet after yesterday's downpour, and b)I have an exam tomorrow and I really should be revising .  So just popped on to say hello and wish everyone well.  My new fence was finished yesterday, and then I bought a hydrangea from B&Q, I have no idea why, because I'm not really a fan of them but it had lovely blue flowers, and it was reduced.  It's going to stay in a pot with ericaceous compost so I keep that lovely blue.  I'm trying to make a mini screen with containers at the top of my drive to hide the bins, but I'm having trouble finding trees/shrubs at the right height that will grow in a pot.  Anyway, take care all, I'll probably be on later to see what you've all been up to!!


Mornng Daisy - will ponder your "tall plants in pots" problem - may bamboo??

Dog just been walked, plants watered (ran out of time last night), and toast being eaten as we speak. Expecting rain today (we haven't had any yet) but blue skies for now.

See you later



Morning all, back to work for me today after 2 weeks with family, mainly at home.

GG hope the rest of your penstemons are ok, I had mail order ones last year and they miraculously turned into fo x gloves this year! Not sure if it was FG and her fairy spells or Verdun the secret gardener, neither have admitted it!

Rain rain rain all day today, hope some of you manage to get into the garden between splashes.


Good morning all   I've got a very short working week this week - at home today, out looking at art with friends on Thursday, friend arriving to stay on Friday - seems a shame to spoil the week by going in on Tuesday and Wednesday but they say they need me 

Today I'll mainly be cooking for some festivities next weekend, but I had hoped to get into the garden to resow some of the Swiss Chard and make and install the wire cloches to keep the cats off - but it's raining quite hard at the moment - hopefully we'll get some dry spells later on   There's also a lot of dead-heading to be done and a wildlife pond to plan 


Mornig all. Work for me too MrsG. As to the foxgloves- if they're growing really well and looking beautiful then, yes - it was me. If they look bad and aren't doing well - it was Verd wot dun it.  Maybe if you order foxgloves this year you'll get Penstemons!

Dry here just now but very overcast. Will have to wait and see what the weather brings later. Have a good day all whether you're in a bikini or a boat  

Gardening Grandma

Morning, all.

DHC, hope the exam goes well. I'm sure it will.

Mrs G, maybe I should have ordered foxgloves!

Those who have to go to work, commiserations (and secret gloating).

Has been precipitating with rain again here, FG.  It is dry at the moment and the plants are all enjoying the cooler weather and ample supply of water. I have lots to do now in the garden, but we are off to help bro in the next stage of the move (furniture arriving from old home in Israel). Never mind, might sneak in another visit to Chef and Brewer on Tesco vouchers.  I could get used to this! There was a time when it was possible to get lots of Tesco points by playing their system, and I used the last of those points to get lots of restaurant vouchers. Now, they've got wise to it and one can't do it any more. Such a shame! Still, it did free me up to shop where I like without grieving over the lost points involved.


FG as you know I love foxgloves so thankyou for your fairy dust. Unfortunately I did get rather cross and gave all but one away. I'm not sure ill go for your advice re magic penstemons though.

Have a good day all.