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Tina....why not. They are delicious. ESP when cooked top and bottom.
Verdun wrote (see)
Tina....why not. They are delicious. ESP when cooked top and bottom.


Morning all - know its late, but I'm on HOLIDAY

Planning how to spend my next four days.  Some plugs arrived during the week that need sorting, and I have my magnolias to get into pots.  Think the house is going to start filling up with plants as daren't put anything in the GH yet.  Keep checking the long term forecast, but no sign of any let up in frosty mornings yet.

Planning a walk with OH when I have done my gardening chores - see if we can find somewhere not too muddy.

Oh - and gas delivery finally arrived yesterday - so heating is back on .  Will keep a closer eye on the tank level in future ....


Oh Brum you're so virtuous and hard working and making us all feel sooooo guilty!  It's risen to the dizzy heights of 2.5 degrees now. Bought seeds at shops (spinach, sweet peas and more basil)and will try and get some sown. Need to wash car  Saw a bar of acocolate which said 'dairy free, gluten free, egg free, sugar free'. I just thought- where's the other one that says 'taste free'...


That should have said chocolate but I think you know...! Brum I have rocket in a pot which I grew from seed  and seems to survive the freezing weather no probs. I cut it back all the time and it keeps growing...if only it was warm enough to actually face eating salad instead of stew/roasts/lasagne etc and drinking ever increasing cups of tea.  I left lots of pots, trays etc when I moved as I just didn't have room to keep them in the temporary rental house so I've been improvising and buying a few cheap ones. Pot washing will have to wait till I change things around and till warmer weather arrives!



Good morning Brumbull, and any other early birds BBC is predicting a steady improvement over the next 5 days so perhaps some progress can be made. Looks cloudy this morning and frost free. Might even be getting some sunshine for a change.



hmm today sun on and off sunday cloud rain bit of sun monday but wednesday is looking best at 8c and sunny. So steady improvement but not by much ...

 Good morning... a frosty start with sunshine  Great...maybe can take a layer off. Lots to do.

Browsing threads and noted good advice, thanks again Derek,so..the whole day to get going..what a treat.

Inspired  by the lovely pics on the Garden Gallery.

Enjoy your day whatever youa re doing. 


Morning Brum, Blackest & cilmeri a beautiful sunny morning with a little frost here so far and a promise of more of the same over the weekend...well that is if the forecasters are to be believed 

Had a hectic day yesterday but it all ended with a lovely meal out with our son and his girlfriend so it all eneded well.

I've got to do a little bit of shopping this morning then it's pottering for me for the rest of the day. Going to tidy up my pots and sow some more seeds. 

Enjoy what ever you're doing today


Woke up this morning to a blizzard!!! Still a few flakes but in bright sunshine - I'm still grotty so have been told to Stay Indoors!!!  It's boring indoors!!! - I might start a few seeds off - I could sneak outside to get some pots and the seed compost couldn't I? You wouldn't tell OH would you? 


beautifull and sunny here in sheffield but a sprinkling of snow. Off to the new allotment to hang the gate and get all the wood down ready to make the raised beds, wife waiting in for delivery of greenhouse so heres to spring if it ever arrives.


Brum you do make me laugh 

Dove Hope you're feeling better soon x x

driverdiver busy day then eh?



yes tattianna, but would like to be busier planting rather than just getting the allotment tamed

Morning everyone.
Some interesting and challenging debates on the forum this morning.....bit banter and different views are great.
Weathers looking good
Potting on few things later
Gardening Grandma

Morning all! Woke up to brilliant sunshine. It is weaker now but still hanging on. Have a great and blessed Easter, everyone!


Gardening Grandma

Thanks, BB. I must say, you are looking after your threads very well!


Happy Easter everyone !

Some chores to do this morning, then outside to finish off my weeding/spring clean ready for another trailer full of muck to be spread around.  Was delighted to see the bright red shoots of my peonies appearing yesterday - spring IS on its way, in spite of the temperatures.


Clouded over here and a little sprinkle of snow but to be sunny tomorrow.Tomato seedlings have come through and have more stuff to sow. Washed my car yesterday- you can see what colour it is now  Happy sowing all.

Morning all, my Easter break starts in a couple of hours, had to work all day yesterday and a client to visit this morning. Hope you all have an enjoyable Easter!

Morning All

Yessterday finally the raised bed was constructed, painted and lined - photos on Fork Handles, though I will post on garden Gallery when all is complete. Today I start the big clear out so that there is room for the bed.

Made 15 HCB - only one left now - sorry all who wanted one